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  1. Suki Hirano wrote: ... I can't be the only one here constantly struggling with 38/38 slots. What would you wear, a top that comes with 1 attachment piece, or one separated into 3 attachments for some weird reason? A harness that comes as 1 piece, or one separated into whopping 4 pieces? ... Sort of off topic, but I am really curious what your render weight is if you are using that many attachment points, especially if you are linking things already. Suki Hirano wrote: They believe the rumour modifiable = easier to copybot Yeah, that's a bit silly. Using a certain well known bot (used by CasperLet to invite people to group) one can even copy mesh without owning it. Mod/Nomod/Owning/Just seeing = no difference.
  2. Abigail Merlin wrote: Bryce, are you paying for the land you use for sailing and flying? if not then you are a guest of those that do and have nothing to demand. Abigail, I pay the lab directly for One full sim, and two homesteads. I pay Second Norway for hanger space at SLNO, I pay Sailer's Cove for a Homestead attached to the Blake Sea, and I pay SKF for land on Nautilus. So, in fact, yes, I do pay for land I am sailing and flying over. Now the Blake Sea is larger than my my meagre holdings but it is a large common shared area that supports a LOT of people, far more than the number of dancers in some pathetic night club, or the rubber wearing gimps in some sex club. On a weekend there can be a map full of green dots. We are ALL affected terribly right now. These extra prims need to be ripped right out of the mainland and then such major changes put in properly, in a way that won't affect people. Doing it in estates first means that bugs can be worked out in isolation. Doing it mainland means people with 1024 draw distances are seeing huge problems.
  3. A day in the life of a Linden. (All names are absolutely fictional and are not lindens who work for the lab [any more]) M Linden: We are bleeding customers. So, how can we get more money Jack? Jack Linden: Well, we could ask them to pay $600 to lower the teir on their estates 6 months later M Linden: Jack, that boost was nice, but our tier incomings are less each month. How can we get more money? Jack Linden: Well, Nautilus and Bay city did well, let's make another like that and auction the land off M Linden: Think there will be enough prims for them? Jack Linden: Let's bump mainland up to 22.5K and tell the estates soon M Linden: Ah, so these auction plots will be desirable Jack Linden: Yep, and the estate people will never see their increase M Linden: And it will keep us going to Sansar 6 months later M Linden: Oh, exciting days, Sansar is open. Kath, how many people logged in there Kath Linden: None M, so few people had VR headsets, those few who did vomited during login M Linden: Is there anything we can do to save the millions we wasted Kath Linden: We could redesign the viewer UI and remove people's picks.
  4. As an Aussie I was delighted that Mr Trump has just given the nod to Mr Obama to allow us to send 1500 more Muslims to America. A wonderful thing to happen with Mr Trump's blessing. That America is so accepting of my despicable countries rejected refugees makes me think such warm and good things about your country. So welcoming to take those my leaders have been torturing on Nauru and Manus Island for the past few years. Afganis, Iraquis, Kurds, Ronhinjyan, Tamil... all will have the chance to better themselves, get new jobs, make new lives safe from the wars that ravage their homes. Kudos United States of America, and kudos Mr Trump for standing up, shoulder to shoulder with Mr Obama on the world stage and welcoming the Muslims my criminal right wing government refused to help. You know, it's a good sign that he will be a great, tolerant leader.
  5. smangele wrote: Maybe I should walk away and forgo the principals my parents taught me as I grew up. Yes, in this case you should. That venue owner pays money to the lab to run a club his way. In all cases the owner of the land sets the rule. Asking someone to leave because they have pink hair is possible. One of my friends bans everyone over 6'. It is arbitary, and in all cases you take it up with the venue owner, not the lab. You have one more option. Pay money to the lab as well and make a club that will let you dance with your white boyfriend. smangele wrote: I would like however a private response from Linden Lab saying that the actions by the owner of the club were not contrary to the Terms of Service, and that similiar racially segregated beaches would also be accptable under the present rules. 1. You won't get a response. The Lab don't come to the forums so will never read your post. Any tickets will be resolved silently. But it gets worse, too many complaints and you could be banned. 2. Such clubs are acceptable. And there are many of them. Heck, in this game we still own slaves. It is not uncommon to see some white woman dragging a black man about on a chain, by his collar. smangele wrote: Our human rights were withdrawn when we were told we could not dance together in a public place. This is a game. Your avatar has no human rights. Your avatar is a bunch of pixels. Pixels don't have rights. You know, I'd ban you just for the hyperbolic drama you are trying to stir up.
