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  1. 30K sim Tier 259.00 due Aug 8 $300.00 FIRM includes T fee IM/NC in world only, will not respond here. RL is too busy right now for major builds! My loss your gain!
  2. When they talk, and have some skill, I pay. Otherwise, a F88k Doll is just that. Only missing air.
  3. And just one of those things to take into consideration, some people are short in RL, they play short adult avis in SL, My avi is over 8 ft tall by the meters. If someone is playing a fairy or midget, how can you call them out a child if they say in their profile I am a SHORT adult. Is SIZE the only factor in making a child a child? Its ROLE PLAY people-ALL of SL is. ALSO what about people with SL families-ADULTS have couches and beds and everything JAM PACKED FULL of sex poses. Yet they have SL families and they DO NOT have sex with their littles who often get their own KID scripted rooms etc. So wheres the line? Put littles on an island away from the rest of the world? Perhaps age/id verify everyone who wants to have a child avi? That would spoil so many aspects of SL. Common sense should prevail here, not set in stone RULES. If adult avis are getting banned due to being with little avi's just because they are wearing their flacid ***** or jiggly nursing boobs, something is VERY wrong. Their are Little SCHOOLS that are not based on education, but on the fetish of spanking. I could go on and on and ON. Just do your homework. Make SURE that little you are interacting with is a RL ADULT.
  4. People JUST need to get OVER this. LL was sued some time ago, I believe it was a German based lawsuit when someone went from SL to RL pedo with a RL child. 99.2% of child avis are PLAYED BY ADULTS and are ADULTS. This is NOT reality, if it was I would be one of the first to be calling the police. There are nude family beaches and if you listen to the rumors they have LL Spies implanted in said crowd to keep things from happening or to pass our the bans if they do. Then again, things DO happen, most of the little underage girls there are trolling for Linden daddies and offering sex for money, like most of SL. Its a mixed basket, what I think any one with a brain needs to do, just like with the rest of SL where vampires feed on children as blood dolls and people have sex with scripted spiders and horses etc. is get over the ban paranoia, NONE of it is REAL. If it is offensive, where or what ever the place might be, just don't go there.
  5. I may not approve of said content, but keep in mind always, THE ONLY THING THAT IS REAL IN SL are FEELINGS of the person sitting at their computer. The rest-is creative fiction. So you don't like Deen Kontz or the Bible? Don't read them. Their are 39985 other books on that same shelf. And YES just like in the real world, there are many mentally disturbed individuals in SL, I would rather have them acting on their fantasies there then in RL. But some, will go on to act out in RL, that's why there is the police and a justice system. Could this encourage some-perhaps, (so could a movie on TV or the 6 o'clock news) but MOST are acting in fantasy.
  6. Gor hub is horrible, just a pick up place for Goreans and 16 year olds trolling in voice. The sims are mostly clicky bitches that do not welcome newcomers despite what their NCs say, or worse, they are empty sims-Goreans in world seem to think that the extent of RP and story is-serving paga and getting laid, with NO ongoing story. That being said there are some very good role players scattered around and some welcoming places, if only for a visit. I'm Gorean and know enough to get myself in trouble, happy to answer questions IW if and only IF you can type in complete sentences. Most cannot.
  7. No sex required, no dancing, no hosting, no voice. If you have a hour or more and are looking for 15 Lindens an hour (more for the dedicated)-doing something almost mindless-you can sit with a friend and chat, or watch a movie in RL-IM ME IW evenings/nights USA time. You MUST know how to rez a prim, edit contents and add to contents. Start right away, any time..much better than chasing voodoo sploders! You will be mostly sitting still, alone for hours but you need to be able to click things on your screen-so no afking. Plus if you are Gorean or a slave and RP but not required. DO NOT reply here, CONTACT IW only!
  8. Absolutely NOT worth it. One is better to rent with the falling rent prices out there!! Take it from someone who used to own a lot of land!
