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  1. Yep and stated I stayed on that page hit refresh multiple times got the refresh limit window which I was surprised since I was not on the home page and of course that 10 min countdown caused me to loose the house. I still do not like the system for retrieving a home and way to many error screens that should not even happen if you have the house they need to check the system and find out why it is not getting assigned to the user. Is it because to many hits are being done at one time. And if you have this stupid refresh cap in place then you should check on why it needed to be implemented
  2. You probably want to shoot for a houseboat if you like the water feature, my friend has one that the group shares and I do love that you can actually sail around a lot of interaction. But let me really retract that you may want a houseboat hell grab what you can it is tough enough to get property, yet I am a victim of not completely liking what I get and releasing to go only thru the struggle for the next property one of these days I will get what I am actually looking for on my account hubby got a perfect spot but in order for me to do anything I constantly need group tag on which I alwa
  3. Yep refreshed on the same screen and got the limit refresh screen love the mechanics of it all.
  4. Yep why I never left the page and refreshed still gave me the error and it was gone after the refresh screen limit came up.
  5. Yep, it is what it is lucky my hubby still has his home I just got rid of mines because I did not like the yard had no landscaping outside and a bunch of trees. Figured I let someone else enjoy it.
  6. Was not even a sorry page just an unknown error has occurred please try again and now they are gone.
  7. I got an unknown error every time I clicked never went off the page
  8. I am not sure how you saw 3 go by did not get one hit and surprise you did not hit the refresh cap, one popped up about an hour ago but that is it.
  9. Very nice close to the water and lucky your back terrace looks out to the water view.
  10. It can be released at any time without a warning, you just have to stay monitored to your machine if you are planning on grabbing one, they are not going to give any warning.
  11. How many homes did you have lol I went down from one post to another and you have a different one each time.
  12. All very nice homes like the steel black fence with bricks gives the house and land a different feel. This is what I like to see pics of newly received homes we can all see what lovely properties you have gained in the struggle. Question the bushes in the front are they on your land or off and also the fence? Also what are you in so close to the water in the back.
  13. Ok! if you don't want it just tell me when you plan on releasing so I can get refresh going again. J/K I think it is lovely what are you looking for?
  14. Guess new areas for me to go and view are these areas near the water? I cant tell until I get home and waiting on a release that will be close to the water if any before I release my home.
  15. That has happened to me three times already think something automatically accepts the home when refreshing if you may have tried to cap another one previously and then you either come back with an error on the screen or the window saying that you have a new home. Everyone is always guessing or saying what the next area to be released will be anyone know what it will be this time and is it more inland or close to the water?
  16. I am really going to have to beat all of you lol post pics if you have them. I have 8 hrs at work before I can go home and look at these areas and see what everyone is always trying to describe. How is the Wolfboro area may have flew thru there cant remember.
  17. You go girl been waiting for someone to abandon one but since I figured no one would stopped trying to even look for one. I wonder why it was let go have you looked at the entire property is something off?
  18. Glad you added a pic Congrats! And someone said that no one would release a Sweetmarsh home was mistaken I just saw another person get one. Congrats! to all who got a new home. Wolfboro was released 18:05 (for ME!) that means 9:05 am SLT - not all that early. I really need to keep track of SLT, never have and always missed out on a lot of releases and events as they typically never fell in a reasonable time frame for me and these really would never be released at a good time for me lucky people released their previous homes so I could get one.
  19. Super Auto Refresh and Tab Auto Refresh seem to be able to be used on Opera.
  20. @Patch Linden lol can I trade my home for a nice water front or even a home with a nice lake or pond. I really need a swap meet so I can give my property up to another hopeful person.
  21. Yes they may have been released at 9:30 EST but that is also the start of working hours for those of us that do work. So nothing if ever the best time for a release for anyone one time it can be when your sleeping next time when your working so all a gamble.
  22. They release how ever many homes that are in that specific area. Not sure of the count because it each area has it's own landscaping theme not sure if it is 20,30 or less. Well there goes the nice Sweetmarsh homes guess people will have to wait again. These random times I could see would get to me also because they are right around the work day either going to work, at work, or leaving work when they like to release these homes.
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