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  1. Afrikan is not a legitimate recognised English word. Neither is jirdingham. Why don't you join in the fun and make up a pretend word from a random assortment of letters. **********Rudi**********
  2. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I think there is a bit of a language barrier here. That's a very late entry for the 2013 Understatement of the Year Competition! But a surefire winner, I think. **********Rudi**********
  3. tl;dr I guess it's a step too ******* far for me to role play being nice. **********Rudi**********
  4. Innula Zenovka wrote: Lindal Kidd teaches an excellent free class, every Friday, on land owning and land issues, at 5pm SLT at Caledon Oxbridge University. You should note that she does insist that attendees are naked, however, to minimise lag. Well, she says that's the reason . . . **********Rudi**********
  5. No it ******* isn't. It's ******* miserable. **********Rudi**********
  6. steph Arnott wrote: You assume I stupid, it not easy to translate all.Sometimes I miss understand No, we don't assume you are stupid; we see clear evidence of it, on a continuing basis. It is not your misunderstanding that is the problem; it is your refusal to acknowledge the inadequacy of both your perception and your presentation of your thoughts. steph Arnott wrote: that does not make me a bad person. Refusing to do anything about your incompetence DOES make you a bad person; it insults everybody here when you refuse to use a spell-checker even, much less the grammar and style checker I have referenced for you. steph Arnott wrote: Maybe my Sintax Is incorrect That reminds me of what Winston Churchill said when asked by one of his constutuents what he was going to do about the Prostitution Bill: "I shall pay it!" But you don't have the first idea what I am talking about and how it relates to what you have written, do you? **********Rudi**********
  7. steph Arnott wrote: OK, GOD made all equal, that all i understand. ADDED: Please explain "DId you just... you DID!!! You played the race card " Don't you dare bring religion into this discussion or I'll tell you it is merely a crutch used for support by those crippled by a lack of self-belief and a willingness to assign responsibility for the evil of men to a higher power, even though this contradicts the universal love that fictitious character is supposed to bestow upon his unthinking acolytes. You keep playing the stupid card; at this point your only beneficial option IS the Silence. Stop posting. **********Rudi**********
  8. Stupidity knows no geography. **********Rudi**********
  9. May I remind people not to believe everything they read on the internet? Dres will understand my allusion, as this thread has the same title as a recent one he initiated. **********Rudi**********
  10. Knowl Paine wrote: They also say that the key to longevity is everything in moderation. I have found a degree of satisfaction by adhering to the maxim everything to excess. You also have to remember that nothing succeeds like a toothless budgerigar. **********Rudi**********
  11. I have worked out why so many people spell and punctuate badly here, and torture grammar so that the content of their posts is less than comprehensible! It's so that the NSA's computers reject the communications as being human generated, and spend ridiculous amounts of computing power and time attempting (unavailingly, of course) to crack the encryption . . . Unless the recognition routines were written by ESL and semi-literate programmers (as most of them are, in my experience) and incorporate a degree of AI - that's Artificial Ignorance. **********Rudi**********
  12. steph Arnott wrote: I just did not understand Perhaps you should preface all of your ******* posts with this phrase. Even when you are talking about the stuff you thought you ******* understood. [You haven't got a ******* clue, have you.] **********Rudi**********
  13. I use inSSIDer by MetaGeek (free home version) which very simply (and graphically) shows you what wifi signals are impinging upon your network, and their strengths and channels used. It has helped me miniimise the trial and error process, but the main thing it has shown me is how badly wifi signals degrade! *********Rudi**********
  14. Tell LL. Immediately. **********Rudi**********
  15. Pamela Galli wrote: You should believe what I say because I am a rocket surgeon at MIT. I don't believe you! **********Rudi**********
  16. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: I'm sorry Steph - I'm an old statistician and I don't know how to make statistical analysis easily understood - I'm an old **** too, but I know how to make statistics easily comprehensible. For instance, if you want a one in three chance of living forever, always sleep on the floor, because two out of three people die in bed. Also, to improve your chances of avoiding traffic accidents tenfold, get drunk before you ever get in a car, because 90% of crashes involve only sober drivers. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Just call me Granny-Geek like my children do. My kids call me GOD. Grumpy Old Dad. **********Rudi**********
  17. DId you know that he actually started off in SL as a griefer, received a very long ban, and then decided to work for good when his access was restored . . . **********Rudi**********
  18. steph Arnott wrote: LOL, I trained at RADA. In the late 90s Did they do apprenticeships in floor-mopping? **********Rudi**********
  19. steph Arnott wrote: Death to me is just a new stage. And one man in his time plays many parts. [They'll put that on my tombstone.] **********Rudi**********
  20. steph Arnott wrote: the ed was a separate word. That reminds me of a riddle: What do you call a man with a wooden head? Edward. And the kicker - what do you call a man with THREE wooden heads? Edward Woodward. [Edward Woodward was a really impressive actor at about the time this riddle was current. My Dad insists he was in the RAF with him, but at the time he was actually in RADA; Woodward, that is, not my Dad - although they might have played football against each other, as both were good soccer players, until Woodward suffered a knee injury, and my Dad was handicapped even more, by getting married.] **********Rudi**********
  21. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Years ago, when I was still quite naive about the ways of the virtual world, I was propositioned by a child avatar. That same thing happened to me, too! Mind you, at the time I had styled my avatar to look like Michael Jackson . . . **********Rudi**********
  22. Paratrex wrote: I love it. Something as small as using some bad grammar from a complete stranger on the Internet; on a game that one knows exist and your're that mad. This is to rich. I don't think anybody called Rich, or Richard, or Richie, or even **** has posted here, although you may have a trapdoor into the NSA lookup table of avatar's real life names, of course. **********Rudi********** ETA: Unless of course it's a typo, and you're inviting us to RIC you . . .
  23. steph Arnott wrote: Exactly becouse we do not talk that way any more. I still talk like that. Most literate people do. Wooded means a place that has a significant number of trees and wondered is the past tense of wonder. What is your problem with them, specifically? **********Rudi**********
  24. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: I can't believe we [u.S. Customs] was so stupid The stupidity of the US Customs and Immigration Service is legendary. They give IQ tests to potential recruits and only employ them if they fail. **********Rudi**********
  25. steph Arnott wrote: Could go back to the old days and start saying wood ED or wonder ED. Does anybody have ANY ******* idea what this ******* sentence means? **********Rudi**********
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