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  1. I cashed in a large sum of LIndens of February 22. I read that it can take a little time to process. About 24 hours later the Lindens were subtracted from my account. But they have not showed up in my PAYPAL account. It's been 4 days. Does anyone know if that is normal? Thanks L
  2. HI. I've earned almost 200LK linden as a service provider in SL. Its a business. How can I cash out if i have "limits" of 30 dollars in one day or 300 in 27 days? How can I increase my sell limit? Buying more lindens is pointless because the object of having an SL business was to make Christmas money. If I have to buy lindens then I am going backwards. Is there some otherway to cash out? ..
  3. HI I am trying to post. Maybe you can help. As always, SL obscures the process. Can you tell me how to ask a question or post a querie? There is nothing on any page accept, of course to reply to an existing post. That is so silly. But you have obvioulsy figured out how to post. maybe somehow you can reach me and tell me how to ask a question in an SL forum? Thanks L
  4. I need to report a serious bug. But I am directed to "Atlassian" support. that site will not let me interact with it, wont recognize my SL name or passwords
  5. I have two MAC computers. Both will run version 2.7 . Neither one will run any version later than 2.7. One is an Imac running OS 10.5.8 and the other is a new powerbook pro running OS 10.6.7. Both have lots of RAM the IMAC as 4g and the MacBook has 8G. Now (starting September 24) when I try to read profiles I get "ssl handshake failed" and no profile. So two problems - one can someone tell me when they will make a veiwer that will work with MAC computers again? And (I'm using veiwer 2.7) can someone tell me how to fix the profiles problem? It is NOT cookies. I have ti set to accept cookies. Thanks L
  6. Doesn't seem to be a way , at least on my computer. But SL is not really working on MAC anymore
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