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  1. Wow Keep Cool, i just said that i wasn't understood why it was because the scripts was on the server... I will never say nothing, understood.
  2. BarcodeBrian wrote: You are confusing yourself. In an attempt to be even more clear, for what Dora has said: llOwnerSay() sends messages to the viewer of the object's owner. All scripts run on the server, therefore, none of them can detect messages sent to a viewer; the exception with RLV is that these viewers can share data related to messages received using @ symbol (details out of scope, but that's about as simple as I can explain it). Well, no: "Since scripts run on the server they can't intercept messages send by LLOwnerSay()" This confusing me yes because it's not because they are on the server And for RLV: -> that confusing me too because all the Viewer receive the llOwnerSay not just the RLV Viewer But if you understood all is ok
  3. It's not my question Rolig, please read it
  4. Where do you take exactly this FPS stats? Because me with a Laptop i5 with a nvidia Geforce 840M -> 55 - 60 FPS on an empty Sim.
  5. ChinRey wrote: ObviousAltIsObvious wrote: just rename win_crash_logger.exe and it won't load. it is in the same folder as the viewer, and it will need to be renamed on each update. Can I just delete it? It's a little habit in data processing to never delete a safe file, it's always better to rename it and the result will be the same.
  6. Dora Gustafson wrote: Since scripts run on the server they can't intercept messages send by LLOwnerSay() Just need to understand Why "since" ? They had been client-side in the past? And it's not because the "scripts run on the server" that the scripts can't intercept llOwnersay(), it's just because it's how work llOwnerSay(). Some others functions running on the server too and their messages can be intercept by the scripts because it's how they work too...
  7. Aethelwine wrote: Yes, anti-orb people want to restrict orbs using 10 second or less timers, or in the case of this thread, 30 seconds. No need for you to complain and get dramatic about it since you already have those settings. Just because someone can do something, doesn't mean they should. Just like if someone moved next to you and made their parcel a home for their 30 alt bot accounts, you would not be too happy. Or if they put up group entry only and the view you paid for is now spoilt by flashing yellow lines on one side, or they put up some other form of offensve build. Or they made their land a sandbox. Particles from their emitters spill across your land, or someone wearing a "defence hud" is wandering around inside your private orb protected space, because they can and they know it will irritate you. Living on mainland is about living as part of a community, it requires respect for your neighbours for it to work properly. Otherwise the investment, which could be in the 100s of thousands of Linden dollars is devalued by a factor of ten because of the anti-social jerk that moved in next door. The suggestions made about orbs and banlines on this and other threads, do indeed restrict options for landowners, but the benefits to themselves and others far outweigh what is lost. Not least because it goes some way to protecting landowners own investments in the land. Anti-orb people, anti-landowners, anti-all... Please let people safe and stop to complain about all. Forget us a little and have fun on your Land.
  8. Aethelwine wrote: Maybe a clever scripter could make a vehicle detect banlines and do that reliably? It's a good idea and It's possible, so i think some scripters already worked on this.
  9. Just to clarify: You speak about the RLV Viewer. Here the question is: if a script can intercept an llOwnerSay message and the answer is no its not possible.
  10. To check if the users is sitting is not the good way and not recommended (by me) for a security orb. A timer can be set to 60 seconds for all without any security problem if the scripter thinking about it.
  11. Nalytha wrote: I just want to say, when I use the term "game." I by no means mean to cheapen your experience. True and personally that not disturb me at all. And for the MMOs, it's a little true too. Personally, i found this thread interesting and the answers don't disturb at all my experience.
  12. Aethelwine wrote: Pac-man is more than just a game, it is an exhibit in the Museum of Modern Art and has been at the Smithsonian Art Gallery as part of an exhibition. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_games_in_the_Museum_of_Modern_Art https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_of_Video_Games A game, but also on some level Art. Well, so i'm wrong yet.
  13. Because if you explain at someone what is Pac-mac and your answer is it's a game : it's enough for him to understand. But to explain at someone that Secondlife is just a game: It's not enough to understand all the complexity that can be a virtual world as Secondlife. So the word "Game" is just too restrictive and Secondlife cannot be considered as just a "Game" for this reason. If it was the question of this Topic.
  14. exactly, so yes, Pac-Man is a "just a game" and the word "Game" is enough to define it.
  15. If you want to speak about the philosophy, we can. And the life itself can be considered by some philosopher as a "Game". For the third time: I never said that is not a game, i just said that it's too restrictive to just define Secondlife as a Game when a game can to be just a game as Pacman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pac-Man
  16. True but is not what i said. I said that: "So i think to tell that Secondlife is a Game is just too restrictive and that the definition of the word game can't define a virtual world than Secondlife." I can't enumerate all, and some users have already explain many things in this thread. Some people come in Secondlife for the friendship. Some come in Secondlife just to play at some Inworld games. A lot of users create things or just lean the 3D Design or the scripting, there are many designers and scripters and teachers too, they are just here to create things and they love that. I know some photographers and bloggers too... So to tell that Secondlife is just a Game. It's just too restrictive.
  17. Hello, I was reading some days ago something about a single woman losed her job during the recession and survived by becoming a Second Life entrepreneur. I was reading too something about Donations and support to help people in Real. I know that there are many free associations too in secondlife. So i think to tell that Secondlife is a Game is just too restrictive and that the definition of the word game can't define a virtual world than Secondlife.
  18. I shall just clarify : One case is enough
  19. Ok next time, i will read better. Sorry for the mistake.
  20. Hello, You wear something that play theses animations. You just need to find this item and to detach it. An attachment, like an AO... When you will find it and detach it: clear your cache and logoff and login and all will be ok.
  21. First: I don't know this landowner and i don't know this squatter. So it's not a criticism about this landowner. I just say what i think about the squatters... So, it's just not possible for me to let a possibility at some griefers to builds and to rez what they want on my Lands. Not possible for me, not possible to disturb my neighbors with that and not possible just for the principle too. And to not disturb my friends too... But, yes it's true, we can forget to set something on our Land and we can do an error too... All is possible. Also, i understand that is more complicate for others Landowners with more Lands/Sims...
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