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  1. steph Arnott wrote: seemed no point learning a dead language. So you decided to invent a brand new one, all of your own, eh? steph Arnott wrote: Was lessoned in Latin at school You're a joke. But nobody is laughing. **********Rudi**********
  2. steph Arnott wrote: That just plain silly. This self-accusation should be on your tombstone. [That's a stone that is set over your grave, not the stone from which your grave is carved, for clarification.] **********Rudi********** ETA Does carrot mean rust?
  3. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: They mean things totally different than their parts. I just saw a horse fly . . . **********Rudi**********
  4. "barrette" actually has its roots in the Vulgar Latin "barra" (a barrier) We don't really know where Vulgar Latin came from, probably a foul-mouthed Etruscan sailor who turned right not left at Sardinia. **********Rudi**********
  5. steph Arnott wrote: aluminum is American Actually, "aluminum" was the original name, the "num" ending being in line with other metals (eg Platinum) being named at the time. But it didn't scan properly when include in a popular song about chemical discoveries, so the British changed it. [A bit like the way "zed" was changed to "zee" by the Americans.] **********Rudi********** ETA To complicate things further, Humphry Davy, who "discovered" it, initially called it Alumium. ETA I was mates with Humphry Davy's grandson until he emigrated to New York.
  6. Let's hear it for the OED word of the year 2103: "selfie" But then "simples" was 2009's . . . **********Rudi**********
  7. Is that a flying pig? No, it's a literate, poliite and enthusiastic request for participation in what seems to be a legitimate academic survey. Will wonders never cease? **********Rudi********** DISCLOSURE: The son of a friend of mine is a student at this university, and from what his mother tells me I am astonished that Blue has had time to post here, given the continuous round of parties, drinking and fraternisation which seems to be a compulsory element of the syllabus across all faculties. ETA: I completed the survey, anonymously, which has saved you the price of a four-pack of those nice white Belgian beers.
  8. nuBko1 wrote: what are you taught that the entire class of banned ahahahah what they already have done in 20 people trained from scratch scary to imagine Don't you just hate it when the Moderators make alts and post on here bragging about what they've done! **********Rudi**********
  9. jwenting wrote: And it gets worse when things get international. If a German user subscribing to a Swedish ISP with its switches in Denmark connects to a Canada hosted website owned by a US based company through a router in the UK owned by a French network operator, what country's law applies to the data and why? (and yes, such things happen). I think it has been satisfactorily established that the relevant authorities couldn't care a **** about the law. They care about getting caught. Which embarrasses them slightly, but little more. **********Rudi********** ETA Actually, they do care about the law, but only to use it to get at those who have embarrassed them.
  10. SL helped me hugely. Before I started I was borderline psychopathic. Now, apparently, I am well over the ******* line. **********Rudi**********
  11. My Forum Poem This thread is wounded. **********Rudi**********
  12. Well, I'm usually pretty good at working these kind of things out, but for the life of me I can't tell whether Paratrex is a moron pretending to be a child, or a child impersonating a moron. **********Rudi**********
  13. steph Arnott wrote: Some writers use a different name, either because they are associated with a genera genra or for other reason. What SL has to do with it, is irrelevant. You question has been answered. genre **********Rudi**********
  14. steph Arnott wrote: Some writers use a pseudonym. To hide their SL identity? **********Rudi**********
  15. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Dres wears a pink tutu in real life - Sorry Dres but this was the first thing that popped into my perverted mind Hey, Dres is much cooler than that; his tutu is black suede. **********Rudi**********
  16. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: @ KarenMichelle Lane O.M.G. A person could get pregnant listening to that. It just made me feel hungry. **********Rudi**********
  17. You don't often see someone Godwin a ******* thread in the OP . . . . **********Rudi**********
  18. May I point out that I have not gainsaid the existence of poetry in many forms. On the contrary, I have offered a plethora of poetic examples involving non-verbal as well as verbal delights. In fact, my own pithy submission simply mirrored Kelley's own, using colours, poor punctuation and a lack of rhyme, but differentiating itself by augmenting the visual references with humour, an element sadly lacking - or at least unappreciated - in much pretentious writing. That someone with a tenuous - at best - grasp of English has taken disproportionate issue with my initial light-hearted criticism is unsurprising, but puts the situation into sharp relief, wherein she has become an attention-whoring literary champion, presumably in a failing attempt to derive some credibility by association. Sorry, Steph, you are not an editor, you are an undiscriminating bookbinder. **********Rudi**********
