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  1. Well, i'm agree with you yet. But: Do you let your door open with no fenced in your garden... some months? And in real: to build a house and objects need time... In secondlife in 3 seconds someone can rez a castle in your garden and that will disturb all your neighbors... Perhap the Sim itself... What will you tell at your neighbors? -> "It's my ethical point to not lock the door" ? But you are right to tell that is not ethical to squatt a land. It's important and very true. Perpahs a lot forget this point so i understand you when speak about this.
  2. I'm agree with you. But: Do we can trust this ethical point to resolv all the Squatters problem? -> Me: I don't think, so no for me. So: What can we do? -> To take care at our Lands and to try to explain at all to take care at their lands too. And like i said before, some new users can think that they are in a Sandbox (If there is nothing to explain or to forbid to enter...)
  3. Personally, i prefer the laptops. I bought one 2 years ago. I'm not a designer or a gamer so it's perfect for me and for SL (for me). Not easy to do a choice. I know that you can find many laptops with a good price. And yes, it's possible. Some Laptops have a reasonable graphics card. It will be ok for Second Life but is not recommended for Gamers (well not perfect and not perfect for 3D designers...). PC are the best choice if you want to play at the newers 3D games... And perhaps, it's true yes, more easy to find a good price...
  4. It's true when we check just the titles of the topics it's a little funny. I prefer that at too many serious topics
  5. To test if someone is in the same region : there is a useful function to use: if(llGetAgentSize(uuid)) { //uuid is an avatar in the region} else { //uuid is not an avatar in the region} it's quick, safe and work perfectly... More infos here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetAgentSize It's very useful and can be used in many differents scripts because this check is often needed (well recommended)...
  6. Well, local to play the pose just for you (client-side) and in world (world-side): for all, so all can see it... https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Using-gestures-and-animations/ta-p/700069 http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Animation_Override
  7. Perhaps, perhaps, i asked the OP not you. Anyway that can be a good place when you begin
  8. Not sure but i think that you need a hud. So it's perhaps the equipment? https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Linden-Realms-Frequently-Asked-Questions/ta-p/1057471
  9. Hey Dunderhed, It was a joke so What's new? You tried the mining?
  10. Madelaine McMasters wrote: If you study Bible verses, you never find the answer. Lol, good humour/humor
  11. Well, i never saw that. I think that is recommended is to always use the good type: so if the list store a key: to use llList2Key and if it's a string to use llList2String... But sometimes, i use the cast of these functions and don't care about the type, example: if i want a string and that is a key: so i use, in some cases (not always), llList2String. I never had bugs with that but i think that is not recommended by the wiki. But i know a thing: more your code is simple and logical: more your code is correct and optimized...
  12. And just a thing if i can: vector pos=(vector)llList2String(llGetObjectDetails((key)llList2String(avatars,i),[OBJECT_POS]),0);->(key)llList2String(avatars,i) : it's a key and you take this key with llList2String and so llList2String cast this key to a string and after this you cast this string to a key ...After that you cast all of this into a string to cast it after to a vector.... I say that because it's more complicate after to find an error in a script if we don't simplify our scripts.
  13. D4rkHax wrote: @Luxen I am already more than aware of Sensors and how they operate. I have used them regularly in the past. However, i am exploring alternative ways to do this. lol, ok sorry for the mistake then.
  14. Hello, Why to not use llSensor for this? Please check this function here: Function: llSensor( string name, key id, integer type, float radius, float arc );28 Function ID0.0 Forced Delay10.0 EnergyPerforms a single scan for name and id with type within radius meters and arc radians of forward vector• string name – object or avatar name! • key id – group, avatar or object UUID that is in the same region • integer type – mask (AGENT, AGENT_BY_LEGACY_NAME, AGENT_BY_USERNAME, ACTIVE, PASSIVE, and/or SCRIPTED) • float radius – distance from center [0.0, 96.0m] • float arc – the max angle between the local x-axis of the prim and detectable objects, range 0.0 to PI http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSensor Because when you don't use a timer and when the avatars are in range of 96m: you can use this function, it does the job already and you don't need to create a new one...
  15. Something that fit with the event, proper and appropriate with the public of this event ?
  16. wherorangi wrote: wooo! good question this is a whole debate all in itself. As I see it, is 2 sides to this kinda debate: 1) online is a technical environment. When the technical environment doesn't prevent us from entering into a online property then is ok to enter. If the owner doesnt want us to enter then is incumbent on the owner to prevent us (lock the door) 2) online is a integral part of the RL and is indivisible from the RL. When a owner leaves their door open, then is not ok for us to take that as permission to enter in this kinda debate I am totally for 2. Is the ethical position not that I am a angel or anything. Is just that the 2nd is a ethical position and the 1st is not Totally agree, and me too. Just: with the principe of the sandboxs.... Some new users can forget this ethical point in a virtual world as Secondlife.
  17. Did you try to open a ticket or to contact the support here? https://support.secondlife.com/ [EDIT] Ok it's resolved
  18. Perhaps it's a test for a new type of Land on Secondlife: "Free land for all" ? ------------------------------ Well seriously: If the owner of the land not turn off rezzing objects and not set automatically return. And: If the owners are no new on Seconlife and are experienced in landowning. And If there are no descriptions or nothing to prohibit the use of this land. And If some users tried to contact them about it (because it's perhaps an error) but they got no answers.... So: Is the word of Squatter is the good word ? (it's just a question)
  19. Rufferta wrote: Perhaps the person who placed the book vendor thinks they are sort of a Robin Hood hero - but I really need to read their book before I jump to conclusions. lolll, are you really serious? it's perhaps a big trap this book and your Robin Hood hero just a practical joker http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/anglais-francais/practical%20joker' target="_blank">
  20. True, but owners need to take care at their lands too.... No one squat my lands and your?
  21. Hello, You can try to go here: Caledon Oxbridge Gateway - New Resident Help There are others good places but i know a little this one and they seem to be serious. You can find it with the search function.
  22. But the first thing that you need to do is to always clean up our inventory. We keep a lot of items for nothing and we don't use them. So when i don't like an item, i delete it. And sometimes i try to clean up my inventory.
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