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  1. SIM has been sold. Sorry for the late update. Thank you for your interest!
  2. Hey James, I sent you a PM on here on the forums. It is still available.
  3. You are totally fine, Shannon. I appreciate it. I'm also going off of what I was informed of and what our server company (ColoCrossing) was informing us over. Unfortunately Server side stuff isn't my forte. You didn't cause me upset, I just probably am a little more sensitive to comments and words right now than I intend to be. It hurts, but I'll move on. I left a lot of ideas out there and I was always excited to see competition spring up because we helped bring a new idea to SL and inspire people to make their own versions. I hope everyone finds what is best for them in SL. I had my fun. Thanks for clarifying, Shannon. My apologies as well if I seemed like my comment was directed aggressively at you. It wasn't meant to be :]
  4. Unfortunately I put this in the realm of others to make sure we had this, and we thought the server company we were using also had external backups, but we were wrong. It was a painful learning experience.
  5. Shannon, It was a DDoS attack. I assure you I wouldn’t throw away something I’ve been passionate about for over 9 years of my life which has brought me a tremendous amount of joy, friendships, and been a large part of 15,000+ people’s second life. Many of whom chose to spend their final days of their real lives with us. Please don’t try to assume that it was anything other that a DDoS. We were attacked and we were wiped clean. Your words on the matter simply reopen a wound I am trying to heal from. Thank you.
  6. Full Island Sim, Grandfathered $225 per month / 30,000 prims (you can reduce back to 20,000 prims for a fee and drop rate to $195/mo) Seller to pay $600 transfer fee which passes along grandfathered tier rate to buyer. Please respond here with offer to buy that includes $600 transfer fee. Looking to sell quickly. Tier renews 28th this month. Region needs to be moved and renamed as part of agreement. (haven't sold a SIM in quite some time, so please be patient with me)
  7. Hello there, great feedback from the rest of the commenters. I'm Hanley, creator of [Life2], and I would love the opportunity to just clear some questions/concerns others have expressed here. First and foremost, [Life2] is a community driven project. We thrive off of community input, allow affiliates to create items compatible for the system, and steer the system to the best of our abilities where our players wish us to go. We're slow to make changes, which I whole-heartedly admit. We've been working on some big projects for a long time for the system, but due to RL work and various ailments of staff and developers, we've been slow to implement a lot of these to the caliber we'd like to. As far as the mention of us being a "Cash-Grab" goes, I can't really attest to. Other systems are more expensive than us, and some are cheaper, however, by the time you break down what we earn a month vs. what we invest time-wise, we break less than $1.50/hr in many cases. Without the support of paid-players, we would be unable to keep our external servers, SIMs, and pay staff, but I know that some SL players expect everything to be free or no-charge, which is fine. Additionally, we offer jobs and we allow our community to create jobs for others as well and set their pay scales and payouts as much as they wish. We're always open to rebalancing our Life Token system if it feels unbalanced. Sure, it's not the greatest system vs. spending L$, but there are hundreds of players that are able to survive off of earning LTs and still enjoy the system. It's a free-to-play option, and our HUD can also be obtained for Free too. I can't speak to the other systems or their capabilities. I think ultimately it's just a pick-your-flavor and which community you enjoy the most. I feel our community within [Life2] is very large and accommodating, but again, not everyone is going to be happy in it and we'd be foolish to assume they would. As for revival shots only working 70% of the time, @Alyona, this is the first time I've ever heard of that. This is why we have real-time support members on staff and a ticket system that alerts admins if this ever happens, just be sure to file a ticket. I apologize that it happened to you. Also, in regards to cooking--yeah, Demented really messed that up, but thankfully we've corrected it since then and completely reinvigorated that system. All in all, Griffin, I hope you find a system that you enjoy and can find one that fits your roleplaying needs! Best of luck.
  8. I've been out of the roleplay scene a while, but have been dying to get back to it. Hate gor, not a big fan of SciFi, so I guess that leaves Urban, Medeival/Fantasy, or a few Book-Following RPs. Could be wrong! So surprise me, let me know where the roleplay is! Things I look for in a roleplay sim: Para-RPers EVERYWHERE Non-Combat HUD based Good looking build Well-followed storylines or a general basis Unbiased Admins and Moderators Ability to rise through roleplay, not through popularity contest Contact me in World, Hanley Speiser, it's the best way to tell me about it!
  9. Although you strayed away from the topic I originally asked about, which was if there were any of those SIMs, I will not flame you for it. However, I can hold true to my statement of being better than 90% of roleplayers, and I do hold myself on that higher level but I don't put it against those that don't do it -as well-. I like to teach through roleplay, and I like to increase vocabulary that people tend to lack especially if it's of the period or if it's appealing to the situation. That said, I am boasting, yes, that I am a good roleplayer. I did not state I am the best, nor will I think I am, but I do consider myself better than the large majority of RP places I've been apart of. I'm looking for a SIM I can walk into and actually be surprised by the caliber of roleplay there, and do not want to get invites to a SIM that is just going to look stupid because the people don't even know how to /me or use quotations to emphasize speech. That is simply what I meant by my statement of roleplayability. Only SIM I've ever walked into and was somewhat blown back by the level of Roleplay was City of Perdition in it's early months, now it's just been tainted for the most part but good RP can still be found.
  10. Character Driven Role-Play Combat SIMs will always thrive over a strictly Roleplay SIM. If you provide for all parties, then it's going to go well. I agree with Dramatics, but it's simply the fact that we associate so much with our characters, that IC things that happen to them are as if they took a shot at us in reality. I tend to see Relationships arise a lot and those are a source for Drama, but that's always going to happen. Resorting to my previous statements though, combat is typically what people strive for or from what I've seen, those are the SIMs that strive the best even for the roleplayers that don't really enjoy the combat much.
  11. I am a long-time Gorean and I have made many many many many weapons lately, nearly 70 in all, and I couldn't help but wonder if there is a good Knight-type Medeival SIM or even a Multi-Race active fantasy SIM. I would prefer the combat meter wasn't dumb, that it actually allowed players of all levels the ability to do well. If I can't find a SIM, I am considering taking my weapons to a SIM in Need and creating a Warband type system (for those whom know that game) and introducing that to Second Life for people to clash and enjoy their combat in a unique and advanced-driven style of play. I've been a Gorean forever as I said before, and I can roleplay I would safely say better than 90% of players in other SIMs. Active, and fluid in different roles even races, just need to find a new home as Gor bores me at times, and Capua hasn't proven worthy of my time nor patience.
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