  6. pandorabellatrix wrote: I was checking my purchase order, it says 600W PSU but I disassembled my case and the label on the PSU says: Micronics jp atx 350w/950w I don't understand so what's the real power 350, 950 or 600W? I just did a Google search for Micronics ATX power supply and started looking at the pictures. It seems this is a chinese made power supply with a misleading model number. Most sellers take the first number as the wattage, and ignore the second which is printed in huge numbers. http://vencomperu.com/home/98-micronics-atx-20-4-pines-caja-jp-350w-950-04-conector-sata-4-ide-conector-4x2-p8.html has an exampleof this. The JP would also be a hint this is trying to mislead people into thinking "Oh, a nice Japanese power supply". Based on what most people sell this power supply as, and what most people selling other models of the Micronics (Made in China) power supply (like the 230W/650W) you have a 350Watt power supply. The 950W model number is maybe an attempt to mislead you a little.
  7. Atosuria Daviau wrote: .. Rollb back the super prim increase to the beta grid becuse right now this is barely alpha quality. .. I have to agree. Warn people to pick up their extra prims and revert the change. It's made sailing and flying impossible. Since the change went in the next region never appears or is a solid brick wall. Barely anyone will be using those prims, so take them back, give us back sailing, and roll them out later, in an ordered manner to private estates first.
  8. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: ... If you're outraged by what you're seeing, then don't go there. ... It's the best way to deal with it. Don't go into sims that offend you. Be it: That Dolcett sim where they kill and eat people like cattle All those Gorean regions The naked Kid regions Rape regions Trump regions Whatever whatever might shock and offend you, you should just avoid them and save yourself hurt. Why go looking for that sort of pain, and drama... unless it's to create drama yourself? Secretly though, two anti-kid posts in one day, and both saying the same thing? I smell an irrational poster here. The first of the two mirror threads it seems is a bronny, wearing daipers and in adult daiper groups - and complaining about other people's groups. One will assume that Princess is that daiper wearing troll too.
  9. Brian88888 wrote: I am a noob at creation, but am trying to learn how to create clothes for the TMP mesh body. You are far better off skipping the dead-end beta level TMP body and designing for one of the other high quality amazing bodies like slink, adam/eve, matreya, avatar 2, and many more. The TMP is a product with no future. In a few weeks/months when bento switches on it will be last-gen, obsolete, with anything made for it unsellable. Abandon ship now and don't waste your precious time. However to answer your question, the scale doesn't matter. When the rigging takes hold the clothes will grow or shrink to that size. In my humble eyes it's better to work 1:1 or smaller as it's kinder on busy venues. There is one brand of head - on appearing in a busy sim - is 20M x 20M x 20M and until the mesh loads for everyone all they see is this huge greay head shape hitting everything.
  10. Trouble is the 109 LI you get for 9.99 could be taken up with a single RL rosebush. High LOD realism.
  11. Yep, as Rhys mentions the permissions shown while it's inside the box or your inventory mean nothing.
  12. Ruhika wrote: The land agreement(forgot the name, contract?) makes no mention of building size, as long as you stay in your land area. So with that- is there a limit to how large a skybox can be? No limit apart from prims. You can make it from the minimum height your covenant allows up to 4096M. If you are on mainland - for example - that means you could make your skybox 2.5ish miles tall
  13. Off topic, but I love your new skin Kendra. It's so great I've bought it for 3 avs so far. <3
  14. Same problem as you, because the AUD/USD varies and it's nice to lock in when it's high. Best way is to place a limit buy with a ridiculous rate, at the moment 300 would work, (but no reason you cna't use 400, 500, 800 either, then cancel that. The money then appears in your accound as USD. If you are not up to speed on this limit buy hack try it with a small amount first.
  15. The simplest one, with the absolute least effort, could make it so each time if crossed a sim it spammed you with a message key porKey = "02da98ac-3e2e-4e8f-bedc-d0e2a1c670b4";default{ changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_REGION) { llInstantMessage(porKey, "My balloon is in : "+llGetRegionName()); } }} Pretty trivial as you see. From there add in stuff like checking if you are seated and so on. Dora Gustafson wrote: If it is copy you could just rez another. That's what you usually do when copies are 'stolen' or lost somehow :smileysurprised::smileyvery-happy: Gatcha is rarely copy.
