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  1. Why would you take your alts to a sim you're banned on? That's just stupid. There are ways for people to figure out your alts. Land owners can ban anyone they want. Don't even need a reason.
  2. Those msgs only come in whatever language you have set Don't matter what language other person has set on their end Unless a glitch happens
  3. They're saying it's not possible for him to change the menus, because it's not. No way around that. Change stuff to group only. He can't change anything. From a scripting point it's not possible for him to change things. If you're using public furniture set to all, anyone can change it. Don't use public furniture, problem solved. Ever consider your partner isn't who he says he is? Btdt, learned the hard way. If you really limit knowledge of your local, then it's one of the ones knows telling him. Annoying as it is, your own circle of info is the culprit if it's not you. Even best gr
  4. Maybe this person speaking to you the way you do, is just fantasy. Works both ways. Don't be a d-bag in your profile if you don't want people to treat you like a d-bag.
  5. You don't own the land. You don't get to make the rules. You broke the rules. You got a refund. Your place and your ad looks and sounds more similar than not. Move on.
  6. Why keep posting events page? Did you look at it? Like I said , it's the same few places. Always. Those aren't clubs with events. Just different dj sets. At mostly empty laggy spots. You won't find good places with good music. Or people. Dunno if ambrosia is still alive or not. Used to be. Was lagfest like all aeg's land tho.
  7. You weren't being negative. Blackhearts, wet willies, ohana, wasteland are good. They've more real people, not bots or staff alts. Ambrosia & rez were ok, can be lagfest tho. Later afternoon & evening hours are best for clubs.
  8. Alwin Alcott wrote: ImaTest wrote: Most clubs don't list events. front page.. select live music and nightlife/entertainment ... 39 next 24 hours , when visiting during two songs at everyone your night would be full.... add the ones who anounce their venues in inworld groups and you wouldn't have enough time in a whole week. The events page is stupid if you're looking for clubs. The same few places have multiple events. They're not even events. Just different djs working. Like I said, most clubs don't list events. Inworld search will get better results. You can see how ma
  9. Most clubs don't list events. Search inworld for clubs and genre. There are tons of them with people. Mostly rock, but some others too. That club's full of alts and bots for staff. It's how they keep traffic. That's why I don't work there anymore. It's mandatory for them.
  10. Most of the folks that say they left because their pc can't handle it, aren't being fully truthful. Most of those folks don't know how to help their pc handle sl. Some don't even try. Loads of those folks just use having a system that can't handle sl as an excuse. Lots of those folks don't actually leave sl at all. Lots of alts are born to folks that "left" If other virtual worlds were comparable, they'd have better user bases by now. There's a reason why the game there was shut down for a good long while. If people want old, there is a perfect game for them. Even low end systems in s
  11. Would be a glitch or bug if it only happened now and then. It happens this often to you, it's probably you. It works just fine.
  12. AECouture wrote: This would not have happened if Linden Lab allowed third parties to sell and trade Lindens like before, a free market with fair competition. This only works when third party sellers don't screw over customers. Since they did, this can't be allowed anymore. Thank the third party sellers for that. They created a hassle that LL didn't want to deal with. Can't blame LL for that. It's not LL's fault that some people are idiots. Third party resellers ruined it for themselves. Healthy competition is a good thing. LL doesn't worry about competition, they like it. LL
  13. Prokofy Neva wrote: No, I've been in Second Life for 12 years. Have you? I've put out newsletters for years, reporting on the LindEx. Have you? I have watched the LindEx closely for years because I regularly cash out from it. Do you? It is indeed at its lowest point in history, full stop. Currently the offers are at 263, which is even lower than what I declared as "the lowest point in history" the other day. I marvel at the denial and false statements here. To what end? No, I've been in SL longer than 12 years. Does that make me better than you? No No, I have no need to pretend I'
  14. That doesn't show what your lindens would be in $US. It shows you how many $US you already have, alongside your $L balance. If you haven't sold $L yet, you will have a $0US balance. When you do sell your $L, you will get a $US balance. Then you can cash it out to paypal or skrill. Linden Lab is not likely to respond to you in this forum.
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