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  1. Yeah that's why I added you can probably petition to have it added. I don't see how being able to would be malicious so it should be safe generally. Because we'd only make settings we expect to be usable. It could be argued you wouldn't know what setting was what in a unknown range of values of a third party if you made a script for someone else and the value might be out of range. But really it could just silently fail and no op if someone didn't have as many presets. And if you made the script for yourself having it would be assured.
  2. Alternatively if it is exposed as a debug setting in a limited selection of rlv working viewers, you might be able to do it that way through lsl rlv chat commands. ETA: The last known accessible settings were extremely limited. But you might petition to have it expanded to benign things like that.
  3. Both bottlenecks and points of vulnerability (driver signing/ring 0 system) exploits have taught people to have those reasonable sorts of sentiments in general. It's not wild or outlandish. It's a trade off and a risk assessment, or a performance concern and budget impact decision that isn't really for the opinion of a third party. And there has always been a persistent level of irony with "this update makes better use of the system resources - but oh no have to cap and throttle it again nullifying the 'better use of system resources'" to a degree. Nothing is black and white in this topic. There was mention some of the moles use Mac's. Ergo until the in development vulkan driver is actually released for end-user use instead of developer-only it doesn't make sense to do anything other than develop vulkan in the background for when the day comes instead of telling the moles to take a holiday for a few years. etc. So opengl is the short term status quo.
  4. By making a multiple expanding matching selection we can select several matches with carets and type over that match with a replacement in place without going through find and replace. It leaves the freedom to be choosy about how many replacements and where the replacements are made. Yes it was basically that. @Joeey Aura ETA: Sublime text and VS Code should have a documented feature or visual demonstration somewhere about it. Sublime was one of the early 'modern' editors to make it a highlighted feature I think. The neovim/vim group tend to enjoy same or similar features also I believe.
  5. Multiple non-contiguous selections and multi-caret editing were the first things to my mind as well as I read the feature list. Hopefully it doesn't give you too much trouble.
  6. It's both. But they have promised LSL still won't decrease in importance.
  7. They are annoying, but unless they somehow retroactively remove 4.1 hardware support and brick 4.6 compute conformance any existing mac should be always supported under OpenGL.
  8. Damn wrong button. When I said "But the only real features typically described are threading, raytracing, and a tight coupling to nvidia" nvidia refer to opengl, and the other two features refer to vulkan as positives. ETA: I may as well make better use of this post seeing as we drifted into the territory of the frustration and annoying complexity of shader languages being so diverse. Apple just may very well be trying their own gig the same way that Vulkan is actually AMD's Mantle and is being pushed through Khronos to allow them to better fit into the market dominated by Nvidia. Every now and then when you browse this topic it comes up that AMD didn't pick up the phone but Nvidia would send engineers to help out and all that jaz. So hlsl dx, glsl OpenGL, glsl Mantle/Vulkan not compatible, and Metal. It's a fun world.
  9. You mean like using an intermediary? The only main reason OpenGL should not work or present problems is with either threading needs or raytracing specifically, not PBR. OpenGL has PBR because PBR predates Vulkan (2008 versus 2016). It is true from Blenders adaptive perspective that vulkan is expected to supersede it. They seemed to have changed tune from telling people OpenGL would not be dropped or replaced to working towards trying to remove it whether that is specifically just for the vulkan project branch or the whole deal is unlcear in the thread talking about it. Something about initial release having been dubbed opengl next. But the only real features typically described are threading, raytracing, and a tight coupling to nvidia - which doesn't suit AMD's lack of compute. Blender's been stuck for a couple of years on cuda and optix. Their vulkan side project has spent the last years attempting to reach OpenGL's performance because they have to keep open the ability to change and reprocess the glsl during runtime etc etc etc.
  10. Hate to also be that person but it would still be a mistake to move away instead of being contextual generally. Apple M1 and M2 were only recently conformant with the latest OpenGL, OpenGL which reached what was considered zero overhead driver at its peak since its latest cards hardware support. OpenGL still works for the majority and widest band of cards with hardware support generally. Diving into early cyberpunk issues with Vulkan might be fun for people with 30/40 series, but expecting the latest several series of cards to be the norm and minimum or be stuck with software rendering for something like SL would be just plain wrong. There's enough people piping up with "where's my promised FPS boost everyone kept saying" and "I can't work out why you're having problems" to kind of make that point. Vulkan would be neat for those of us that can make use of it properly, but thinking of it much more than OpenGL with better/proper threading would probably be a mistake.
