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  1. No, I have no desire to be part of your dog and pony group "Life Forward", with a whole two members. I consider this a troll and propose Mr Dex be booted or be placed on my ignore list. The Life Forward group is open to anyone that wants to live petter and project a spirit of optimism and joy inthier life. Life Forward is not a religion it is a lifestyle. This anchor number series is already getting old.
  2. I have to take exception to that statement. With an over size brush, you allege that those who disagree with your thoughts and values tend to react in a violent way. That is very far from the truth in any belief. Personally, I have the highest regard for those who sincerely believe and practice what they preach or mentor. I may not agree that there is a higher power that over looks the meaning of life, for I do have my beliefs and principles. For the most part, I disagree with any organized religion, Does that make me a violent person, wanting to hurt or maim any person or organization that go
  3. Someone is just showing off.
  4. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that approach. That's just like emoting. Simple emotes can do wonders where Para RP adds to much emphasis on the moment and not on the action, IMO. It's those that add such things as "/me scratches her left arm, looks around while avoiding to look at XY's face and notices how bright the sun is, the cloudless sky and remembers that she has a late lunch scheduled for Thursday with Mom and Dad, and mumbles: "Erm, do you really think it's a good idea to do that?"
  5. I wanted to remove the response I gave earlier, but found that posts can't be removed (as they were in a prior form). Figured, "well Jess, your toe is in the pool, might as well just jump in". I will reiterate what I wrote earlier. RP is as fun or as difficult as one makes it. If you appreciate Para RP, so be it. Just keep in mind, some prefer the give and take, keep it moving style. I prefer the fast paced approach. Para RP just gets complicated when it shouldn't have to be. ETA: I found this at Google image search (a wonderful tool). I fall, as I'm sure others as well, in the first
  6. Ahhh, the days/nights of spontaneous give and take. Throwing in some improv and picking up via IM what direction to take the RP. Those were fun times. Nowadays, it's all feeling, emotions, time of day, temperature and humidity fluctuations and plenty of time to go make a sandwich or two while waiting for an answer to a simple "hi :)". Video killed the radio star at the same rate Para-RP killed the fun of roleplay. Klytyna pretty much nailed it. I could name names and sims, but shaming is verboten here, so it's best I leave it at that. ETA: Not everyone can write like Hemingway,
  7. Five pages and it's still being argued. I can only offer this, believing the OP question has been asked and answered.
  8. RLC and SL are two separate animals. Apples to oranges. I had never heard of RLC until the OP posted about it. A quick Google brings me to a VW that just offers ONE thing: SEX. Pixel to pixel magic. There is an Amsterdam here at SL. Why would I want to go and start a new avatar at a site I never heard of when I can get just that and more here? There are wonderful folk here at SL that offer much more than a quick romp on some pose balls. I've seen some educated answers here. I can only think of the answers one would find there. Leave SL like it is now. People will gravitate to those t
  9. my.secondlife.com has been having problems of late. That could be part of your deleting problem. Be patient.
  10. (emphasis mine) I tried to rejoin a community after spending some serious time there before. I left and wanted to come back. At first the RP was pretty much straight forward "Nice town here" "TY. If you have questions feel free to ask" kind of RP. No paraRPing required. So I come back and, much like you, fill out an application that asked the same type of questions. I responded and was invited for an interview (or I should say "interview"). From the get go, I'm answering their questions ('member, we be RP'ing here now) and to them, I'm not answering to their liking. I'm not desc
  11. Your comparing Amazon to Second Life? I'm speechless. It's been explained in as much english and clearly as possible. Since you're only been here since March, there is a progressive system in place for new participants. Hit a certain date and volia, you get to break out the major plastic (impress your neighbors and friends!). Until then, go curl up to what ever you can get from Amazon and take your self entitled ass and please, do go elsewhere. BTW, it takes a lot to get a preemptive ban in my regions. You hit it.
  12. During a recent Linden Realms session, I noticed some crystals would not allow me to pick them up. I had noticed this in past playing sessions but figured LL was just laying some bogus crystals to bring the player within reach of the monsters (for lack of a better term). This last session, I went for a purple crystal and noticed I was unable to acquire it. I ran over it about five times with no success and decided to move on, though someone did come along and was able to claim it. I've seen the same while going after other crystals. The purple one got me thinking. What might cause a player to
  13. Using Firestorm, (upper left corner) "Avatar">"Choose an avatar". It will allow you to choose between "New Avatar", "Classic", "Vanpires" or "People". You will not lose the inventory that you've already purchased. Choose an avatar you will be most comfortable with and run with it. I'm sure the other viewers have this ability to choose a new avi. You just have to look.
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