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  1. I am the same way. I don't like being seen naked, either accidentally or by "peepers". My avatar is me. I feel almost the same way about being seen in SL as I do in RL. That is one of the reasons I wear bras and panties in SL. The other reason is, well, just because..... In RL I wear very nice looking sexy underwear even though no one can see them under my clothes. I can't explain why, I just do. In SL not only do you have "wardrobe malfunctions", particularly with mesh, but you have the "zoom in" problem. You may think that you are in a private closed room but others outside the room can zoo
  2. I have been involved in roleplay in the past. In RL (well, non-internet, not really real) I have been a civil war reenacter, playing the role of a wife of a soldier. I have been involved in rp in SL. I enjoy role playing, both on SL and off line. However, if I am not involved in rp in an rp area, I am not role playing. I play myself. What I say to others is real, how I behave is the real me. My avatar looks somewhat like me. There are a few differences: in SL my boobs are slightly larger and better looking and I have a little less weight. Also, in SL I don't have a birthmark on my butt. Howev
  3. Do you think that it will really work? I have a friend with Parkinson's, and I will e-mail the link to her. Do you have or know someone with that or similar disease?
  4. "There's a new bra coming out that tweets anytime you unclasp it..." I could thing of some good uses, particularly if there was a way to program it to tweet according to your desires at the time! "One could always put LEDs on the thing to make headlamps... actually headlamps..." I like that too. Speaking of headlamps, that is one thing we don't have to worry about in SL.
  5. "Electrical outlets in bras? I could really get my fingers shocked!" I wish I had thought of that, and had the knowledge to implement it, back when I was dating boys who had overactive hands! It would have been fun to shock them when their hands started "exploring" :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  6. "It would be nice to have a SL bra that automatically changed the cleavange and gravity sliders when the bra was put on, and then restored them to original settings when the bra was taken off. But I don't guess that is possible." Yes, it would be nice but yes, it is not possible, AFAIK. I have two versions of my avi that are identicle except for breast cleavage and bouyancy. I also use the "outfits". In outfits that are not low cut and wouldn't show cleavage anyway, I put the regular version of my avi shape. In outfits that are low cut I put in the shape that has more cleavage and more bouy
  7. I have been on SL for a while, and I like making clothes, including lingerie, tops, skirts, etc. I have been reading with interest about IMVU and other "games" or platforms, but don't know anything about clothing on those. From what I have heard, SL is the best for making clothes, particularly things like slightly transparent tops which slightly show bras underneath (like in RL), etc. I do not sell and I am not a merchant, so that aspect doesn't matter. Is IMVU or anything else as good as SL for this?
  8. I always wear a bra, panty, and usually slip and cami, in SL (except, of course, under bathing suits and nighties). I strongly recommend system underwear. There are too many problems with mesh. For starters, it is difficult to get it to fit. You usually have to modify your avi's breast and other things to fit the garment. Else it will appear too big with space between your bra and your skin, or too small with parts (such as nipples) sticking out. There is plenty available in system.
  9. Years ago a male friend and I tried an experiment of dressing for the other gender. He was rather slim and, unlike many men, could easily appear female as long as he wore pants to cover his hairy legs. It was winter so we could wear hats and coats. He (looking like a woman, with a stuffed bra and female type jeans, and able to fake a female voice), and I (rather small up top and with male clothes, mouth kept shut) went into stores and even public restrooms. We each, dressed as our correct gender, accompanied the other. I had him (dressed as her) go into a lingerie department and try on a bra (
  10. Solar, Since you list some legitimate uses for the "zoom in" feature, I agree that it should be kept. I will continue to use the feature (in Firestorm, if not also in other viewers) that shows users who have camed you. If I am in a closed private room (such as a dressing room) and someone cams me, they will get an immediate not very nice IM. Ann
  11. Control-Alt-Click will allow you to look inside a closed room, with some difficulty. If you wanted to watch somebody in a dressing room it is do-able, but takes some time and you would have to know something worth seeing (to someone who likes seeing such things) is inside. The "zoom in" feature in the "people" window of Firestorm makes it easy, and, for that reason, is more objectionable. There are many uses for the cntrl-alt-click feature, for example, to look at the middle person of a group, thereby seeing the whole group, or looking at someone you are talking to. It is primarily used to ce
  12. Marybeth, I agree. Perhaps LL doesn't want default avatars to be too explicit, but I can't see anything wrong with making those initial avatars like kids' dolls or store mannequins. If that is going too far for them (they would have to be super prudes), then a small bikini that would be fully covered by almost all underwear or two piece bathing suits could be used. Dres I think you are right, they want you to have to buy a skin.
  13. Is a nightgown like this: http://shop.cosabella.com/Cosabella%20Dolce%20Babydoll.html available in world on SL?
  14. Dillon, Yes, it is surprising that this thread has gone on for so long. And it was the first thread that I started! I think that the TOS should be clearer, particularly about dressing rooms. I think that it should be clear that rules about nudity do not apply in dressing rooms. There is a pool with men's and women's dressing rooms in a G area. It should be very clear than you do not need to wear underwear or pasties to take off your bathing suit and get dresses in the appropriate dressing room. The fact that there is disagreement on this thread indicates that it needs to be clear. As for d
  15. Has there ever been someone banned, or otherwise in trouble, by either SL or a property "owner" for being naked in a dressing room or private home in G land in SL?
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