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  1. steph Arnott wrote: There were no English words there, you really should learn history. Shame as you are not a fool, just angry at the world. Here's about the only bit of history I like. It's a historical quote from Henry Ford: "I wouldn’t give a nickel for all the history in the world. It means nothing to me. History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker's damn is the history we make today." I adore the language English has become. Not the English you try, unavailingly, to speak/type, not even Shakespeare's English (he invented thousands of English words, by the way, which of itself gives the lie to your ignorance) but the English that educated people use to attempt to give insight into their cogent thoughts. Oh, I'm not angry. I never get angry. I am just better at expressing myself than most. You don't understand though. You won't ******* understand, either. Ever. **********Rudi**********
  2. steph Arnott wrote: I not understand your inflexibility, language evolves, what you speak would be considered incomprehensible fifty years ago. Whereas you are presumably aiming to be incomprehensible now? steph Arnott wrote: The English language you defend so vehemently is nothing more than a mashed up concoction of everyone else's true language. If you truly can find one word that is English I salute you. **** you! Now salute me. **********Rudi********** ETA: If it doesn't rhyme, it's prose, not poetry.
  3. Hmmm, did I miss some non-self-regulation? **********Rudi**********
  4. Roses are red, violets are blue, what colour are yours? Well, since you don't seem to be worried about apostrophes or rhyme, as evidenced by your presentation of Kelley's doggerel. Did you translate it from the original language yourself, Steph? **********Rudi**********
  5. Knowl Paine wrote: 85% of all homeless people are Men. I wonder if there is something women have, that those homeless men do not. Alimony? **********Rudi**********
  6. After the Twitter "blocking" (actually muting, reflecting the difference in user capability between inworld and the feeds, although the facility doesn't actually work any longer, I believe; as for the forums well . . . ) debacle - now undone , I understand from my progeny - Wired ran an opinion piece which seemed fairly unhysterically sensible. It suggested the following "tools" might be useful. What do you think? Dismiss. People often block because there’s no other way to remove a tweet from view. If Twitter added this tool for any tweet (just like the one that exists for ads), there’d be less need to block right away. Timeout. I’ve often wanted a tool that operates like block with a time limit: blocking another user for a day or a two and then unblocking. This would be a great way to short-circuit a hot argument without implementing a long-term block once people have cooled down. Spike. I also frequently use this technique, which I call a “spike”: blocking someone, forcing them to unfollow me, and then unblocking them again so there’s no trace. This is a workaround; I’d rather just have the ability to remove myself from someone else’s follow list without notification. It’s like leaving a party without saying goodbye. Negative Feedback, Positive Reinforcement. Twitter should be monitoring accounts that get blocked a lot (or receive other negative feedback) for sudden jumps in activity. If a user gets carried away, goes off the deep end, or misses their meds, then Twitter could step in: “Hey, we’ve noticed you’re getting a lot of negative feedback today. Are you okay?” Sometimes just getting noticed is enough to calm someone down and defang vitriol. Block List and Redress. Twitter’s block is still incomplete. Where is the page that shows all the people I’m blocking? There isn’t one. How can a user send a polite appeal to a user to get unblocked? They can’t. Twitter should finish building the feature it already has before changing its core functionality altogether. The "I" in the italicised text above isn't "me", of course. **********Rudi**********
  7. AR the place, and all the owners of the images. Leave it to LL to decide whether they wish to demand proof that the images are all legitimate. **********Rudi**********
  8. Well, I'd better stay well away from this thread, to escape the crowding, as there is sure to be a torrent of volunteers rushing in to fund a penniless baglady whose slaves have all run away from her mistreatment. **********Rudi**********
  9. "XX" "XX Exclusive" "Know why" "All mouth, no trousers" "Ladies who lounge" "Ladies who lynch" "Ladies who lunge" "Womenistrone" "Womenge" "Womenistry" "Womenx" "Chattylaines" "Second Sex" "Spare Ribs" I could probably think of more, but you would get more of a response if you started a whole new thread asking for suggestions. **********Rudi**********
  10. Sephina Frostbite wrote: some over play the emotions Im on my period part way to much. Is this even remotely ******* possible? **********Rudi**********
  11. Janelle Darkstone wrote: .........if no criminals show up, would you really need police? Just curious. Who else would slob around the diner leching at the waitresses and eating all the donuts? **********Rudi**********
