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  1. Tex Monday wrote: RudolphFarquhar wrote: I have no particular evil plans for 2014. I thought I'd just continue being as ******* pleasant as I have been in 2013. **********Rudi********** An excellent idea..and with that you will continue to gain the respect and admiration of your peers....whomever those people may be.... I have no ******* peers. **********Rudi**********
  2. Marybeth Cooperstone wrote: Not everybody on SL is RPing. Some are, some are not. Nonsense. As soon as you take on a pseudonym you are role-playing. **********Rudi**********
  3. JaedenDelanaire wrote: How redundant is it anyhow to sign your name beneath your already titled posts? You, Sir, are a hoot. It's primarily because forum amateurs, who haven't a clue about quoting other posts, litter the thread with extraneous lines and confusing formatting, rendering lazy readers susceptible to failing to recognise accurately the actual author of the pearls of wisdom offered from my keyboard. I may not respect your viewpoint, but I do respect the readers here sufficiently to present my views clearly and coherently. Unlike you. **********Rudi************
  4. You don't know with any degree of certainty what their rl ******* gender is anyway, so your OP is multiply redundant. **********Rudi**********
  5. JaedenDelanaire wrote: Every single post I've seen from you has been a not-so-helpful and passively aggressive confrontration to anything being stated. There's no need to role play - and very badly, at that - an online psychologist (I have yet to find a real psychologist who uses the phrase "passive aggressive", nor one that is willing to hazard a professional guess as to what the common herd might actually mean by it) while admitting that you must have only viewed (or noticed, or remembered - but that is more to do with your own bigoted personality disorders and failings of mental faculties) a very small subset of my extensive postings, which include both positive and negative views (well, one man's meat is another man's poison, as the misquotation from the French has it) as well as constructive, deconstructive, and reconstructive information regarding the indequacies of others. Or prehaps you feel that a forum should be a place where everybody agrees? Or maybe they should just agree with you? **********Rudi**********
  6. Everybody in SL is rping, whether they admit it or not. So the OP's question is redundant. **********Rudi**********
  7. I have no particular evil plans for 2014. I thought I'd just continue being as ******* pleasant as I have been in 2013. **********Rudi**********
  8. georginamae1992 wrote: I am an Art Student, and writing my dissertation about how the avatar (particularly in SL) can be considered artwork, both in its design and in its performative nature. If you have any thoughts about this idea I would be really grateful to hear them! Thanks Of course an avatar can be considered artwork. But then, 99.99% of artwork is ******* ****. **********Rudi**********
  9. Make an alt, change your writing style a little and start again. They'll never notice. **********Rudi**********
  10. Anjevia wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: RudolphFarquhar wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: Well, didn't the UK give us Boy George? At least he could sing without the aural equivalent of photoshopping. **********Rudi********** True. I know I'd rather listen to Mogan Freeman talk me through masturbation than hearing Taylor Swift sing. So I'm guessing Boy George wouldn't be out of the question either? :smileylol: For either/all genders. Depending upon how good your eyesight - and memory - was. **********Rudi**********
  11. walterwhiteSr wrote: Things are getting interesting,, I need something for FFFM, a rug, pillow, or engine to add to another piece of furniture.. suggestins are very welcomed.. Suggestions? My Dad told me long ago that if one isn't enough, two certainly isn't - and as for three, you might wish to consult Robert Silverberg's "Two At Once". **********Rudi**********
  12. But Griffin dahling, it is, it is! **********Rudi**********
  13. Perrie Juran wrote: Well, didn't the UK give us Boy George? At least he could sing without the aural equivalent of photoshopping. **********Rudi**********
  14. Whirly Fizzle wrote: Merry Christmas to you too Rudolf :heart: My middle name is Scrooge. And I don't believe in ghosts. **********Rudi**********
