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  1. just an update: the man has taken to threatening me and calling me a pedophile now, claiming I am a hacker and did age play and has photos. All of which are untrue. Whoever is like..harassing the guy, can you not do that? I haven't done anything against this moron, so I'd appreciate not having to deal with that.
  2. Baby Kranfel: When I was originally posting, I was still in the process and had the hope that the seller would actually work with me and refund my money, so I didn't want to post it if I could get some actual response from the seller. I didn't have much a chance to post the original link to the item, because within just a few hours, it had been completely taken down and the store vanished.
  3. To answer the questions of if I actually tried it on other viewers: yes. That was the /first/ thing I did. I tried it in Viewer 2 and Firestorm. Both did not show up anything. I want to thank everyone for their comments and concerns.
  4. Update: As of right now, the seller's store on the MP has been shut down and removed. All items have been removed. The seller DID contact me on my review of his item, earlier today, and when I asked for a refund there, he did not respond. Either he deleted his entire store himself, of LL did. I don't know. It saddens me a great deal that the only money I had...was stolen from me. I know 6000L$ might not sound like a lot of money to most people, but to me, it was the first spending cash I've had in over a year. I'm really, really disheartened by this situation. Now I'm left with
  5. But it was a business on the marketplace, and they falsely advertised the product. I can't just take a loss of 6000L$. It was all I had How do I file a ticket with LL?
  6. I recently bought a 6000L$ all mesh avatar on the MP and nowhere on the item description did it state that I had to purchase a 20000L$ viewer in order to use the avatar. It stated I had to use a special viewer, but did NOT list that it had to be purchased. I'm not happy with this, and am NOT paying 20000L$ to get their viewer. Where and how do I go about getting my 6000L$ back for this piece of crap avatar? I've contacted the seller multiple times and attempted to go to their store in world (which doesn't even exist now) and I'm feeling like I've just been ripped off. Someone, please please h
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