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  1. Yes and no, I'd say. I'm not a huge socialite; in fact, I'm pretty shy and going out is pretty rare. When I do go out, I find myself intimidated by bigger crowds of people and end up viewing certain avatars as intimidating, whereas others are more approachable. I've noticed the more "serious" (i.e realistic human appearance, a resting b face, "confident" type AOs with authoritative body posture, etc) the avatar looks, the less likely I am to interact with them unless prompted. Profiles definitely favor in too, as I tend to snoop. I might try to strike up a conversation regardless of avata
  2. Except the part where places with more of a "niche" interest (when I'd honestly like to try to connect moreso with people interested in similar things) are few and far between, or totally empty/deserted, in G rated regions... There's a whopping 1 G rated area that's furry based with actual people in it right now, for example, and that's only 6. Say that doesn't work out, then... Nothing. :s Like, I don't mind M and A rated regions at all. I don't mind the nsfw stuff at all either, I just find it super disheartening that it feels like they're the only active places and people don't talk to
  3. See, I've gotten that answer so many times but I've been to Luskwood on about six different occasions and every single time it either has only a single digit amount of people who are afk, or it's totally empty. We've hung around there for about half an hour once trying to talk to the small amount of people who were there and no dice, so we gave up. x_x That's what I mean by it feeling like all of the active sims are flooded w/ adult content so you've gotta either deal with it or stay home in a lot of cases. Maybe we've just been going at the wrong times? I'll look into it again sometime thoug
  4. Never been to any of those but I might check them out. I'm more just talking about venues that cater to more niche interests, as not every human-centric place is chill with nonhuman avatars despite the entire point of SL unfortunately, and I've seen my fair share of both furry and game/anime related sims having way more nsfw content than I'd like to the point where every time my bf and I try to go somewhere, we just get discouraged and give up within minutes lol. Either way, my point still stands in regards to op's question. A lot of SL is hardcore geared toward adult activities and
  5. The difference, however, is that irl social venues aren't full of people jumping each others' bones right there on the main entryway table and it's not really an "accepted norm" irl to walk up to someone with your junk hanging out and asking to bang them. That's what you get in clubs and bars on SL in a lot of cases, especially in a lot of niche places like furry hotspots. 😕 I've pretty much given up because every place with activity is full of afkers or people who just want to hook up and little to no socializing from what I've seen, and I've been on SL for years. The places that don't h
  6. Tbf it's a lot less black and white than this. I know I, for one, roll my eyes at the sheer percentage of SL used just for adult activities at times because it feels impossible to meet anyone. I pretty much never leave my home anymore because of this, and when I've made posts regarding it before the answer is typically always to look for places or groups based around interests; that's pretty hard when every one of them (that actually has activity) is A rated and full of people either afk dancing or afk screwing. 😕
  7. I just followed along with the SAI example there and... Still pitch black with texture getting eaten. ;-; I'm definitely starting to think it's a SAI problem. I'll probably have to just install a new program if I want to mess with emissive stuff at all, because SAI just doesn't handle these properly for whatever reason :s
  8. I've tried doing that in SAI but it just erases the texture itself for whatever reason and leaves me with the same "most of the texture is gone and completely black" result. I don't know if SAI just handles masks super poorly or what. That's... Not the issue. I have the exact same problem with tga, and tga seems to be even MORE finicky-- i.e sometimes it won't even recognize it as being saved with alpha, and when it does, I still get the png issue along with it. The fur pattern is on the texture itself as seen in this snippet here. There IS a spec map on
  9. Not the issue I'm having really, and doesn't work. Look at the first and second pictures again to see the issue I'm having-- if I use emissive masking, it either makes the ENTIRE tail fullbright (which is no different than just clicking fullbright, when I only want the stripes to be fullbright and not the rest of the tail) or if I redo the masking by painting everything else black like tutorials tell me, it literally makes the parts black instead of non bright. Here, I'll rearrange the pics and show what's different/wrong with them. So I'm
  10. Not the issue I'm having really, and doesn't work. Look at the first and second pictures again to see the issue I'm having-- if I use emissive masking, it either makes the ENTIRE tail fullbright (which is no different than just clicking fullbright, when I only want the stripes to be fullbright and not the rest of the tail) or if I redo the masking by painting everything else black like tutorials tell me, it literally makes the parts black instead of non bright. Here, I'll rearrange the pics and show what's different/wrong with them. So I'm
  11. Lately I've been trying to mess with Emissive Masking for the first real time after discovering masking is indeed a thing I can do in Sai. The issue, however, is that it doesn't actually seem to do anything, unless I'm doing it backwards? Any and all info I've found on how to do proper masking doesn't seem super clear. The end result there is the entire tail I'm trying to add glowing stripes to being 100% full bright. The "black for no bright, white for bright" thing doesn't work and it's either: Completely bright through-and-through, or: Every
  12. If a free poser hud works fine on the eyes though I'm sure third-party eye animations would work fine? I just haven't seen a single thing like that on the market. If I knew how to script huds I'd just get QAvimator and do it myself at this point lol Hmmm, that definitely makes it look less dead. Were you just able to rip out the eye script/anims and put them into the eyes/head, or was it a lot more complex than that? I might try something like that later and see if I can edit the eyes to look less wall-eyed as well, because that's been my only gripe with the product.
