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  1. I thought it was time to take another portrait pic. lol
  2. If you click the pic itself, it takes you to flickr, which has the credits. The dress is "Magen" by Gothic Punk Dolls. I believe their shop is located on the RP sim Dellamore,where I took the pic.
  3. It's The Skinnery. They have a nice Chubby option.
  4. I have some questions before I apply. What is the name of the brand? Are you on the Marketplace? Are these paid positions? If so, what is the rate? I'd like more information before I can decide if this is something I'd be interested in applying for.
  5. So, I was on our photo platform, and was checking out angles and windlights, before I took a pic. I kind of liked this and took a pic. turned out the first pic was the best, even if it was an accident. lol
  6. I have heard from Momo and she's doing well. she's been super busy, as she's considered an essential worker. She's taking time away from the virtual world to concentrate on the real one. She'll be back when she can. I'll pass along your best wishes.
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