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  1. Steph? [surely not Mr Tish!] **********Rudi**********
  2. Paratrex wrote: Ok, picture this in your mind if it's possible. What if everybody in history and everyone now thought the way you do. Civilization would have died off a long time ago. As far as I have been able to ascertain, it did. [And was replaced by a brainless culture which set great store on bidets, game show hosts and tv dinners, inter alia.] [Oh, and comprehensive electronic communications so you could tell everybody in the world when you managed a really satisfactory defecation.] **********Rudi**********
  3. My wife doesn't talk to me any more. [Well, you asked for positive effects.] **********Rudi**********
  4. Poenald Palen wrote: a stream of unconsciousness . . . Hey Poe, where can I get whatever it is that you're on? **********Rudi**********
  5. Dresden Ceriano wrote: ...Dres *thinks this will be a very small group* But how will you be able to verify how tall they are? **********Rudi**********
  6. steph Arnott wrote: You miss interpreted the response to someone who demeans others way of talking are writing. If it came across a offensive to English speaker then I apologize, but how people speak or write is not for strict rule by people that believe they superior. ADDED: All I wanted to do was create a inworld book for others to enjoy,I do not need this irritation of petty arguments and slagging off, if it was not for the fact some had contributed, which I have to honor I would have dumped the project. BTW: I some one keep poking me yes i get piissed off, the no need for people to do that. Lets just forget it all and fk anything worth a go. Anyone IM me inworld and stuff this bunch of twats. I get poked by some one and its my fault. Pamatta fusei. I'll repeat my point of view; it is not simply that your English is appalling and confusing to readers, it is compounded by your ignorant refusal to make any apparent effort to improve it - when there are tools to do so readily available - which is insulting to those who are confronted by your semi-literate ravings. **********Rudi**********
  7. Dresden Ceriano wrote: RudolphFarquhar wrote: Knowl Paine wrote: I think it is a good poem. No, it's not a good poem. You might like it, but that certainly doesn't make it a "good" poem. If it is a poem at all, as opposed to doggerel based on the thesaurus entry for 'purple', that is. **********Rudi********** If Knowl thinks it's good, then it's good. If you think it's not good, than it's not... see how that works? Exactly the point I was making. Otherwise all the women in the world would want to marry just the one man. Poor bloke. **********Rudi**********
  8. Dresden Ceriano wrote: RudolphFarquhar wrote: ETA: If it doesn't rhyme, it's prose, not poetry. Is there no such thing as free verse poems where you're from? ...Dres The mere fact that the descriptor has to be modified suggests that the literary form is not acknowledged as pure "poetry" per se. Similarly concrete poetry does not involve engraving rhymes into stone like substances. Surprisingly perhaps, a poetic licence does not have a set fee and does not have to be renewed annually. "Poetry" as an unbridled concept can cover text which does not rhyme, and even concatenations of letters which do not make identifiable words; it can be used to describe the delivery of a funeral oration, a sunset, the way in which someone's buttocks gyrate as they walk, or the way in which several gifted sportsmen interact, inter alia. But when you are talking about plain and simple "poetry", it is defined, in counterpoint against prose, as rhyming text. Not that everything that rhymes deserves to be called poetry, mind. **********Rudi**********
  9. Perrie Juran wrote: Well, I already do self-regulate. Me too! It mainly involves trying not to laugh too much at how ridiculous many people are. But I think more sensitive souls than us would benefit from some options that would allow them to emulate digital ostriches, and avoid the coronary stress that lies, provocation and bluntness can induce, even when viewed through lavender-tinted spectacles. In the main, though, those same people are too stupid to learn how to apply the tools when they ARE available. **********Rudi**********
  10. "Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft's publisher, says it's not aware of any surveillance taking place. Rudolph Farquhar and Linden Lab, maker of Second Life, declined to comment to the Times." [i hate giving my opinion to the Times; they twist everything I say so it sounds like I'm intelligent.] Hey, does that mean I own LL. In that case, I want to sack the incompetent management immediately. **********Rudi**********
  11. steph Arnott wrote: As an Afrikan women i have to respect my elders even when they annoy me. That is an inappropriate cultural attitude in the contemporary global environment. It smacks of racism, sexism, and ageism. **********Rudi**********
  12. steph Arnott wrote: I Afrkan so best i can do. May I then suggest you use the Afrkan forums if you can't be bothered to use After The Deadline. Your slovenly attitude to communicating is an insult to readers of this forum. **********Rudi**********
  13. steph Arnott wrote: Some always want others for their life, 90% is there own doing. The 90% is just a guess. then she "corrected a typo" to Some always want blame others for their life, 90% is there own doing. The 90% is just a guess. Again, in English, please? Or as close to English as you can get, anyway. **********Rudi********** ETA Even the corrected version is not correct.
