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  1. It’s amazing how someone can reply to post forum and assume the reaction of the author for a particular discussion. “Somehow I don't think you are really concerned about Linden Lab's financial "stability" but more concerned about whether or not Second Life is going to eventually cost you more to remain” Did I post in the wrong section of the forum (psychiatrist?) You quoted “Linden Lab provides SL completely free of charge for anyone”. Although this may be true, there are limitations on what you can do while being on free mode avi. Such as apps on iTunes and android there are free apps to get you started but you have to pay eventually for extra features. (ie) taking a picture will cost you 10L to upload into your inventory. I just needed to add that comment before we continue to be off the topic.. The point is ..Whether or not you like the ads posted on the LL homepage, what are the thoughts of residents on LL stability since now they are posting ads. And by the way, I’m an estate owner since 2005 who rents out sims and or lands to residents
  2. Just wondering the stability of Linden Labs Finances since they are now selling spots on their Home Page of secondlife to the outside bussinesses. Any thoughts? :smileysurprised:
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