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  1. Madeline Blackbart wrote: Forum archive. There you go. We can all move a long now. Move a long what? ETA: Difficult to find them, eh? In the middle of the right column on the side of the GD thread listings page. He must have forgotten they were there. Or perhaps he had a feeling they weren't there . . .
  2. I used to live on the West Coast. A couple of miles south of Haverfordwest.
  3. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: you're just being snide and insulting for no good reason. And not doing a very good job of it either! ETA: I do offer lessons, but she probably couldn't afford them
  4. Keli Kyrie wrote: Venus Petrov wrote: <imgine black colored button here with "I don't care" on it> I can imagine that.... Did you crash your car into a bridge, Keli?
  5. This is how I usually feel in the forums And this is how I think I am perceived by others:
  6. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Crack Den is about as mature as you can get. When that gang of kids swarms you attacking , it is terrifying. Yeah, it must be very worrying trying to AR all of them for being in an inappropriately violent drug-laden environment. ETA: I did laugh at the risible use of the epithet "mature".
  7. Yeaah, this is just the thread to resurrect on World Mental Health Day (that's today, October 10th, 2013) ETA: You must be mad to necropost it Ashly.
  8. As the video says, when they released the track in the States, they changed "chip shop" in the lyrics to "truck stop" to mitigate American confusion. I am not sure if Scouting For Girls ever made it across the Atlantic though.
  9. Perhaps you might spend your time more beneficially learning another language, Orca. English, perhaps.
  10. Dillon Levenque wrote: Wow! I just witnessed an amazingly dumb necro-post but before I could even comment—it got pulled! It's as if it never happened. I'm really glad I was here to see that :-). I can still see your post Dillon.
  11. Orca Flotta wrote: The Germanic unions do little to protect their workers from their employers; they operate to protect a closed shop, rather like the Guilds you mention. They are failing, of course, as the rapid reduction in the reduction in the unionised proportion of the workforce demonstrates - it was down to less than 20% by 2010. Not completely true. Unions are there in the fisrt place to negotiate fair wages and protection for their members. Once the tarif contract is done everybody in the business will gain from it, not only the members. In that regard they are completely different from medieval guilds since their power is much bigger, it even reaches into the legislative. Most of the labour related and social laws you find in germany where created for big parts due to strong unions. The unions are acting as lobbyists same as their counterparts from the corporate world and have influence on a country's politics. The reason for shrinking membership has rather to do with fashion and mindset of the younglings these days. My grandpa, my dad ... and to some extent even me were always proud of our working class status. But nowadays they all seem to be afraid to be recognized as workers, everybody wants to be something better, everybody wanna be a popstar. So becoming member of a union would be like a stigma for them. Also as the working force shrinks, and we already have all the fancy contracts and laws in place, many people think it's not necessary anymore to engage in the struggle. Once I get my unemployment benefits why should I be member of any union? And that's the sad state of mind of major proportions of the general population. That is the sad truth. One more word about your false (imho) use of the term germanic. Germanic is a genealogy term (in which most of us whities fit more or less) and has nothing to do with the political construct of Germany. Ah those younglings, eh . . . . . . and you have the temerity to incorrectly attempt to criticise my use of English? Silly girl! PS Don't give up your day job to try to become an economist either.
  12. Bree Giffen wrote: When the guy started singing in elvish I had to laugh. I thought elvish was dead?
  13. jwenting wrote: Awe Thor wrote: If such an exploit was possible, do you really believe that the originator would be so stupid as to explain how it was done, in public, for free? given the nature of most amateur hackers (and pros wouldn't bother), yes. They're in it for the notoriety, the glory. And most of them aren't bright enough to realise that bragging about crimes is likely to get you arrested. I have highlighted the critical words in your post.
  14. Madelaine McMasters wrote: It's sometimes difficult to remember how naive we once were. And to remember that we still are. Some of us are extremely conscious of the naivety of the majority.
  15. Studio09 wrote: Aerith: Just about any two dimensional maze can be solved by placing the right hand on the wall and keeping it there as you walk the maze. FIFY!
  16. Kenbro Utu wrote: Your first mistake? You assume SL is a game. It's goes downhill from there. SL isn't a game if you don't treat it as one - up until the point at which you interact with someone who treats it as a game; then it becomes one.
