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  1. Who finds them a good thing, and who doesn't like them, and why, i'm undecided, i've tried one and thought i looked better but then when it's night time i look odd all lit up like a torch while everyone else is on the darkness,lol or is there a better way to make your avs features look nicer and not lumpy?
  2. Wow that looks amazing Penny. I'm not a big avatar myself, im a guy and actually only 5'5 in RL as well, and the avatar height scale in edit doesn't even go that low,lol so i made my av slightly bigger than the real me. But it's all a matter of personal choice like many have already said. But i love realism in virtual worlds, the more realistic it is, the more i'm fascinated with it, to me realistic looks far better than over sized anything. So yes if you love realistic sized things stick with them, don't let anyone change your mind, and be who you want to be, if others don't like it, that'
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