  15. Prokofy Neva wrote: Thanks, a simple and clear explanation that instantly worked like a charm. Obviously I Googled this for half an hour and looked at a bunch of help forums before I came on here. It was only because even the Knowledge Base, the Wiki, various other links in Google didn't give me the answers that I came here. I fail to see anything wrong with asking this question here, and getting an answer here. It's not a basic question but a more sophisticated one and it's about where folders are produced from the viewer. Did you ask the question in the SL forum called "ANSWERS" on the tab above, clearly designated as that which the clueless should address their queries which have been answered countless numbers of times before, rather than cluttering up this forum category which is intended for more informed discussion of changes, errors and improvements in the official Second Life Viewer? Did you actually think that the solution might be in your own hands - should you have any minor understanding of whatever viewer you are using - as the directory used for chat logs is, and has been for as long as I can recall, user modifiable from the default stated in the settings which are accessible via a straightforward menu option within the SL viewer and all of the other third party viewers that I have had occasion to use? Sophisticated? I suppose you think the spell-checker in the forum editor is a bit complicated to use too . . . **********Rudi**********
  16. Knowl Paine wrote: Venus Petrov wrote: This is why I try demos first. Not all mesh makers make asses as wide as horse trailers. :smileyvery-happy: horse trailer should be an official measure. Is that an imperial horse-trailer or a metric one? **********Rudi**********
  17. Knowl Paine wrote: I bought some mesh boots, they didn't fit. That's my mesh experience. It wasn't even my idea. I'm glad that they didn't fit. Stupid boots. You fashion victim you! **********Rudi**********
  18. Prokofy Neva wrote: I've never understood why Linden Lab constantly gears their product to exotic hipsters and geeks who buy computer parts on New Egg and build them themselves, or else hugely expensive custom computers, instead of gearing it for the masses who have to buy at Best Buy. Best Buy *only* has computers with Windows 8 now. You don't have a choice to get Windows 7 if your computer card finally burns out for the final time (after two years of running SL). You have to get Windows 8. And you don't have the time to fuss with how you could dial back to 7 because you have work to do, life has to go on, you are not a geek. Why can't they just walk a mile in our shoes to Best Buy and make their product fit with Best Buy/ Because Microsoft don't ******* own LL. Whatever the ******* idiot conspiracy theorists might believe. **********Rudi**********
  19. Anjevia wrote: America does make some pretty good stuff. just need to make more of it Right, the world needs more Britneys and Mileys . . . **********Rudi********** ETA Perhaps to emphasise the sarcasm I should have inserted "civilised" into that sentence. ETA Or perhaps replaced "world" with "UK". ETA At least we have managed to get you to accept the One Direction deportees.
  20. Knowl Paine wrote: A 14mm wrench is great for a rusty 9/16 bolt and a 1/2 is great for a rusty 14mm bolt. I have a standardised set of tools for such situations. A big ******* hammer and a ******* sharp chisel. **********Rudi**********
  21. Vania Chaplin wrote: To me regular = metric. Are you talking about that old imperial measures, used by a single country in the world? :smileytongue: You talk about regularity, when it is obvious that base ten number system is a redundantly complex antiquated basis for any serious analytical purposes? There are 10 types of people in this world, the people that use binary and the computationally handicapped. **********Rudi********** ETA There are at least two countries where imperial measures rule, even if one of them can't even get the definition of a pint right!
  22. Seductive Dreamscape wrote: Oh we have plenty of gnarly characters, even a vicious alien with sharp teeth, who somehow find their inner hippie and even take to wearing socks and creating sculptures and haikus in peace and love! (yes I did say socks!) I expect you wear them with sandals too. [The ultimate fashion faux pas] **********Rudi**********
  23. We are currently in an inter-regnum, a time of transition while LL transfers responsibility for Customer Service (that's principally Help, Forum Moderation and Anti-Spamming Counter Measures) to the newly formed NSA Knowledge Intervention Division - it's a young branch of the organisation dedicated to less-than-covert monitoring and control over global counter-cultural movements threatening the complacency of the "never had it so good" generation. During this time please observe the historic protocol and ******* restrict your ******* questions to the correct ******* forum - Answers - for ******* naive and even more ******* repetitive enquiries, especially if you are a longstanding ******* resident or born-again ******* n00b who should know ******* better. This is the ******* Second Life Viewer forum, where participants whinge about inadequacies of the standard viewer, complain about inconsistencies between versions, and demand reinstatement of "temporarily" lost facilities, not the arena for do-gooders with no ******* skills in social intercourse to demonstrate their ******* Ph Ds in cut-and-pasting. **********Rudi**********
  24. Actually, in my Mathematics lesson, 60 watermelons represented exactly 1.5 truckloads. **********Rudi**********
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