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  1. I am not saying customers aren't. I know I won't raise my prices and probably many others won't do it either. Because a price increase would actually make people buy less, or not buy anything at all, affecting the economy. Less transactions would also mean less money to LL, and that will lead to LL increasing the fees even more (because so far we have learned, anyone looses, but LL).
  2. I agree with @Cain Maven as well. This is gonna be a bit salty but it is honest and I only complain because I care about this platform. Again, creators are getting hit the most. The process credit fee was just raised last year. Now it got doubled. It's not as much as the raise that bothers me, but the pattern. As a creator it worries me that LL will keep increasing the fees until it isn't profitable enough for us to keep creating. Independent creators have put a lot of work into SL, improving it and making it more appealing to the public, therefore increasing the nr of transactions and people who play sl, therefore boosting the SL economy. Yes, we are grateful that we have been offered a platform to create and sell our products on, but in exchange we did help this platform become what it is today, and that's an understatement. No one wears/uses anything LL made. The sl base avatars haven't been changed since 2004, no one wears them anymore, no one cares to join the platform because of them. People use mesh heads/bodies, skins, hair, clothes everything designed by independent creators, as well as buildings, decor, basically everything in sl. Not to mention designers offer many free products. We already do a lot more for this platform then LL care to admit and this is how LL thanks us. Without the independent creators, sl wouldn't have celebrate it's 16th birthday. I don't want this to come out as me bragging about how important creators are. Of course most important are the general users, who bring most money into SL. But my point is, those users are in SL and invest so much money in it, because THEY HAVE WHAT TO SPEND MONEY ON.. Even if you look at the ad pictures on the SL official page, they are using products made by sl residents and not LL. You're welcome for making your platform look more like 2015 and less like 2005. ( i said 2015 because we can only do so much, we're people too) Here is what we already paid to LL: (before the new update) 2.5% cash out fee 3.5% selling L$ fee 5% / marketplace sale fee (which i think was said it will be raised too at some point) 10 L$ / per each upload (more for mesh) - trust me it is a lot when you have thousands of products with multiple textures each land (depends on size) I don't buy the excuse that you are not making enough money to support the platform. To me this looks like we have to pay for the failure of sansar or a new project you are planning.. you should just start a gofundme.
  3. Sassy Romano wrote: Well it's a policy that is often adopted because it's what people see others already doing. It's not one that is necessarily the correct approach but each merchant is at liberty to set out their own policy. I don't think that's the reason. If the merchants would start refunding for their non transferable products that would be vey easy for people to claim they made a mistake and take advantage of the situations. I know not everyone would do that, but many would, and I think this policy is the best way to keep things simple and clear. Now of course it is up to each merchant to use a different policy, but I don't think we are to blame for wanting to protect our businesses and work. In my case, I do offer demos, I name and present my products in a right way without trying to fool anyone, I also help my customers out whenever they need my help or even if they ask me what hair I used in an ad or something that has nothing to do with the product itself. I think that is the most I can do by my side, as a designer I am human too, I work very hard for each product I make, because I want it to be good and customers to be pleased. But I can not be blamed for mistakes that are not mine. As a designer I don't think it is fair to be automaticaly perceived as the "bad guy" or that I am trying to steal people's money just because I also think about my own good while being honest and fair to my customers as well. I also want to say that this guy didn't bought something that he can't use. It's not like he bought a female skin or female clothes that he would never use. He also sent me a NC telling me that this happend to him with other designers and he had no problems with them. So he basically admits that he tried this with other designers as well. So it is not really a mistake purchase after all. I know that I would maybe have more to gain by refunding him and get over with it but: 1) I do believe this wasn't even actually a mistake 2) Even if it was, it is still not my mistake and as I said before, this is a fair trade.. the designers shouldn't be the one who takes full responsability when he respected his part of the deal. Just because you offer me money and I offer you a product it doesn't mean my right are less important. I can't get my product back, you can't get your money. You work for your money, I work for my product. 3) I do not want to encourage him. 4) Out of respect and gratitude for the fair customers who paid for the product. Thank you for your compliments Sassy
  4. I think you don't understand what I wanted to say. I am not a native english speaker so it may be my fault for not expressing myself good enough. I am not saying that it is not possible to refund someone. Of course it is up to every designer if he/she decides to refund ANY purchase, transferable or not. What I am saying is that generaly this is the policy mostly all the designers use: We don't offer refunds for non transferable items except for double purchases and we can't be blamed for bad customer service because of this. And that is simple true.
