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  1. Flickr here as well :3 I started really getting into blogging last year but I like to take pictures of others as well SL photography is a super relaxing hobby to me. A few are NSFW. https://www.flickr.com/photos/91727940@N03/
  2. Have you tried Azoury? They're a very interesting shop, it wouldn't surprise me if they had some.
  3. "I live on a floating island" I said that to a friend last night when we were discussing houses.
  4. It really depends on what skin stores you are looking at as well. Some skin stores will sell the head applier as well as the skin applier together. Sometimes you have to purchase them separately. Which mesh head do you have? As Rhonda suggested, Glam affair is a good place to start if you have a Catwa OR LeLutka head because the Maitreya body come built in with the skin tones. I have a Catwa head and a Maitreya Body and use Mudskin skins.
  5. I love that everyone is having fun with this topic I feel like there's always something new we can add to this. I'm going to keep this going as I think of more things. "I tried getting into the shopping event for hours, but the sim is full ):"
  6. A long time ago, I recall something similar happened. It was when xcite stuff was all the rage and one of our friends had attached a certain *ahem* buttocks... object to the wrong attachment point. We were all cracking up at the floating item as she spun around yelling "Where is my butthole?!"
  7. "Your nipnops are poking through your clothes, need to alpha that"
  8. Omg I didn't even think of that! Maybe one day when we all have glasses with mini screens in them, we'll even get pop ups and dings to go along with that
  9. The thread "If SL were real, what crime would you be convicted of?" made me start thinking about all the things you can say in SL that would be weird in real life. I'll start! "I want his/her skin..." "Let me just take off my hands"
  10. I know i'm late to this post but Empire makes a pair called "Lupin" that have cute little pompoms coming off them.
  11. I'm attracted to avatars that take time and effort on their look (mesh or not) and that know how to accessorize well. Call me shallow but I don't tend to talk to people who have avatars that are not interesting in any way to me.
  12. Credits on my flickr here! ♥
  13. Jian is selling the tank at the Uber event currently! They have TONS of other animals at their main store. If its ok, i'll link the SLurls here! Jian and Uber Happy shopping :3
  14. That same store also has a hamster cage and a guinea pig pen. I recommend both!
  15. Happy New Year everyone! Link to flickr post here
  16. To be healthier in mind and body. I want to eat better, work out more, and be generally happier.
  17. I wasn't really asking a general question here but thanks for pointing out that she already covered that.
  18. Hey MaggiJin! I can absolutely assure you that I have been so many different races, species (both real and fantasy), and both genders and no one has ever said anything to me. Second Life is what you want to make of it. I think a good rule to live by is if someone is going to judge you for your second life persona, they may not be good company in the first place. I hope you have fun and find the look that makes you happy!
  19. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if someone has blocked and derendered you. It could be a billion things but it is impossible to tell who has you blocked unless they have either, A.) Told you that you have been blocked or, B.) have the "blocked resident" auto-response on. Question, was the avatar you saw on the radar standing in a different parcel? If so, its possible that the parcel they were on has a setting on where you cannot see the avatars on it.
  20. My first body was Belleza when it was first released. After that I ended up buying the maitreya body and have also bought the slink hourglass. My go to is ALWAYS my maitreya body but i will use the others for different looks. I don't keep my avatar in any one style and frequently change skin, shapes, and mesh attachments to fit the look i want.
  21. There is no reasoning with people who take make believe too seriously... I tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. I really don't understand the concept of getting even mildly annoyed at this. If you have no involvement in their RP other than your name being added to some inconsequential list that does not affect your SL even in the slightest, then why does it matter so much? The only "information" collected is limited to the amount of info you yourself put in your profile for everyone that plays SL to see. If you do not intend on taking place in the RP, it may just be best to, for lack of better words, get over it.
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