  16. Stiricidium wrote: would like to know if Firestorm is legit software, or does it have a bad reputation? Firestorm is incredibly legit. It leaves the official viewer in the dirt. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory has a few more, but Firestorm is good.
  17. ChinRey wrote: All avatars have something like that inside them. It's that bald hair base. Nobody uses the old system hair anymore of course but it's a mandatory part of the avatar so you can't remove it. The solution is to shrink it down so it's hidden completely inside the head. I applied an alpha texture to mine, it's invisible.
  18. ziicutie wrote: ...then you will need to find somebody that this person does not have muted, and have them send the notecard to that person for you.... Generally people who pass me notecards from people I muted, get muted too. Muting is done for a reason, and i learnt a very long time ago that a mute/ban is forever.
  19.  I can see the gestures now. /me shakes walking stick Get off my prim lawn you whippersnapper.
  20. Fennet wrote: It's all very curious to me. I'll try opening the statistics floater, if I can; maybe it will give me some more to go on. But I've had no more object problems since I put up the ban lines. The numbers at the bottom are of most use, the frame time of 22.1ms and those below. You should have spare time. If your landlord does complain about the ban lines, you should get the same effect with just "disallow object entry". In most cases this stops your neighbors sending through camera following physical prims to knock you about or even rezzing transparent or invisiprims and editing them over the parcel line to cover your door.
  21. People who make money just trading currency have to be loving the amount of profit they are making right now. Most of tonight this has been the picture. (Night times are always very slow)  What is very telling is how little there is on the buy side compared to sell. When buy and sell are that unbalanced there market is heading for a huge shakeup. That 280 buy will snap very soon, and then we move to 285 with sell following at 268. The 290 buy is already starting to form, and a bigger fish (The Lindens?) are there with their 300 buy waiting. 300 buy, if the same gap exists means 283 sell.
  22. Things I can think of The sim wasn't rebooted after all the terraforming Your cache/viewer was messed up You are being griefed Fennet wrote: Building a mega prim sounds like a great idea. Do not do this under any circumstances.
  23. HarrisonMcKenzie wrote: Imagine playing out your darkest fantasies, only to hear a "goo goo" close by. Happens in family homes all over the world
  24. ElizabethMay wrote: Hi I was just wondering if age play also includes prim babies Kids are allowed on adult sims. Kids are not allowed to participate in sex. Ageplay is not prohibited. Sexual Ageplay is prohibited. Where this can be grey though is the sim owner and officers have the right to set their own rules and eject you for anything, even being blonde if they hate blondes.
  25. wherorangi wrote: Users probably less so. Less so in the sense that I found these boots. I really like them each boot adds about 10,000 to my complexity. Relatively high. Thing is tho that I really really really like them. Until I find another pair of boots that I really really even more like then I will continue to wear them That's the situation most of us will face. Until our parts are redone (assuming the creators are still even in SL; the person who made my ears left in 2007) we will just be another jellybaby. The render my friends setting needs to be as persistant as derender is. Especially for the changeover period as everyone adjusts, especially those in the Fur and Anime communities who will want to see their friends wach time they log in. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: 99% of those small images are 1024x1024 to "capture the awesome detail." What they don't realize is that image has no more detail than a 512 would. And in 1/4 the video RAM. Not many people enlarge the vendors up to full screen anyway, which sort of defeats the purpase of making a screen sized texture. And this texture overuse is the biggest failure of Fantasy Faire and many other large events. Year after year Fantasy Faire is full of laggy 1024x1024 ventor images on postage stamp sized vendors where a 256x256 would be more than adequate. Phil Deakins wrote: polysail wrote: No no! ~Script count still matters. the time alloed to run scripts in a sim is limited. It's capped. If all the scripts don't get time to run, it's the scripts that will lag, and not avatars. I agree with Phil and the others that mention script count doesn't matter as much as previously. However there is a small residual effect that causes me to still optimise scripts in my regions to be as low as possible. The main time a script does matter is as people TP in their scripts place a much higher load on the CPU, but that settles down after a few hundred frames in a busy sim so it's pretty moot. The recent hair show that kicked people for too many scripts was fairly obnoxious, and also redundant. Just showed an uneducated organiser. And that is the biggest reason for render cost never to be added to land settings.
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