  19. Dresden Ceriano wrote: steph Arnott wrote: Please stop, i beg. The post was for peope to express them selves and you just to nbe honist crushed me to tears, men thats what they do. Steph, sweety... just let it go. It does you absolutely no good to get so upset over this. There is little that you can do to change the actions of another person and even if you manage to do so, it usually comes at a steep price. It's much easier and often less costly to instead modify your own actions. The only effort it takes to disengage is a bit of will power. In other words, stop replying to those with whom you do not wish to remain in conversation. The moment that you show an opponent that they have the power to affect you so negatively, is the moment you give up your advantage... ignoring them is perhaps the very best way doing this. If you put this way of thinking into practice, you might find that, eventually, not showing that you've been affected will turn into actually not being affected... at which point, you will have achieved the ability to withstand attacks without being too badly hurt and, should you choose to engage, do so without sacrificing your own emotional well being. ...Dres Taking a hysterical sexist swipe, which suggests that her experience with the superior gender may have - unsurprisingly - left Steph with a significant chip on her shoulder, isn't going to help her cause. Using a spell/grammar/style checker is. The solution to Steph's problem, as with everyone else here who can not cope with criticism, is in her own hands. **********Rudi**********
  20. Marigold Devin wrote: **** My stalking abilities have improved (!) **** I've learned a lot about computers, how to use them, and about the people who use them and think they know all about them (a lot of BS flies about), whereas prior to me being in SL I tried to avoid contact with technology pretty much. **** I've discovered that I definitely am not a lesbian. **** **** No one I've spoken to out in my real life has even heard of Second Life, even now, after all these years, so this thing about it having a reputation is perhaps only valid in certain parts of the country/world. **** Marigold, I reckon you owe me 50L$ in ******* royalties for the use of one of my ******* memes! **********Rudi**********
  21. Paratrex wrote: This is such a fascinating thread. No one is answering to the topic and questions I'm bringing up about privacy. But sarcasm is all I get and just general childish antics. Haven't you worked it out yet? We're all NSA employees furiously spreading FUD so that nobody will take your conspiracy theories seriously. It's working too. Our figures show (yeah, we're watching!) that 98% of all forum readers are bored ******* ******** with your vapid paranoia, and have switched to reading an enthralling thread about using derendered alpha channels to simulate digital pheromone effects, with lots of dollar signs and nested brackets. **********Rud**********
  22. CoalFelpz wrote: There is so much more potential to Second Life than just the sex, relationships and money. Yeah, if I valued those trivial things I'd stick with real life . . . **********Rudi**********
  23. steph Arnott wrote: Could please send me it in world so I get the tab correct. Outhunt ADDED: I just thought I never say they had to be exclusively In English. Ying tong ying tong Ying tong ying tong Ying tong iddle I po, Ying tong ying tong Ying tong ying tong Ying tong iddle I po. [Now out of copyright, so I have repurposed it as a prose poem] **********Rudi**********
  24. Perrie Juran wrote: RudolphFarquhar wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: Well, I already do self-regulate. Me too! It mainly involves trying not to laugh too much at how ridiculous many people are. **********Rudi********** That is a point at which we might diverge. Whom and what we might deem as ridiculous may be different in some cases. Additionally whom or what we may deem as offensive and/or untoward may be very different at times also. I think the point at which we probably diverge is less what we find ridiculous than whether we point it out to others, or not. **********Rudi***********
  25. steph Arnott wrote: So your life is a toilet of sht, so what your point? Cnts like you have no friends and go online because they just lonely and sad. Get over it, or just decompose.Talk over permanently. Well, Spurs did lose very badly today (5-0 at home to Liverpool) so I'm a bit sad. But on the up side, my daughter was crowned Queen of the Megabowl, my son has returned from University taller than me, and I managed to adulterate my wife's teetotal trifle with Blackcurrant Pimms without her noticing. There's nothing on tv tonight though. So I am listening to all 279 of the Bruce Springsteen tracks which I have on my PC. VERY LOUDLY **********Rudi********** ETA: I paid a homage to Jim Morrison's grave in Paris last week. It was amazing, there were all these musical notes in the air, disappearing into the ground. I asked the French custodian what was happening, and he said that Jim was decomposing...
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