  9. Get rid of that STUFFY Linden home and build you own at an AFFORDABLE rate! 512m 175 prims ONLY 750L and YOU OWN IT! If you have a paid acct. this is the ONLY way to live. Build on the ground or sky or both-full control. Only 750L Is NOT going to last at this price so run don't walk...http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yamma Yamma/208/38/77
  10. Sadly in dire need of a major makeover.
  11. I have to vent, I NEED to vent. I should have run from SL years ago, having been here for over 6 years. And I can count on one hand friends made, friends who know how to RP as well, intelligent, dedicated, funny friends who I would have over for dinner in a heartbeat if they lived in my part of the world. And....I can count on all my fingers and toes and times that by 100 of the people I have met who; A.) Think SL is some sort of RL dating service, and how many people lead other people on via lies and promises that never could become reality. B.) Think SL is a place to offer their -all look the same- barbie doll/jiggly boob n butt bodies for lindens in exchange for the most oooh ahh moan moan boring sex in the world. Trust me, internet porn is much better, and FREE and..well, faster. C.) Suffer a major psychological disorder and or physical one and have come into SL to poor poor me cry and moan to people who uh huh them and do not give 2 sh*ts...just get on that poseball honey so I can come and go. D.) Are obviously underage-points EVERYWHERE. Or think that babies should have sex. *Points at a few of the nude family beaches* Spend a day at one of those sims and I will guaaareeenteeee you will have no less that 5 *littles* hit on you in a very adult fashion. Same thing for the adoption agencies and see how many pervs you get who wish to rape your childlike pixels, or how many want to predend they are daddies or mommies to a little girl or boy, or..dog. To hell with it being a violation of TOS, its DONE EVERYWHERE. And if the littles are not looking for sex, they are looking for lindens. E.) Gor/BDSM-The BDSM sims hate RPers and the Goreans are Living BDSM. Most Gor sims are empty, and if you do find one that contains people, you will find that they are clicks of friends, or just really bad or fanatical with 0 character developement. Norman laughs out there somewhere at everyone who took his books THAT seriously, and when you really look how and what the Gorean books reflected in their writing, well, it is just kool aid for fanatics...can't say its not fun but how many slave serves can one person tolerate without a conversation that goes beyond if I wish my paga warm or my ka-la-na chilled. And ad to that..in all of SL you will find this.... F.) People who have NO CLUE what a capitol letter is, proper 3rd person emoting is, nor how to use punctuation and painfully slow typers. Again they are dependant on their mesh bodies, male or female and yes I sport a mesh body as well. *I touch you hey sup u look hot wanna fck ^^* is NOT RP. Its BS by deperate poseballers Many need to get OFF SL and try a few high school lvl English courses and stay awake though them. Then try some college lvl creative writing courses. WORSE than that..TEXT SPEAK in RP. Its EVERYWHERE. G.) I have nothing against furries, except to say they are all in the 14-21 age group and tail wagging or being in heat, having 6 mipples or a barbed peen does not exactly make for intriguing RP. Most fur sims are dedicated to sitting around chatting it up and panting. Ugh. H.) Greedy? Skipo? On every sim, even the RP ones. WHY? I can think of much better games to play that only require one to click OFF SL. And those games, have nothing to do with RP. Or communication. That out of the way, having done both Urban and Gor I can say I have found legit and well versed RPers on some of the larger Urban sims. But again, rarely is it an exchange that goes beyond a day, with no continued story. And the price paid for that, in those multi sim places is extreme lag. Gor is pretty much a joke, with some serious RPers and many pseudo slaves just looking for poseballing. I have heard some of the western themed sims are fun, but I, personally only can go on the word of friends. And Sci Fi I'm sure is in the same state of low quality role play, just add in a few tentacals and space suits. As someone who has RPed in MMORPGs as well as just text based RP, I have to say, second life is the sewer of RP. I do believe the defintion of crazy, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting differnt results but not getting them. Now I'm sure a few will follow this post with, -well damn you have just been in the wrong places-, or, -who peed in your pie-. If so, do enlighten me to where the real, creative, active RP sims are. I have spent nights visiting as many as 30-40 sims and finding all of 6 people, and if I am REALLY lucky, 1 can RP. I'd have better odds winning the lotto. Have I given up on finding mature RP with other like minded adults who understand the english language, even if using a translator, who are over the age of 30, or 40? Probably not. Though I'm finding that perhaps my time is better served in other venues. SL could be a GREAT world for RP of many genres. But, its not. Its Sex life, its BDSM life (most who have not a clue what the RL version of that is) and it is Pose Ball life with people/avis you will never see again, or only see again when they need to take care of their sexual needs again. And that, makes me sad, and regret all the money I have spent there. I would love to hear other people's takes on their RP experience...ONLY if you can type in complete sentences with capitol letters and periods!