  12. These new fangled operating systems are useless! Run GEORGE, or VMS, or for real thrills use machine code. [sorry, I forgot this is the 21st Century] **********Rudi**********
  13. Well, I think you can assume that no MEN are going to be interested in an "all womens" group. Apart from those men who are playing women. And of course, those women who are playing men playing women. **********Rudi**********
  14. Freya Mokusei wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: Which verifies my assertion that the mods here delete posts that are not in violation of the CG. I've seen this too. Non-infringing posts are now sometimes removed wordlessly, without any notification or penalty. Far as I can tell the RIC process wasn't applied. I had a few removed from threads where I'd posted helpful links to SL resources, with only minimal snark (for me, anyway). Oh for the good old days. When one post that simply said "YES!" was deleted and the poster disciplined. Maybe they weren't really the good old days. **********Rudi**********
  15. Tish wrote: All recent posts cleared of text in protest of the absolutely dismal moderation in this place, where people are allowed to spread vicious truths with impunity. This is no place for sensitive people, so I am leaving. Paraphrased. And missing you already . . . **********Rudi**********
  16. It works fine on the mainland to the north of the less than civilised large island that stretches almost all the way to other places that play cricket. Since the message (which I translated as "You are German; you wouldn't appreciate sophisticated contemporary music and should stick to Wagner") is in German I would suggest that you seek your solution elsewhere than Second life, LL, Firefox or Linux, and check that the German equivalent of the NSA is not managing your internet link - and hope that it's the West German branch rather than what remains of the version working their notice out in the East.. That, or it's that Youtube has changed its regional DRM yet again and some services are more "flexible" than others. **********Rudi**********
  17. Vixus Snowpaw wrote: Nobody asked you about your opinion on anything but the matter I'm trying to address here. There is no intent of advertizing here, I'm merely showing the facts as they are. Good for you that you want an empty sandbox, good for you that you are used to knowing sandboxes the way most people host them. Good for you complaining about me leaving a unhyperlinked link to my group. Can we please stay on topic or are you just trying to fatten your post count? I'm not ******* surprised you get ignored. **********Rudi**********
  18. Knowl Paine wrote: Have you met Rod? Our humble servant? Legally he needs to optimise profits for share-holders. Actually, as long as a corporation's management doesn't act overtly fraudulently or in a demonstrably incompetent manner (and even then . . . ) anything they do can be justified in terms of sustainability, growth or the expectation of profits other than in the short term. The shareholders ARE the corporation, and they determine the objectives of management; it's not a question of legality, what matters is compliance with their wishes. **********Rudi**********
  19. But it's a pretty messy, confused message, albeit entertaining: Is there a song/video that references your SL identity? [Hey, it's Friday. What do you expect, spiritual introspection?] **********Rudi**********
  20. What's the point of telling everybody about what a loser you are, what your defecation routines are, that you are stalking your co-worker in the accountancy office, that you are a secret Belieber . . . That's what Facebook and Twitter are for. Do as the smart people here do. (And Dillon as well) Lie. **********Rudi**********
  21. JT Castanea wrote: They would know...I think they would know...from the key number yes...no? Nah, the information doesn't exist, if it does exist it's wrong, if it's not wrong it's corrupt, if it's not corrupt they can't interpret it, if they can interpret it they don't have the tools to do anything about it, if they have the tools they don't have the authority and if they have the power they're too lazy to do anything about it. And if they do anything about it you start again. [if you mean the IP Address, it proves nothing, particularly if you use TOR from an educational environment] **********Rudi**********
  22. Finneli Felwitch wrote: I will say that there is a chance that I am Irish, since a large number of Irish fleed over to the New World during and after the Irish Potato Famine. The ******* Irish were only the Welsh that could swim. But weren't smart enough to keep ******* swimming until they reached ******* Scotland. **********Rudi**********
  23. Knowl Paine wrote: If knowledge is a cumulative succession, where are the civilizations with a 3-4 letter alphabets? It used to be called The Teen Grid. Now they hang around the forums and demonstrate their semi-literacy here. [sorry, my mistake; I was referring to users of ******* 3-4 letter words. And I wouldn't call them civilised.] **********Rudi**********
  24. Knowl Paine wrote: I'm already in a Universe of infinity diversity, Me too! You can have as many alts as you want . . . **********Rudi**********
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