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  1. Oh, I'm well aware of this. In fact, I used to work for them. So, I'm all too familiar with it. I also still have friends that work there. Personally, I'd play on a private server first before I ever gave Blizz my money again.
  2. How does that negate them having a physical authenticator/authenticator app for years?
  3. Honestly, they should have had this for years now. They deal with currency that can be converted to real world currency. This should have been one of the first things implemented. If someone broke into a big store's account and took all their Linden, it has real world implications. Blizzard has had authenticators for years now, so has ArenaNet. I recently decided to play GuildWars2 again and had to get my old authenticator removed. I haven't played on there for at least 7 years. If I ever decide to go back to WoW, I'll have to do the same thing. If you don't want to use it, don't. However, to me, it's just common sense to help secure my account and something I've done for years with other online games.
  4. the nonsense that is that whole thing, is a lot. Outside of getting your name wrong, It's "Likes" and "You're". "Sence" I'll give them because it seems it's an archaic form of "Sense". Also, if you're hanging out at 100 sex sims, is that daily, monthly or yearly? I mean even if it's yearly, that's a lot of sims to visit. Do you make money doing that? How much time do you spend there? What are your rates? When do you have time to take pictures? Is that a full time job? Does it pay well? Curious minds really want to know. I'm "Curious Minds". I just really want to know. lol
  5. I might be wrong, but is Lilly even an Evo X head? I thought it was just an Evo head. As far as I know, the only Evo X heads are Avalon, Ceylon, and Brianna. There is an Evo line that can still use regular BOM makeup, but the Evo X heads cannot. They require BOM makeup especially for them (if you use the Evo X setting)
  6. He'll definitely point it out. Also, if your furniture is too triangle heavy, he'll tell you that too. lol
  7. They already had the edit permissions. lol I did have to be added as a tenant to their house, in order to get in the sim's land group to put stuff down.
  8. other than having someone buy me stuff, I've actually done this. I had a male friend who had a house that decorated with stuff from 2010. I basically had him remove everything he didn't absolutely want to keep and replaced it all with my stuff. Why did I do it? Because I enjoy decorating and that crap was an affront to everything considered decor. As far as I know, an individual can't disable gift giving. If she already had it, she'd just get a second copy. I have also asked to decorate a friend's house who joined an RP sim, because I had more furniture than them and it just made more sense for me to do it than them buy all new stuff.
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