  12. Linden Labs is THE BANK..they hold the morgages, the lands notes, ultimately they get the rents from the stores....ALL ROADS and paper trails lead to Linden Labs, with a small amount (in comparrision) of profilts landing in individual's pockets. Its like having one big Bank Of America ruling the *world* SL. One Bank, one goverment and they are one in the same. Hope you post whatever you write on the topic...would make an interesting read.
  13. New to Gor..and NO I am NOT going to read 18 or 24 books, but I am a very experineced RPer in many venues and pick up on things quick. I am looking for slaves ...as guides to my new SL adventure into the world of Gor. I know a lot of the basics and at least one sim I will never return to due to metagaming etc. If you are MATURE, an experinced RPer, can emote in 3rd person para form and are willing to help me learn more about Gor I would welcome it. ++++ if an older adult and not a kid. I am Gay>bi in all worlds but it does not bother me at all if you are a RL female in a male avi. Some of my more exciting adventures in RP have been with women in male avis..I don't judge. Contact me IW most nights SLT+3...do say you saw this post here ...I do NOT come back to the forums to checks posts Ive made ever..and do say something besides Hello, or SUP as I wont have a clue who you are and you might get a rude response. :) Do say youre replying to my GOr RP ad. Thanks
  14. Not keeping RL and SL seperate can really, REALLY become a serious problem. If you want RL, try RL dating sites etc. SL taken into RL can destroy lives.
  15. IM me in world..nights....you must have the abilty to emote and be literate-no *text speak*. Please remind me of your post when you do as I often get IMs that start with HEY, SUP to which I pretty much ignore.
  16. Looking for full grandfathered sim to buy-no tier due RIGHT NOW or THIS WEEK. Paying cash...IM me IN WORLD, evenings, SLT+3
  17. Contact me in world evenings with what you have and asking price please along with location. Thanks
  18. Had my adult and M land on the market forever in good areas for less than 1l per M. No takers. Abandon works great though!
  19. That's right 0.9L a meter-GIVE AWAY PRICED You wont even find this much land this cheap at auction! Quiet Area, perfect for residential..ot store/home. I had over 300 breedables here with no lag..NONE...Rolling green and uncluttered sky. RUN DONT WALK ..not going to last at this price 26368m 6035 glorious prims! 25000L Rent IS POSSIBLE-no premium acct need, MONTLY, paid UP FRONT-prefer to sell. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unseakbong/102/164/123/ IF for some odd reason slur does not work , please just NC or IM me IW, on most every evening, SLT+3
  20. Interesting...age depending,(my be an ADULT in RL) please send me an IM in world!
  21. Hi... I am the manager of a RPed Strip Club on a dark urban anything goes/BDSM sim. Hiring (RP hire) Dancers, Strippers, Ladies and Men of the night. A plus if your of a RL sub mentality. All orientations welcome, LGBT friendly. Should be avail for at least 2-3 hours a night, SLT+3 at least 2-3 nights a week, more a plus. Must have RPing skills, erotic RPing skills, able to emote properly and in 3rd person. A plus if you know how to keep up and be part of a contonuing evolving story. Please contact me in world evenings.... Small apts might possibly be made avail to those without a home for *turning tricks RPed and for a SL job* at a very low price. NC me in not online, my IMs do cap. MUST BE ADULT and of the RL age of consent. NO CHILD AVIS!
  22. Just a FEW Apts with EVERYTHING, at one of the BEST prices on the grid! 99L week!!!! NOOB FRIENDLY! NO PREMIUM ACCOUNT NEEDED! Also available a 3 room femdom apt. with a view. Each Apt. included texture changing furniture, and some of the best ADULT animations you could want in almost EVERY PIECE of furniture. If you get bored in one of our LUV NESTS, you are doing something wrong! 1000's of animations that are as real as real can get all in a very warm and cozy space. And when you need a break, chill in front of the media players till you catch your breath. NO-thrown together skyboxes that look like cr*p! NO-prefabbed we bought this at ***, rezzed and didnt look back. NO-Full Bright fuglyness! NO-Cheap freebie dungeon looknig furniture! YES-more prims avail. if needed, but you probably won't need them! Just bring your body and your friends! YES -a landlord who cares about you! YES-an extremely LOW price for what all is included! Stop in, take a look...and remember our motto...IF YOU LIVED HERE, YOU WOULD BE HOME BY NOW! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plissco/9/145/511
  23. Contact me in world ONLY, via NC, IMs cap. Need someone talented to help me with a prim radio. Please include your exp. and salary expectation-1 time only job.
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