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  1. Syo... from looking at your picture - are you playing the part of an elf? Or is this how you are in IRL? Madeline did you create your avatar to look like you look IRL? Do you guys dress the same as RL? Do the same activities, etc...? My apologies.
  2. Thanks guys for the replies. I have updated my avatar, and am working on other stuff as well. That was one of the first things I did. When I say RP, I don't mean in the sense that I'm pretending to be a vampire. I'm refering to this entire "life" as a RP. I have created an image of a new person and given him a bio, and a life. I am in control of that image, so I am RPing, as are all of you in this world. I guess I should have realized that there would be cliques and snobs. Paople are people after all. I have used the search function a lot. And I've even gone walk-about and scoped out the areas. Seems like most everything is a club (hang-out) or a store. Even the hang-outs are stores... lol. I guess like the real world, everything is money driven. I would have never thought I ever see a virtual world prostitute hammering me for $Ls... lol. At least there is a Block button here. I appreciate your responses; you all seem friendly enough in here... :-)
  3. Thanks Ariel... I'm sure I'll look you up in world. Thankl you too Lucretia. What's "perv camming"? Thank you for the welcomes!
  4. Hiya Folks... I'm Mike. I'm a relatively newbie and I'm having a tough time "getting" it. I can see how SL has an enormous potential for RP and interaction, but I don't see it anywhere, except for the "RP" situations. And that's kinda funny to me in that there's a RP game going on in a RP world. So my RP character has created it's own RP character... lol. I came into the SL thing thinking, "cool..." It's a fantasy world where you can be anything. Make yourself over into whatever you want to be and live it out in this little world. It seems like the only thing to do is shop, unless you already know someone. Everywhere I go people are standing there like they're catatonic, or dancing like they're on autopilot and not even there. There's no chat other than what seems like banter between old friends. No real interaction at all. I say hello and only get 1 or 2 responses... Are all these people just sitting at their computer IRL and staring and the screen doing nothing (or have another window open)? Or is everyone in IM all the time? They can't be having fun like that are they? Then I got scolded pretty sharply one time too, by a really beautiful avatar. Seems this person was ticked off because I was "checking her out." Don't people watch each other in here? Why make yourself up to look beautiful extreme and get mad because someone is looking at you? **shrugs** Is this how it is everywhere in this life? I'm open for suggestions... I really want to find the fun here. (makes me sound like an **bleep**, doesn't it? I'm really not)... lol.
  5. Can I impose on those offers too... I've been in SL for a couple months, but I'm still struggling with some things... and I need some good friends too. :-)
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