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  1. Thank you Qie While I don't like agreeing to the Tilia TOS, thus making it seem like I am a Tilia customer (which as long as I don't withdraw RL funds from SL I am not really, I just save up my stipend each week for any Marketplace purchases), I honestly do not see the harm for me to simply check that box. Thanks, Ed
  2. Good morning Qie, After the initial Tilia wave, I thought it had been established while we would have to agree with the Tilia TOS on August 1st, it will only affect those users that take out RL money from SL. That those users that do no take OUT RL money are only affected by checking the Tilia TOS box on August 1st. Has that changed? Thanks, Ed
  3. Wow, that is really intrusive in my opinion. But luckily for me, I am retired these days. Sometimes, I seriously wonder if I could survive in this world. It is really so much different than it was even twenty years ago.
  4. Hi Lisa, This is exactly how my personal info was stolen but luckily for me not used. A "new-hire" admin clerk at my primary care doctor's office was caught making copies of patient's information. It was later discovered that she was giving these copies to her son, who was opening accounts,etc., with this information. This is why I will NEVER give my social security number to anyone (with the exception as someone said earlier the government who issued it in the first place).
  5. I hope you are right and thank you for replying to my post in a helpful and adult manner.
  6. I just love your always sarcastic comments
  7. Are you sure? Has a Linden told you that? I NEVER buy Lindens just save up my stipend towards purchases. If you are right and I am wrong (which I fervently hope), you are right and there is no problem for me. I am just saying that requiring my social security number is an ABSOLUTE no-go for me under any circumstance.
  8. Are you sure? The way I read the announcement WE ALL are affected by this. And until I see a response from a Linden that tells me that you are right and I am wrong (hopefully), I have a month left in Second Life as I will not under any circumstance give up my social security number.
  9. After going through this thread the best I can, I am still very confused. My question (and I would very much appreciate an answer) is : "While I am a Premium member, I am not a Content Creator and as such, have never cashed out any money from Second Life. Why am I being required to have a Tilia account?". And before someone chimes in with it is only if you want to process a credit, I refer to the line just before that which says : "Effective August 1, in order to continue using Second Life you will have to agree to Tilia’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. A Tilia Account associated with your Second Life Account will automatically be created for you and you will not need a separate username or password to access your Tilia Account." Does this mean Premium as well as non-Premium accounts? At this time, the only thing I will say for sure is that I will not provide my social security number under ANY circumstance and if that means I lose the $90+ dollars that I spent for a year of Premium so be it (since I very seriously doubt they will allow me to cancel the charge later in August).
  10. I honestly do not understand your answer. I do not see it as answering the first question.
  11. I would recommend joining that group if you are serious about getting a new home (and if you are here I am sure you are just as serious as I was). Although I was not interested in the new "Trailers", I do know that there is interest in them so when they are released, you will probably see a little better chance at the "Traditionals".
  12. no the Bellessaria will come up instead of the dreaded Meadowbrook and either Traditional or Houseboat will come up as an option for now. I guess the trailers will be added next week.
  13. Got one using the auto-refresh method after a couple of sold outs today. I guess the key is simply TRY,TRY,TRY.
  14. Actually that is the line that has finally convinced me to downgrade my premium account to basic. I don't trust Linden Lab (or any other American company for that matter) to provide the consumer with a quality product (plus I am annoyed that I have to pay for Sansar's inadequacies).
  15. I am retired and living on a very FIXED income. At one time (when I was working), this increase would have been able to be absorbed in my budget with no problem, but not now. It all comes down to what the individual perceives to be the value of his/her entertainment dollar. For me, the time spent in Second Life NO LONGER is worth my luxury entertainment dollars. If you had enough new Linden homes for all who wanted them already, this announcement might have gone over better and would have caused me to think more on this subject. But with only the promise of new Linden homes (and bluntly Linden Lab's track record is not the best when it comes to releasing new features) and the threat of an even more drastic Premium change later in the year, for this user it is time to leave.
  16. While I don't think this will cause many users to quit Second Life, I do think this will cause those users with multiple Premium accounts to downgrade their second and third accounts to Basic.
  17. I realize I am in a very small minority on this subject but I am not interested in one of the new style Linden homes. The reason for me is not that I don't find them unappealing but rather the lack of privacy/security for them. I have read that the old style Linden homes will eventually be going away and when that day comes, I will be renting and using the premium house as a semi-private rez zone.
  18. If you have a serious problem with this (and I would have a problem with this next door), consider switching to Firestorm and you can can simply derender this (and anything else you don't like) PERMANENTLY.
  19. From the start of this year I have been going back and forth with myself about continuing with Second Life (I dropped Premium in January). I go in-world maybe once a week but still check the forums once a day but this is a deal breaker for me. Goodbye Linden Lab
  20. Earlier this year (April or May, I think), it was announced that "later this year" new Linden houses would be available. While I have not seen any official news about when they would become available (other than "later this year"), I was wondering if anyone had heard something. I was hoping that they would become available in conjunction with SL15B but so far nothing.
  21. Do you know what the maintenance they have been doing this week especially for the little over 13 hours on Monday? As a retired IT technician, if I was in their shoes, I know what I would be doing in preparation for Project Sansar. However having no proof in this instance I will keep that to myself. But I do find it very curious that I have not seen any explanation. Has anyone seen or been told what they are REALLY doing?
  22. THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!! Beyond any doubt, this is the best thing Linden Lab has ever done for me! Thank you, Linden Lab
  23. You obviously know everything and I know nothing. You wouldn't happen to be my RL ex-wife.
  24. Perrie Juran wrote: So now what we get are these Jelly Babies, which, if you think about it, destroy the shared user experience. Hmmmmmmmmmm. This is EXACTLY what Linden Lab wants EVENTUALLY. The death of Second Life and people migrating to their special snowflake, Project Sansar. The only argument is the timetable.
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