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  1. NO My Avatar was not in Either Picture they were posted to show you and others the type of things you allow when hiding behind the rules.
  2. Her Account was Banned by LL for "Age/play" I wouldn't have been upset if it was from someones land. Yes I am talking about Avatars like look like a 1 year old all the way up to 12 or 13 years old. And no LL does not have any problems with it. They very much allow it and it is a very open gate for age/players to do what they want. As long as you keep it in IMs or at a privet house that is on a high level so no one can see LL allows the depiction of children is a sexual way. Out of sight, Linden Labs doesn't mind. Also no The girl with the sex toy on her hip wasn't a
  3. Just wanted to update you guys on this whole thing. This is what you are saying is allowed and totally ok with a sim that allows child avatars and nudity. Don't worry I filled a report to both LL and the staff, but the staff did nothing. The female has a sex toy attached to her leg and the man has a semi-erection on his attached genitalia.
  4. So how many children do you see walking around a nude beach in the USA??
  5. A Male ***** in Second Life has scripts inside of it that are to be used in a sexual manner. Example to make it hard and ejaculate. That makes it a SCRIPTED SEXUAL OBJECT it is a Object that has scripts in side of it for the sole purpose of committing to sexual acts, Please tell me what you are not getting with this. The Terms of Service for the game of Second Life very explicitly states that no Avatar that is Depicting a Child can be anywhere near an Object that is scripted for sexual use. That is the whole argument here. And I would really like to hear what Linden Labs reasoning is for allow
  6. Well thank you in Defending the age/players that go to these beaches to have sexual encounters with child avatars, and Linden Labs very blatant disregard of their own Terms of Service. Oh and No person under the age of 18 is allowed anywhere near a Nude beach in the United States of America so it should not be allowed in Second Life. And if you are going to point out Nudist colony's that are also breaking the law when there are Children present. If you are not allowed to be naked in front of a child in Real Life you should not be allowed in Second Life. It is just another example of Linden Lab
  7. I know of a Clothing Optional Beach that is set to Moderate and allows child avatars to be fully nude. So LL is fine with nudity in a Moderate area even on child avatars.
  8. Well first it is You're, and I will kindly ask you to explain how exactly I am wrong.
  9. Well I had a friend that was in a teen/ young adult Avatar and she got banned for simply being in a sim that had sex furniture. No sex was going on or anything yet Ban. Yet Golden Sun Family Beach has Adult and Child Avatars all nude with Scripted Sexual Objects (C*cks and attached v*ginas, some attached to Child Avatars.) Yet it has been allowed to opperate for roughly 5 years now. So why would my friend get banned when a whole sim is practically catering to *****? For clearification I will now copy and past word for word the LL ToS on *****. I added whats in brakets. Promoting or cateri
  10. Ok so a nude beach that allows child avatars to be next to Adult Male avatars that have a scripted ***** on is against the ToS am wrong?
  11. Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows exactly what Linden Labs considers a "Scripted Sexual Object". Is it only things rezed in world and not anything attached to a Avatar or what just really curious.
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