  14. Perrie Juran wrote: To some people I think everything and anything that happens to them has to be the result of a conspiracy. But everything IS a conspiracy! Or do you truly believe in free will? And what made you say that . . . **********Rudi**********
  15. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: giggles...... I was kidding and my tongue was sticking out. Clearly I'm not into Twitter. I knew that - but others may not have . . . . . . and it enabled me to make yet another point. I am not into Twitter either, using it only to stalk my kids, to find out where my son got ****** at University this week and to determine whether my daughter is in her bedroom not speaking to me because she hates me or she is in love again. **********Rudi**********
  16. Perrie Juran wrote: I am slightly puzzled by your subject line as I am not sure what you are meaning by "self-regulation" in this context. I consider self-regulation as being enabled by the social platform administrators providing tools to users so that they can, by their own actions, selectively hide their posts from other users, and hide the posts of other users which they do not want to see. Not the appointment of user moderators. **********Rudi**********
  17. Presumably this is to forestall "legitimate" inworld spamming, piggybacking on the "success" (well, measured by the number of whinging threads here) of mmook. **********Rudi**********
  18. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: What's Twitter? & Who cares? Twitter is yet another online environment for social interaction, as are these Forums. Those who might care are those with some interest in the regulation of such environments. Also those who might want to manipulate those environments. **********Rudi**********
  19. steph Arnott wrote: For free? You have to be joking. My agent would disown me. Well, the 10% of me that she owns, at least. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then i see no reason anymore to respond to your de railing, thankyou for your input, it was interesting, but of no use. Derailing? I have been offering relevant commentary, which is rather the point of a General Discussions forum. If you have found it of no use, then you have missed several opportunities to advance yourself, contradicting what you posted earlier. Or perhaps your comprehension is lacking. **********Rudi**********
  20. Knowl Paine wrote: It reminds me of a Planet I visited... in a book. Are you sure it wasn't a game? **********Rudi**********
  21. steph Arnott wrote: submit what you consider a poem, that is the point of this post. For free? You have to be joking. My agent would disown me. Well, the 10% of me that she owns, at least. **********Rudi**********
  22. steph Arnott wrote: When i know all what is there to live for? You could post expertly, educationally, and amusingly in forums, as I do. **********Rudi**********
  23. Knowl Paine wrote: I think it is a good poem. No, it's not a good poem. You might like it, but that certainly doesn't make it a "good" poem. If it is a poem at all, as opposed to doggerel based on the thesaurus entry for 'purple', that is. **********Rudi**********
  24. steph Arnott wrote: Yes you are correct about Shakespeare. I am always right. You could become always right too. When you want to express an opinion or position just type the complete opposite. **********Rudi**********
  25. steph Arnott wrote: What has rhyme to do with poetry, you [sic] very strange. All ways [sic] shouting at the wind [sic]. Rudolph Farquhar wrote: ETA: If it doesn't rhyme, it's prose, not poetry steph Arnott wrote: That is most likly [sic] correct, but if it brings joy to someone i [sic] do not care. Are you not embarrassed by your ignorance, even as you acknowledge it? **********Rudi**********
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