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  1. Thank you Pamela Galli. I think it's his last ditch effort to get me to talk to him and/or hurt/offend me, which he's finally done. It'll be hard to not check his profile, but my brain was headed that way. You just helped seal the deal. My best bet is to stay offline with this account for a bit to avoid temptation.
  2. Hi all. :) A few months back, many of you gave me great perspective about my could-have-been-boyfriend-material's behavior. (Here's the original thread: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/How-Did-my-Ex-Find-Out/td-p/3039687) Again, with your insight, I started blocking him from any social access I could think of...starting with Facebook, SL, etc. Before I bothered to block him from Skype and gmail, he sent me a slew of "discoveries", including... *my real name *my profile names from other apps & game accounts *a woman in a porn video he thinks is me My original post mentioned that he somehow discovered other SL ppl I'd previously been involved with. I now realize that he didn't pretend to be someone else to get this information. I would never discuss those things with anyone. He somehow has some tool that pulls this data. Maybe my old notecards? Idk. The final straw happened today. He has my RL picture as one of his pics, along with my real name, my other profile names and real information about me. He's also placed in a pic that I'm the woman in the porn video and a link to it. (It's not me, I swear.) I've placed a report with SL, but I don't know what else to do. I know very little about him, but he continues to find out more about me.
  3. Great advice and some words of wisdom from all. Just a follow up, I spoke with the ex last night, asked him how he knew those names. He mostly spat back a few Australian insults and said he was the god of technology and could find anything out. With that, I calmly advised him that I was blocking him. He'd removed me in a fit of rage a while back, but still IMs me as soon as I log on. This concludes this random SL dramafest. Now I gotta check out the other forum posts to get a good dose of gossip. Sigh.
  4. HA! The big debate indeed. The great conspiracy! Thanks so much, everyone, for the time and advice. I hadn't considered that he could be another friend on the list, or was otherwise shady. We've skyped before, so I know he's a male. Other than that, who knows. Thanks again. I didn't expect so many supportive and informative responses! (Sans Alwin Alcott's assumption that I like drama - hence the reason I don't discuss my past relationships or personal life unless specifically inquired about),
  5. there is no real way to know how he knows. Only he knows that exactly. Would have to ask him if you did want to know. Is a rabbithole this that can easy swallow you up when go down that way personally I find that time heals most things. For you and him. In time he will find someone else with who he will be happy + for sure relationships that end can be fractious and fraught quite often (even relationships that hardly even start sometimes). Relationships that do end amicably are pretty much the exception really give yourself and him time and it will work itself out, when we just leave it and dont do anything to make it any more difficult than what it is already. Can end up stress ourselves out over these things sometimes, and can end up do our head in
  6. I stopped speaking with my ex-boyfriend in SL a few weeks ago. He's been trying to incite me into conversations ever since. Last night after I didn't respond to his IMs, he said, "I guess you'll just throw me away like you did [SL Member#1] and [SL Member#2]. I've never discussed my previous relationships with him. Neither of those accounts even exist anymore. They're not on my friends list. I did a google search for my account name, and then theirs, and I find nothing. How does my ex know about my previous SL relationships when there's nothing online about it?? [Humblest apologies if I should move this to a different forum than "General Discussion".]
  7. Humblest apologies...this post has been moved to General Discussion: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/How-Did-my-Ex-Find-Out/td-p/3039687
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