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    thank you I have tried to make a #RLV folder , and added outfits I must have made a mistake somewhere as my master could not get the clothes to go on. I had made sub folders perhaps that's the problem,?
  2. lizbeth2u


    Hello all , am back after been gone for months, have a master that requires i make folders for him to use to change my clothes. i have the RLV enabled, wear his collar ( he is owner) but even though i have researched this subject i still have no luck on setting this up. i have been deleting thousands of old non mesh things in my inventory, down to just under 10,000 from over 25.00 in hopes i can create folders i can find, and allow my master to control my outfits. As he demands i am not a slave, but a caring submissive lady with class, Just want to do what
  3. Thank you for your information was wondering what I was doing wrong. Again, thank you !
  4. For over a month I have not been able to post pictures to my wall. Only able to save to disk. When I try they fail to download anyone know what I am doing wrong? Help please. Thank you
  5. Hello again Czari What a wealth of information you have supplied. Thank you! I don't have time to fully respond, but wanted to say how much I do appreciate all this information. And the fact you own VKC dogs :smileyhappy: So good to know someone that has Them and enjoys them. I have spent time at the parks ( more so in the past than lately) And just adore sitting and petting them. Once I met an avi horse that was buying a dog. We did chat and she used voice, and I found out she is like myself from the south. We didn't become friends, but I did enjoy discussing the VKC dogs wi
  6. Hi there Alicia I tried last night to add more picks, but was not able to ....... My lack of knowledge Especially techie type I suppose. Thanks for trying to help, I do appreciate everyone's help. Oh RL is calling me away, just wanted to say thanks! Lizbeth
  7. Hi Amethyst with a smile I understand, as others have said men think they can get more than a dance From someone new. ( were they ever wrong) :smileywink: Have a wonderful day, Lizbeth
  8. Good morning Czari How nice of you to offer help, thank you! I will try to go in world tonight, and if you are in Will send an IM. I did try late last night to add to my "picks" and couldn't find a way to accomplish this. As I sit here thinking back, :smileyhappy: smiling to myself, you are right, the men that asked Me to dance as a noobie, were after more than just a dance. I let them know right off "hands off" and once even poofed away. I did make one nice friend ( taken but very helpful in the beginning). He helped me learn So many things and I am grateful for his help.
  9. Well hello Czari, what an interesting and nice note. Btw, let me add I love that look! Where did you find such? I find your opinions very concise and helpful. And, I do thank you. The strangest thing about my time in SL is that in the very beginning with my first ( purchased) avi, I went to ballrooms and was always asked to dance. :smileysurprised: That is why I wonder now that I have a much nicer avi I can go and no one asks me to dance. So, I have stopped going. I did think of digging into my inventory in search of that first formal that seemed to get men's attention.
  10. Hi everyone:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: since I last posted that note,,,,,,,,,. Well, that ended rather quickly So, back to just finding new friends to hang out with and explore with. Other things That are fun in sl. I've just given up frankly on finding anyone special. Will leave that to those equipped For this reality. Ah, to be what I am and not what I am not. ( perhaps no one understands this except for myself) Off to the RL world. Where I am considered an upright citizen and very proper. That may be my problem with SL ... :smileyfrustrated: Thanks to all
  11. Ren With a smile :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: I have to admit something, just tried on some demos of Some very curvy avis........... Not me! So, I'll keep the way I look, she is to me rather pretty and not built that badly if I may say so. You are also correct in the type of men I seek are not after a body, but rather someone with a good sense of humor, a caring soul, and someone fun to be with. All these things I do possess. BTW, thanks for making me smile :matte-motes-little-laugh: A quality I do possess........... Have a great night, taking time off to enjoy some t
  12. Hello Ren, I totally understand what you are saying. When I started SL, I wanted to project a true Lady one that while pretty, did not have that tramp look so many here have. Perhaps I went Too far and created a lady that gets so little attention she is lonely too often. I do have one dear friend that has told me several time he finds me "hot". And that I should not try to please anyone but myself. Sadly this dear friend will be gone most of the summer and does not take SL seriously. It is a game to him ( well it suppose it is a game to be sure) For myself I find I can become
  13. Good morning Amethyst Thank you for your words of wisdom, I have accepted too many friend request from men That after the first day just never say "hi" again. Even when I send an IM. So, I do after a period Of time drop them from my list of friends. Concerning being my own "self" , you are correct. I have tried to be someone I am not, and that doesn't work for me. I do want to update my clothes, get more mesh clothing and hair And perhaps a better shape. While I like my look, it is not equal to yours nor some of the other Ladies that have sent me messages. Seems I need a
  14. Good morning Heart Brimmer Thank you for the offer of friendship, I love to shop! In fact lately when alone ( as I am usually) I find myself trying on hair, new skins/shapes, just to see if I would enjoy a new look I'll try to log in today, a busy one for me but would be nice to meet you. Thank you for the friendship offer Lizbeth
  15. Well hello squashy, Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. Like your way of looking at things. I'm staying out more than in for awhile, but am in with a new book club that starts this Sunday. With hopes of that being something I will really enjoy. ( love reading in RL) I have made a couple of new lady friends, one gave me the name of a new store to buy Mesh clothing. Oh for the love of shopping in both worlds, right ladies! Enjoy the night, :matte-motes-sunglasses-3: Lizbeth
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