  5. A few days ago someone purchased from me 2 skin head appliers (in 2 different skin tones) and the body appliers for them. Then he sent me a notecard asking me to refund him because he claims he bought the first skin tone by mistake and it's not working with the body. But it is not true because the body appliers include all the skin tones so they work with all the head appliers in the store. Anyway, after I sent him a notecard explaining him nicely that I only refund double purchases and not purchases made by mistake he wrote the same negative review on all 3 products saying that my response was offensive and I have bad customer service. I have tried to contact him again after he wrote the reviews but I didn't got any reply. So my question is if I should I flag the reviews? And should I flag them as off subject posting or for what reason? I know the review sistem is there to let people express their opinion about the products and also about the customer service, but I don't think this situation counts as bad customer service. Everyone knows that there are no refunds for non transferable products (except for double purchases). And I was nice to him, my reply to him was not offensive as he claims. I always reply to the customers whenever they contact me and I am always willing to help and answer their questions. But I am not gonna give people money because I am scared they will revenge by writing bad reviews on marketplace.
  6. The most likely reason is that the seller of L$ in this case was just not very experienced. [ .... ] That's the most likely explanation. ^^ When I'm faced with peculiar behavior, I find that it's safer (and often more likely to be true) that the person is ignorant rather than acting out an evil plan. I am not thinking someone has an evil plan neither.. But I do think it's a bit of both ignorance and "doucheness" (because evilness is too much to say). I found it hard to believe that someone who made 800k inworld is inexperienced.
  7. In case a demo is available you can buy it and write a review there, mentioning you bought the full version inworld. In case there is no demo, you can do what someone else mentioned here before and contact the creator to ask him for a refund so you can purchase the product on mp to leave a review. :matte-motes-smile:
  8. No, I am not confused. I know that selling the lindens on a higher rate means selling them cheaper (L$265/$1 < L$259/$1) I know very well how economy works. As I said before, yes, I understand that someone with a lot of L$ to sell (830K as Callum showed us) would prefer to sell cheaper (at a higher rate) and faster. But the problem is how much cheaper you sell. There is really no reason to sell at a difference of 6 lindens.. Let's simplify this: It's easier to think at selling lindens as buying dolars. Because that way the prices are less confusing. Selling $L259 for $1 means you buy $1 for $L259... So you pay $L259 for $1. As any buyer, you want to pay the less amount possible for $1 in order to get more dollars for your lindens. But, you also want to buy fast, so in order to get in front of the other buyers you offer more for $1 than the others. So if the biggest price is $L259 for $1 you pay more and you'll buy first. The problem is how more you pay.. You can pay 260 and you're already first in line, or, in case you're really afraid someone else will offer to pay 260 too and you don't want competition, you can offer 261. But there is no reason at all to pay $L265 for $1 when the highest price is $L259. In conclusion: Yes, there is a reason to pay more than anyone else for $1. No, there is no reason to pay $L6 more than the higher price for $1. ps. if it's still complicated.. you can change the "$1" with "1 kg of apples".
  9. OK.. like it wasn't bad enough that the linden selling rates are already pretty high, some "genius" thought it's a good idea to sell 300k at a 5 point higher rate than the highest one. :| Really tho? really?! https://i.gyazo.com/d19a20715d5ef2f2b62a90522f9306aa.png If he really wanted to sell before everyone else he could have placed his sell at 261.. but nooo.. he had to sell at 265 because reasons. :|
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