  13. I don't think it's a problem moreso an oversight regarding the eyes not getting a wider range of animations-- at least to the extent of the old version. x_x I've sent a notecard and such but decided to post here too for possible solutions if that fails. :s
  14. I don't think this is going to help... It's not a hud issue. There are no animations in the hud for the eyes. It's not a human body, nor is it common. It's also brand new. It's the new bento Crux from Cerberus. Comparing it to the old outdated sculpty one, ironically the sculpted avatar looks more alive as far as its eye movements despite a lot of other parts lacking. I decided to upload comparison gifs showing exactly what I mean. The new bento avatar: https://i.gyazo.com/147bb435f4225d6a0a07ada6e7182bc5.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/4b8a6153c88398525e1cffca262fb17c.
  15. So, I just recently got an avatar with much tinier irises and pupils (by design) than what I'm used to and I've noticed a bit of an issue... The eyes have such a hollow, soulless look. They barely move, and when they do, it definitely isn't more than the occasional twitch up or down. I don't really notice this with any of my other avatars which all have big, expressive eyes and no need for a ton of movement, but... oof. Does anyone have suggestions to combat the "dead eye" look? I've tried looking for huds in the marketplace that could maybe give a bit of random eye movement akin t
  16. Is this like... in the wrong section or something, lol? Surprised there hasn't been any kind of possible answer yet to this weird problem.
  17. Nothing but Ultra quality, some nice antialiasing and depth of field on. Cropped out my HUDs and such since I don't use the SL screenshot feature and instead use lightshot to printscreen. ^^ Got a new laptop with higher specs than my last and found out it can run SL at a smooth 60 with DoF on and decided to take a couple shots. I don't usually post pictures of my avatars but here are.
  18. Hey there, so this problem cropped up today for some reason. There's a disconnect between what myself and my boyfriend see when we're sitting on furniture together. We tried it on multiple different pieces of furniture and some poses would just... be like this. I stood up and sat back down, same issue. Switched to a working pose and back, same issue on the same pose but fine on a new one. Reset avatar animations, same issue. Does anyone know what's up or how this could be fixed? It's obviously not an issue with the furniture or poses as they've been used totally fine prio
  19. There are multiple other threads here with people asking for or about clothing. I really don't see the issue here...?
  20. I tried wanted already and the thread was pretty much dead on arrival so I tried here. What's the point of the fashion section if you're not supposed to talk about a fashion accessory/clothes...?
  21. Jeez still nothing? I'm kind of shocked this kind of clothing isn't more common.
  22. I've been hunting around for a suitable waist sash for a while now with no success. The ones I have found are unrigged or a sculpty and don't sit well with a ton of clipping. Anyone know where to find a good waist sash similar to this (that's modifiable!!!) that sits well on a maitreya-type build? I'm technically using the athletic regalia body, but most maitreya clothes fit it pretty well. The flappy bit behind doesn't really matter, I can easily make one with a flexi if I really need to. Any sashes I've found are either really thin and skin-tight so they don't sit above pants, or they're too
  23. Which is exactly why I struggle so much to shop because no-mod is no good to me. I'm not sure why this is such a trend with human bodies because 99% of mesh clothes for furry bodies are mod. :s Either way, even if something is only mod for tinting, I can still make my own textures for them by experimenting around until I figure out the UV myself in my preferred art program and then hand paint my own texture. Either way, if anyone knows of something kind of similar or knows what "style" it'd be considered, I'm all ears.
  24. Aw man, that's the top but I'm so sad it's no-mod. Trying to find other similar styles now that I could modify by chance... Thanks for finding it though!
  25. Or the style name/shirt type, at least? I'm after them for the sleeves mostly, I've found similar sleeves but they don't have the subtle downward curve at the shoulder or they lack the puffiness closer down at the wrist.
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