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  1. Be patient! Its only taken LL 16 years to get something right 🤪. Finally making SL aesthetically pleasing and even a little consideration towards people who use vehicles be it on water or land re:orbs/banlines. That is worth paying premium for in my eyes. A community! not bots to trick you into thinking a place is populated. Unlike the mainland which is ugly and a pain to explore. Great job so far. Take more of my money 🤑 Just my thoughts moving along now.
  2. Listen to what your mumma told ya. Don't take 'candy' from strangers.
  3. Do you think the methods of handling harassment/stalking grievances in second life could be flipped to actually discourage continued abuse by a harasser rather then having a victim feel more of a victim with the current process to deal with it. At present we have 3 options 1- mute ban and derender -has the victim living in a one sided window. We cannot see out but the attacker can still see in and continues too. Don't forget to mute the many, many, many alts that one can make and have as well. Just because we cannot see it it doesn't make it right. Everyone else around us can see it. Attacker 1- Victim 0 2-AR AR AR AR AR AR AR- I could do this to I'm dead in the ground yet the attacks will still come and when reporting someone you will never know if that person has even been talked to because of the whole privacy thing .. funny! attacker 2 - Victim 0 3- start new alt acc. Lose all inventory. No longer go to any location that you happen to enjoy and pray the attacker doesn't find you on alt because then its like a game of snakes and ladders you go back to number 1 because of a darn snake. attacker 3 - Victim 0 Do you see the pattern? Maybe a Rating/Reputation, points system could be put in place. If you have x amount of people rate you low then off to the naughty corner you go, along with all your alts 3 strikes your out!. Xbox/playstation do it. I should know, sometimes my 'competitive spirit' gets me into that corner for 24hrs and sometimes a week of no communication privileges depending on how "competitive" I've been. I know its not as easy as introducing a system like that when everyone can make as many alts as they want, to lower your rating but if it can be one rating per IP maybe, then why not.
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