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  1. I am not saying customers aren't. I know I won't raise my prices and probably many others won't do it either. Because a price increase would actually make people buy less, or not buy anything at all, affecting the economy. Less transactions would also mean less money to LL, and that will lead to LL increasing the fees even more (because so far we have learned, anyone looses, but LL).
  2. I agree with @Cain Maven as well. This is gonna be a bit salty but it is honest and I only complain because I care about this platform. Again, creators are getting hit the most. The process credit fee was just raised last year. Now it got doubled. It's not as much as the raise that bothers me, but the pattern. As a creator it worries me that LL will keep increasing the fees until it isn't profitable enough for us to keep creating. Independent creators have put a lot of work into SL, improving it and making it more appealing to the public, therefore increasing the nr of transactions
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