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  1. Linden Lab just announced, at least it seems, that Tilia will no longer be part of SecondLife? The message was a bit shadowed in the recent "An Update About Second Life" Blog. To Quote the Blog: Excerpt: IF Tilia will cease to exist, will we be returning to the old system for Linden Exchanges? Or? I'm sure many Residents would love a better explanation of this.
  2. I highly doubt those pesky "foreign meddlers" care any least bit about Second Life, nor does the US election offer any dangers to users of SL, lol.
  3. Firestorm Disables older versions per every other new version. Which means at some point, the agreement between LL and Firestorm, will cause Firestorm developers to eventually block the final remaining Windows 7 compatible viewer. That day will happen now. As a Creator, I can't stand the LL viewer. Many others feel the same way. And that will be the day we will be forced off of SL.
  4. For MANY years after V2 appeared, LL allowed the Legacy Version 1 Viewer to function on the SL servers. Why not allow Windows 7 Viewers to exist for as long as they function? Not hard to do.
  5. From the Blog Post: "Linden Lab is updating our system requirements to remove Windows 7 from the versions we support. This does not mean that Second Life will stop working on Windows 7 immediately; existing viewers, and possibly some new viewers, should run as well as they did before. However, we will not be testing any viewers on Windows 7, so it is likely that compatibility problems will develop and increase over time." That is a watered down way to say "Eventually as viewers advance in versions, those that work from Windows 7 will cease to function over time." So, yes, they w
  6. Many people, as mentioned above, simply can't afford to nor even WANT to upgrade to that junk called Windows 10. Technically, there is no reason LL needs to stop allowing Windows 7 machines to connect to SL. Nothing in that connection will change. And as previously posted, many older Residents simply won't upgrade. So, this means, Linden Lab is basically prepared to lose many THOUSANDS of Long-Time Residents, over one incredibly STUPID decision. This, will indeed, lead to Second Life's fast approaching demise. And this is simply UNFAIR of LL to do. There's NO REASON Windows 7 Users should
  7. In Second Life, you can be whoever or whatever you choose. And the best thing about it, is, you don't have to explain yourself to any one.
  8. In the Second Life RP World, RP of Avatar (the James Cameron Movie) used to be quite popular. I have noticed a huge decline in RP Sims for this Genre over the years. Is it even a "thing" any more? Or did the much delayed release of the follow up Avatar 2 kind of kill it off in SL?
  9. Gotta watch what you post in that Facebook group though. If even one Admin disagree's with your views, they will ban you. I was in that group long enough to see it happen multiple times in a few days. A few of the Admins there, are very closed-minded, arrogant people.
  10. There was a time, when there were many Pagan/Wiccan areas on the Grid. It seems as the years rolled on, they started becoming fewer and fewer. The previous post listed Artemis Tavern. Yes, that's a good place. I don't know where you're from, but Artemis is primarily patroned by people from the UK. Some of the survivng Pagan themed sims are, for the most part, dead these days. Sadly. I myself wish the Pagan/Wiccan Community would return to SL.......
  11. When I was getting my start in learning LSL years ago, I found a great website with worlds of great information, examples and detailed script usage. Yesterday, I for some reason, had one of those brain farts while working on a new script, so I turned to that trusty website to reference a few snippets. To my absolute horror, a big red button popped up and said "Website is Offline". Today, it is still offline. I, of course, speak of LSLWiki.Net. Does anyone know the actual status of this website? I wonder if this is just temporary...or if it's gone forever. It was a truly great tool fo
  12. Not a problem. Thank you.
  13. I submitted a ticket on your website for a Refund Request. I give up. Obviously Avastar just isn't for me. I've already deleted and Uninstalled it from Blender. Much respect to those who can grasp it and have success with it. I'm not saying it's a bad product. It's just not for the occasional dabbler in Blender.
  14. No matter whether I use my custom human meshes or a primitive stick person, I get the same results. When it DOES decide to rig, I get errors saying "No Vertices are weighted", or something to that effect. The only problem, is the meshes ARE properly weight painted. Another issue, is Avastar just won't copy bone weights from the "from Avastar" setting. Nothing happens. Period. I took an awful chance making a large purchase like this. (To me, this was expensive. L$ doesn't come easy for me these days). I pondered on it for over 2 weeks before I even posted about it here. Maybe others have no
  15. Well I took a chance and bought AVASTAR. I messed around with it for a couple days. And....I feel even DUMBER now than before I had AVASTAR. Why isn't there BETTER and CLEARER documentation on how to make that dang armature WORK on custom human meshes? Doesn't matter what human model I use, AVASTAR just breaks, period. It refuses to weight any custom mesh. And the Armature refuses to Parent any custom mesh. So, I guess there's L$6,500 down the drain for me. Wish I had followed my gut and NOT bought it. That was VERY hard earned money for me to waste. :smileymad:
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