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  1. So I would like to take money out of SL but paypal and netspend will not link. Im not sure why, are there any other way to withdraw out of SL? that i can link netspend to? Any help is welcomed. thanks and have a blessed day
  2. I figured it out. changed it to an .Anim and make sure in blender the priority is around 6 and it works
  3. I figured it out. change it to an .Anim and make sure in blender the priority is around 6 and it will work
  4. ive tired it with my AO on and off. it goes to default either way...
  5. Ah, well I was using qavimator before, because blender has a big learning curve lol and im very ADD and its aggravating, but *shrug* onward goes the search through google and whatnot.
  6. https://avastar.online/reference/pose-a-character/ seen that yet? it helped me
  7. Im having the same issue as well....not sure what is going on with it...been messing with it all morning
  8. Try with blender. Thats what ive had to go to. But im having an issue on the preview for the pose and it reverts to the default hand position. *shrug*
  9. Hey yall, Im having what may be an issue with testing a bento animation/pose im working on. It seems to test fine at first, then it reverts the hand position to the default. not sure what is going on. Im new to the bento world, but not the animation world lol. Any help in the right direction would be great. Ive never had an issue before with the testing before the upload *shrug* Making it with blender avastar. Wearing the Maitreya: Lara body. https://gyazo.com/6a301d37031fc7ebf6a79138ca29deab :what its suppsed to look like https://gyazo.com/983a2bc9e3236d10bbf8e50c
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