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  1. aaaww... thanks, Scylla. I'm trying to do more than just "stand and look pretty". I'll still do that, but it's good to play around with things a bit and get out of my comfort zone now and then.
  2. Decided it was time to update the profile pic of my DnD character.
  3. Haven't really been able to post my most recent pics here (NSFW), but finally have one I can. lol
  4. Was time for yet another change, so I bought the Lelutka EvoX Briannon head. lol
  5. haven't posted in a while, but recently changed my look up, so thought I'd take a new portrait.
  6. If we follow the "cultural appropriation" thing,then you also need to do the following: You can't wear anything plaid, unless you are Scottish or Scottish descent. You can't wear anything that could be classified as Celtic knotwork, unless you are Celtic or of Celtic descent. You can't wear a Thor's hammer unless you identify with the old Norse religion, are Norse or of Norse descent. If you're going to make/wear a "Viking" tattoo or costume, you need to be of said descent. It's not "cosplay", it's "cultural appropriation". These are just a few examples. If you are going to make this a requirement on some things, you need to do it for everything, as everyone has a cultural background. Basically, it's being made to be " if you aren't X culture, stay in your lane."
  7. wasn't feeling inspired today and couldn't think of a theme, so I asked around and Skell suggested " Meeting with Death". The typical dark and gloomy thing wasn't working for me, so I said " F it!! I'm having a tea party!!"
  8. It's the start of my October theme challenge. Theme is: Saint or Sinner. This one I let you decide which she is.
  9. Love is like a rainbow, It's breathtaking and beautiful and then fades away ~ Catrie Athena 5th grade.
  10. Is this really what love is, though? I mean, doing dishes for a sick friend or relative shows you care, but is the act itself actually love? Does anyone actually love doing dishes? You can not dislike doing them or even enjoy doing them, but I wouldn't say that's love. I would say that all the examples you gave show caring and possibly compassion. However, nothing says that's love. One could say they are done in love or you baked a cake "with love", as you either are passionate about baking or you care about the person getting the cake, but again, is that really love? What is love, anyway? I think, in today's society, we use that word too loosely. We say " I love that movie" or " I love that song" or " he loves pizza", etc. If love is supposed to be this all-consuming aspect of life, none of those things actually qualify for the word "love". Yes, you can really like that movie or say that's the best pizza you've eaten, but it's not on the same level of love that you are to give your partner. To equate washing dishes to loving your significant other devalues your feelings for said partner. Yes, you may say you wash the dishes because you love your partner, but that's not why you're doing it. You care about them and their happiness. You are more than likely sharing household chores in order to show each other you care about the other person, but that's not showing love. Isn't love supposed to be much loftier and deeper than that? I think there are different emotions that people mistake for love. If you think about it love can be both good and bad. You can say you love someone when actually you are obsessed with them and fantasize about them or come out with scenarios that never happened, but you convinced yourself they did. You can say you love someone, but it's a fleeting feeling not a deep everlasting connection. Is that really love or was that just sexual attraction? I don't know if someone with a PhD can really tell you what "love" actually is. I've found the deeper in academia someone has become the more lofty their responses are and they are no longer looking at this through an every day human lens. They are looking at things to the abstract and things like true feelings, emotions, etc no longer have any meaning to them. Hope this made sense. sorry for the book. Just general ramblings from a member of the peanut gallery. (BTW, Orwar gives great hugs. Though if more people knew that, he'd have to charge and there'd be a HUGE line. I hate waiting in lines. lol )
  11. If we're talking trains, we have to talk about Tama the Railroad conductor cat. https://japan-forward.com/station-master-tama-the-cat-remains-railroad-goddess-after-her-death/
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