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  1. May I know, what your method is?
  2. So.....I am learning how to assign weights. I have a Maitreya kit now, and am using Avastar on Blender to assign weights to my meshes. I am not getting desired results. Sleeves turn into the body and dresses start tearing at the knee between the legs, once worn. That is the best I get after 'Bind to Armature' with weights from 'meshes' and then 'Create Empty Groups'. I have tried a lot of combinations (from bones and then copy from Avastar,etc, etc), with varying results, most dont end up giving weights which SL recognizes as having weights, or I end up having too many bones. Whats the solution here? Is my designer kit rig faulty? Glad if anyone can help me! N.B. Will attach screenshots if needed. 
  3. I am a noob at creation, but am trying to learn how to create clothes for the TMP mesh body. The issue is at what scale should I import the fbx? 1.0 as scale imports it as very very small. And I am imagining working on that will give me tiny clothes. Any way to verify things are setup correctly before I start modelling? Thanks!
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