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  1. The skin is from Fiore, it's either Chai or Mocha, or one Fiore's other skins and the hair Analog Dog - Trouble Clef.
  2. There are actually alot of popular skin stores! I'll name a few that I know are pretty popular. Essences, Birdy, The Shops, Deeses, DeeTalez, Glam Affair, Modish, League and there are some others, my mind is just totally blank right now. But I know a lot of people shop at those nowadays. And for hair: MAG, Due, Little Bones, Leverocci (Marketplace), ISON (Marketplace), Laviere, Exile, Lelutka, Truth, Magika, D!va, Dura Girl, Eaters Coma, 69, Chemistry, Fashionably Dead, Lamb, Clawtooth, Faenzo (Marketplace), Dela just to name a few that I know are pretty popular and there are many many others ofcourse.
  3. Oh...my...effing...God. This.. is like. Perfect. This fits everything about my ex perfectly, I feel the same way. Great post.
  4. Well then.. haha. So mostly getting Addison, then suggestions..then some criticism. Then something about naming myself like an alien? Smh, but maybe this picture will bring more justice.. to the look. (Hopefully..)
  5. If it would be a suggestion like...saying something criticizing my avatar, then yeah, probably.
  6. If I could I would be a complete loner, and stay on my laptop 24/7.
  7. So I'm looking for a name for my new avatar look. so far the choices I have are as listed: Meghan, Blake, Addison, Josie, Chelsea & Erin Which one do you guys think fits the picture the most? --- Thanks for the...uhm...suggestions. Maybe this picture will bring a bit more justice.. haha.
  8. D0RKiiiE

    @ LOGO!

    No, you probably can't just buy the skin and shape from the whole pack. If it comes in a package, for however many L$ thats how the owner wanted to sell it. And if it is nothing seperate, then the only way you can get the skin and shape is to buy the whole pack. But you could try contacting the owner of LOGO, and seeing if they will let you get a deal, or something of that sort.
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