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  1. Blender School has a new round of “color variants in PBR” coming in early November, see Goonther Blackcinder’s profile for info on the group Discord. It’s a great group for Blender creators generally, with tons of support. The PBR process changed for the basics class between the first round and the second round, so it will probably change again by the next time the beginner class is offered. I had to throw out my class notes from Round 1, as the node setup was different in Blender. Hoping for an updated official wiki as we approach the official release.
  2. Thank you both, I got it working, but my workflow is going in a different direction. I’m currently taking a class and waiting for an updated method in the next section.
  3. Thank you! There's more than one way to skin this cat, and I needed to test.
  4. Bumping to ask about this ORM packing tool. I fumbled around trying to get it downloaded, I installed 7zip to open it, not sure of next step. I’m on Windows 10. Is there an installer?
  5. It was very easy signing up for a Star Mesh Body dev kit. The Blender School group run classes in Discord and inworld, and have YouTube videos covering basics, clothing creation, and using dev kits.
  6. Thank you for the clear explanation, it's most likely in nearby objects so I'll play around with it
  7. I'm missing a couple of no-copy objects, that I suspect I control-dragged into the wrong prim somewhere on my parcel. I've checked the most likely "targets" for these missing objects, but is there a script to search rezzed object inventories (by name)? There are a lot of objects on my parcel, not sure what the best solution for dumping this data would be. Otherwise, I'll start checking objects all around the target area by hand...
  8. I recognize a lot of names here, I follow Second Life topics and posters from @lelanicarver@universeodon.com - Twitter has become full of ads, and the news stories keep coming about crazy actions Musk is taking.
  9. Ah well, I guess I'll drop my decade-long grumbling about the web profiles not having an RSS feed and use the already-working Flickr link from Firestorm, which is easier to repost/reblog from anyway.
  10. Hmm, FeedlyPro apparently has a feed detector, but it deadends at the login page when I try to give it my direct link.
  11. I'm back inworld after a long absence, and hoping to connect with some of my old Twitter friends on Mastodon - you can find me as LelaniCarver@universeodon.com
  12. Yes, I walked down there just now, and people were visible, enjoying a fishing event. I had only cammed in before, that was it. Thanks all! Nothing, or something, to see here.
  13. Earlier today, I noticed a crowd of about 20 AVs down the road from my mainland parcel. I have noticed small conducted "tour groups" in my area and wondered if this was another group forming, or perhaps they were waiting for a Yavapod or other road-based airship tour. Curious, I took a look. Nope, they are completely invisible - no tags, no visible AVs, and they're not even visible in wireframe. So, I'm thinking it's bots, as there's a "vote" thing set up on the parcel. Ignore it, report it, or live with it?
  14. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 512m Water Lot Protected Sunrise $L5000~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reduced price - there are several 512m water lots available in a row next to this one, you could have a nice stilt house or houseboat with plenty of decor.
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