  17. Medhue Simoni wrote: To be perfectly clear, I'm a Libertarian. To us, the NAP(non aggression principle) is our guiding principle. It just so happens that capitalism, not corporatism, is consistent with the NAP. IMHO, Libertarianism is, by far, the most logically consistent political philosophy there is. Medhue, I might have agreed with you, and even laughed at the Hayek v Keynes "Big Fight" (with Milton Friedman as referee?) but I couldn't get past the highlighted phrase. Politics and philosophy, two concepts composed of meaningless posturing, juxtaposed to an epithetical phrase like "logically consistent" - it sounds like something my Sociology tutor might have said. And he was absolutely full of dynamic drivel.
  18. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Amusingly enough, while I was checking the date rationing ended I found this quote on wikipedia, "... with many British men still mobilised in the armed forces, an austere economic climate, and a centrally-planned economy under the post-war Labour government, resources were not available to expand food production and food imports. Frequent strikes by some workers (most critically dock workers) made things worse." ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rationing_in_the_United_Kingdom) Which says it all really. The Labour (Socialist) government were, of course, attempting to emulate the Communist model . . . . . . except in Britain they couldn't shoot the strikers.
  19. Peter, industrialisation was merely feudalism with a monetary exchange system rather than barter, augmented by a civil police force which stopped intransigent vassals from being slaughtered by the Lords of the Manor when they tried to skim something off the top of the milk production. The Germanic unions do little to protect their workers from their employers; they operate to protect a closed shop, rather like the Guilds you mention. They are failing, of course, as the rapid reduction in the reduction in the unionised proportion of the workforce demonstrates - it was down to less than 20% by 2010. ETA Of course, in East Germany, which apparently doesn't exist any more, it is completely different . . . ETAF: To explain, in 1991 when East Germany was "integrated", union membership shot up, then the following year it fell back down again as the ex-Eastern Blockers realised that their union dues were actually a waste of money.
  20. Orca Flotta wrote: Unionism is a rational response to feudalism; the USA was never a feudal society, so unions were an irrelevant aberration in the developing country Unions are a rational response/counterweight to industrialism ... not feudalism. Unions were not formed in medieval times but around the turn of the last century. And the USA had theri industral revolution as well as any other country. And now that we have less and less "real" workers in the coalmines and heavy industry they spread out, of course. In germany we have unions for every kind of business, from gastronomy, education, public works, banks and insurances, farming, retail and wholesale, just about any kind of business that needs employees. They were and still are important as a controlling factor on employer/employee relations. A buffer zone if you so will. I'm just disappointed that I won't be around to see the rise of collaborative anarchy, or as the Eastern Bloc call it, crime. Huh? What eastern bloc? Haven't you watched any news the least 30 years? There is no eastern bloc anymore since kinda around 1989 or so. Which is kinda shame .... but oh my, so be it. Further, anarchy is a threat (and therefor crimatized) by any organised society. There are/were only a handful of selected people on this planet I'd share a true anarchist system with. Namely Mahatma Gandhi, Nestor Makhno, Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez ... maybe Mother Theresa (if she promises to behave). These are good, uncompromised people with a free mind. But that's it. For the masses anarchy would end up in a giant bloodbath and is not recommended. Apply sparcely. I'd love to disagree with you Orca . . . . . . but I know much of your post doesn't make sense in English . . . . . . and so I can't be sure that the bits that might make sense are actually what you wanted to say.
  21. If such an exploit was possible, do you really believe that the originator would be so stupid as to explain how it was done, in public, for free? Apart from anything else, they might get head-hunted to go work for LL. Which is a career-limiting move if anything is.
  22. Did you know that Rod Humble, in a public interview a year or so ago, said that his son enjoyed Second Life. His son was born in 2001. Do the math, then next time you get an underager on your sim, send in an AR mentioning that you hope it wasn't Rod's kid.
  23. Luna Bliss wrote: TY, yes I was able to join when I went in-world. I was just a bit shocked that the link posted here didn't work.. You're shocked when something LL is involved in doesn't work? Yet you don't seem to be a n00b . . .
  24. This is what Second Life would be like if it had been invented in the UK. Instead of which, LL now has a CEO who is trying to eliminate all references to the fact that he is actually English, not American.
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