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  1. Already rented! Half sim wanted to rent, adult content. Contact SnowGryphon Resident.
  2. Dealing with the Goonsquad Object

    No idea, but removing clothes and attachments did fix it.
  3. The Goonsquad object is a spam generator that mailicious residents leave on your land. It will infect anyone who comes on your land and you will get objects spamming across the top of your viewer. Here is how I got rid of it. 1. Click World, About Land, Objects, Refresh bottom pane to see the name of the resident who left the object. 2. Click on the object owner and the return objects. 3. Report that person to Linden labs: Help, Report Abuse 4. Ban that resident from your land: About Land, Access 5. Block the object: Communicate, Block List, Block Object by Name 6. Your avi will be contaminated, so remove all clothes, detach all attachments, skins, etc down to the bare avi, and add back again from inventory
  4. My friend and I formed a group to share expenses. She donated and deeded land to the group. We are both owners of the group and there are a few more group members. When tier payments on the land are to be paid, will the payments come from both owners of the group, or only from my friend who donated it to the group? Thanks in advance for your consideration.
  5. I haven't been able to login since Saturday. Keep getting this error msg; DNS could not resolve the host name. My interenet is working fine otherwise. Suggestions?