  11. @CaerolleClaudel Your experience is about what I would expect. Despite what early posters were hype training about using more of the GPU, all the modern games have a lot of fidelity in the graphics settings in most cases. With each detailed feature increasing expense and performance loss - and explicitly in many cases telling people to reduce settings or disable features. The most hostile of them were just never going to admit that. Lovely write up
  12. Sometimes it looks like any other game. In the case of VRChat there are mods that have supplied it and people have posted their basically toon shade flat skin in PBR light. Bad lighting can ruin a good model, but good lighting can't make a bad model good. An example would be here, in which they mention they even added a normal map. But you'd only really tell it was on the piano keys. Not to say that normal maps are explicitly used for bump relief, they are not. And not particularly knocking the persons efforts it's not exactly a bad model. Just pointing out a lot of excessive hype can be put on PBR without PBR providing substantial effect over other rendering. The strength of it is reflected in the strength of the materials just like any system. When it comes to games like Warframe adding in PBR you'd have to scour the patch notes and find it took them quite some time to update things to PBR. And make a particular note about re-working PBR materials they had done to improve frame rates for slower PCs. Unlike some of the hostile attitudes to slower PC from certain demographics here. Additionally despite having PBR not everything was PBR in one hit. Much like SL having to adopt a legacy material support in the PBR renderer. It only makes sense to use the maps and sizes you need to use for the material's design. But when it comes to games updating their graphics Warframe was the most pronounced of upgrades and benefited from it immensely. Though their work extended far beyond PBR it was just one piece of the giant puzzle. In the grand scheme of things. Young gamers that follow a select small band of large budget games will be used to PBR as a marketing buzzword and a lighting atmosphere. It does not mean all of them play at Ultra settings to enjoy it in its proper glory. Especially if they are competitive, unless they are forced to as a minimum for specific reflections. Of the selection of videos I have watched of some of the same youtubers Starberry mentions, I have often seen them showcase games that have no apparent use of PBR and no real talk about it. It remains in just a specific subset of the market and generally they will just tell you if something looks amazing or not. Rendering updates are just a one time phase to talk about. Map changes and game balances are a reoccurring theme. ETA: But to make sure not to leave a wrong or heavy impression. It's just a lighting system. Implementations vary. Starwars enjoyed it first in 2008-ish. Warframe wasn't until 2014-2022. (That's right, it took them almost 10 years.)
  13. I think you're pretty talented with some foresight on some technical things. I've read some of your collaboration with the other developers and such in places. Nice job on dodging most of the control event issue.
  14. Technically the environment gloss used to make use of a stand in simple low resolution image or conversion as "the sky". Are you sure it is the specular (Glossiness:) part of the shininess, or the environment gloss (Environment:) part of the shininess that is overlaying the sky on your bike that will never be blocked by anything. If you are only using the drop down to set the shininess you'll be stuck with it. But you can test by changing the image to Blank and setting the Environment to 0, but increasing the Glossiness to make your local lights noticable. You can then flip the Environment between 0 and 255 to comfirm that it is only the environment map being the issue and not the rest of specular. It'll be up to you from there if you make a proper image for the specular or not. ETA: If you're converting or using the old materials as a base for a PBR material there's some videos out there that can help using using the old textures as a starting point for the PBR material with minimal changes.
  15. You might just want to make sure both Mirrors and Screen Space Reflections are unchecked/blank boxes on the graphical preferences tab. Walking back the features to get the new rendering system as close to your previous benchmark would help get a sense of what your prospects look like. Your card doesn't have a whole lot of vram to play around with needlessly. But you might still get to enjoy the change in lighting. And have shadows set to how you are used to them. There are a bunch of feedbacks on reflection probes being tracked so mirror turning off may be hit and miss for a while until they solve that.
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