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  1. YOU PAY TRANSFER FEE, Tier due on 28th. Good Name for Gor or a Club etc. 20k prim. non GF. Best offer. NC in WORLD ONLY. Lindens ok. No time, but no rush to sell either. If you respond here I will most likely not see it. Contact me IW via NC only. Thanks!
  2. 30K sim Tier 259.00 due Aug 8 $300.00 FIRM includes T fee IM/NC in world only, will not respond here. RL is too busy right now for major builds! My loss your gain!
  3. When they talk, and have some skill, I pay. Otherwise, a F88k Doll is just that. Only missing air.
  4. And just one of those things to take into consideration, some people are short in RL, they play short adult avis in SL, My avi is over 8 ft tall by the meters. If someone is playing a fairy or midget, how can you call them out a child if they say in their profile I am a SHORT adult. Is SIZE the only factor in making a child a child? Its ROLE PLAY people-ALL of SL is. ALSO what about people with SL families-ADULTS have couches and beds and everything JAM PACKED FULL of sex poses. Yet they have SL families and they DO NOT have sex with their littles who often get their own KID scripted r
  5. People JUST need to get OVER this. LL was sued some time ago, I believe it was a German based lawsuit when someone went from SL to RL pedo with a RL child. 99.2% of child avis are PLAYED BY ADULTS and are ADULTS. This is NOT reality, if it was I would be one of the first to be calling the police. There are nude family beaches and if you listen to the rumors they have LL Spies implanted in said crowd to keep things from happening or to pass our the bans if they do. Then again, things DO happen, most of the little underage girls there are trolling for Linden daddies and offering sex for mone
  6. I may not approve of said content, but keep in mind always, THE ONLY THING THAT IS REAL IN SL are FEELINGS of the person sitting at their computer. The rest-is creative fiction. So you don't like Deen Kontz or the Bible? Don't read them. Their are 39985 other books on that same shelf. And YES just like in the real world, there are many mentally disturbed individuals in SL, I would rather have them acting on their fantasies there then in RL. But some, will go on to act out in RL, that's why there is the police and a justice system. Could this encourage some-perhaps, (so could a movie on TV or
  7. Gor hub is horrible, just a pick up place for Goreans and 16 year olds trolling in voice. The sims are mostly clicky bitches that do not welcome newcomers despite what their NCs say, or worse, they are empty sims-Goreans in world seem to think that the extent of RP and story is-serving paga and getting laid, with NO ongoing story. That being said there are some very good role players scattered around and some welcoming places, if only for a visit. I'm Gorean and know enough to get myself in trouble, happy to answer questions IW if and only IF you can type in complete sentences. Most cannot.
  8. I have to vent, I NEED to vent. I should have run from SL years ago, having been here for over 6 years. And I can count on one hand friends made, friends who know how to RP as well, intelligent, dedicated, funny friends who I would have over for dinner in a heartbeat if they lived in my part of the world. And....I can count on all my fingers and toes and times that by 100 of the people I have met who; A.) Think SL is some sort of RL dating service, and how many people lead other people on via lies and promises that never could become reality. B.) Think SL is a place to offer their -all look
  9. It's the same with the men, and I am one. It's all about him a.) wanting to know you are a RL female so he can B) lead you into voice poseball sex with him and then..c) try to take you onto skype to cam for him. Women do the same to men and men do the same to men. (I am gay) NO means NO. Don't feel bad...middle finger him, block, derender and walk. Keep in mind that this is more sex life than second life and that is how many think.
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