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Found 17 results

  1. Beautifully built, landscaped water parcel on a quiet channel. For the adventurous type, you can sail all the way out to the blake sea! This parcel boasts a home with furnishing and a secondary building at the boat mooring. Perfect for Premium or Premium Plus accounts, you can own this with no tier fees. Any questions, drop me a message in world; Little Mysterious or on Discord; fake egirl#1092 L$16000 - Offers considered. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bissorte/11/93/25
  2. Protected Riverfront Sailable waters Semi landscaped (return if objects are unwanted) 1024m2 // 351 prims L$4975 - most competitive price in area, open to serious and sensible offers. IM me inworld; Little Mysterious or message me on Discord; fake egirl#1092 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catocala/224/132/27
  3. As the title says I havent gotten my sign up bonus what do I do.
  4. my res date is May 21, 2003, where do I go to get worshiped? I assume this is like a Batman Beyond situation, so if somebody could direct me to my clown children that'd be great too! oh! and I can't buy land in auction... because I need to be a premium member to buy/own land... nu uh! I'm owed 4096 LL! did you assume we were all dead?! wait.. are we all dead?
  5. I have been thinking of getting premium membership recently though it may be costly due to the coversion rate of USD to JMD but i would like to know the pros and cons. Is it really worth it?
  6. Hi---I bought 1024 sqm of land on 3/11/20. I hold 512 sqm of land since I started with Second life. Can I expect my Premium Account to "tier" charge a extra $4.00, for holding land with a new purchase of land, for the next quarterly payment?
  7. Good evening every one! I'm facing a real dilemma 🤨 about "security questions" from people of Support Contact of Linden Lab and I would like to know if these requests are regular or not. Let's go to the situation: Four days ago I made 2 questions to support about be a premium member and I imagined the answer would be simple and easy, like "yes you can or no you cannot"... just like that... but for my surprise the person of support system said to me that before any answer, it would be necessary to check if I'm the owner of the account and this procedure was to in order to maintain the safety and security of my account! The questions made from Support was: What is the answer to your security question: <Removed for safety> From what city, state, and country did you register the account? From what city, state, and country did you last log into the account? If you have an active alternate account, what is the name of that alternate account? (If you recall the Security Question for that account, please also provide its answer) My questions to Support was: 1 - If I decide to not longer be a premium member I'll lost my Land? The current size is 1024sqm. 2 - I have a store in Marketplace, so I have to be a premium member to keep my store in Marketplace? Now tell me, my good people, It's really necessary to give this "personal and security " informations just to receive this simple questions? My questions is not a general one questions? If I give the answers in someway I'll not be providing to a complete stranger tools to maybe use this informations to others purposes? When we access the Support Contact we have make a login right?And I understand the only the real owner have the password to do it, right? So again... I really did not understand the positioning of the attendant of Support. Should I be worry? Should I inform someone? Is this a standard procedure? I'm sorry to bring this topic here, but I'm really concern about this situation and would be a great relief to know if I'm concern for nothing or if I have reason to be concern. In advance I want to thank you for the kind words!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
  8. Hi, I am trying to determine how much land I am entitled to. According to what I read, the premium account allows you 1024 land. However when I look at my account, it says allowed land holding at current payment plan 2048. This land thing is horribly confusing. I would like to have 2048 rather than 1024, but I do not want to end up incurring greater cost. I can barely afford to have a premium account as is. I would appreciate some clarity on this point. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I'm interested on upgrading to Sl Premium Account but I've got a doubt. There where the option of prices are shown, the first one option says 8.25/monthly and below says 99U$ annually. It would be my first time with a premium account. So, I would be paying at once 99U$ or montly it is charged 8.25U$ ? Thank you! 😀
  10. Premium membership is going up in price to $99 annual, and receives 1024 sqm. (It was $72 annual & 512 sqm.) ...And then of course, there's the 2nd generation Linden homes that are coming out... using the land fees calculator was starting to confuse me, especially when you throw in the "group-owned land" bonus... I currently have 1 premium acct with 5120 sqm mainland, which maxes out my tier at $22 a month. I don't have a linden home but might consider one, once the 2nd gen ones are available again, but anyways -- I digress... Which option would cost less USD $ overall: 1. 1 premium acct at $99 annual, with maxed out 5120 sqm at $22 monthly tier. (This is my current situation.) 2. 2 premium accts at $198 total annual, with the 5120 sqm split between the two (2560 sqm each) -- which falls under the $13 monthly tier each, and then throw in the group-owned land bonus on top. (Does this mean more sqm, more prims, or less tier?) 3. Say screw it -- get rid of the 5120 sqm, get 2 premium accts, and get two 2nd gen linden homes (1 for each acct). 4.Or some other inexpensive alternative that isn't covered in the above...?
  11. Hi. I am an annual premium account holder and therefore entitled to 1024 sqm parcel. I made My alt also an annual premium account holder which gives him also 1024 sqm. My question is this, can the two of us buy a parcel for resel of 2048sqm and how do I (we) go about it?
  12. I recently downgraded from Premium to a free account because I was having RL money issues. The free account will not take effect until the end of November. Now my circumstances have changed and I would like to keep my premium account. How do I stop it from going to a free account and keep my premium?
  13. Hello! I had just signed up for a premium account on here and did not get the 1,000 bonus lindens that said it was supposed to come with. I had signed up on 2 accounts this month with the same issue. The other is account is "Azariel Clawtooth" there any way to get that looked into? Does it come when I get my weekly stipend? Thanks!
  14. I would like to cancel my premium account and I have land in second la that I want to sell,,, Could someone help me and tell me how to do this? Thank you
  15. I am trying to downgrade my SL premium account, and I am instructed to hit the abandon land button at my premium home because basic users are not allowed to own Mainland land. When I right click on the land and see the abandon land button on the general tab, close to the lower right corner. It is grayed out, useless. Why? How can I make it work so that I can end my premium account, and it's charges. Please respond ASAP. I will post again soon.
  16. Devora DeCuir

    Premium account

    Where do you find a 512 parcel instead of a Linden home with a premium account.
  17. Linden Labs "Still Has" that rule about Monthly Limits on.... "Spending My Own US Real Life Dollars!!!" All I came on SL To Do is... BUY Items & Occupy My Time Playing with them. Suppose To Be... Enjoying passing my free time with SL!! But... "I AM LIMITED To Spend MY OWN US Money!!" Does Not Make Sense!! And now... (after BEGGING 3x's) Linden Labs WON'T Increase my Buying Options, & I"M BORED!!.... And I'm ready to Quit!! "Anyone interested in taking over... My AV's PROPERTY??" I know I don't want my money I spent already to be Totally Wasted!! I Want My Land I Just Purchased (a Homestead, so all you have to do is now pay monthly tier: $10.00 a week), & I Also Have... A Premium Account (which has another home inland, but owned by Linden & LIMITED)! Hence WHY....I purchased my own land, but now Can't Spend Money to do want I want!! I've already given to Linden Labs "Plenty... of My US Dollars".... & Now.... I Don't Want to Be On SL because of.... "IT'S LIMITATIONS" on How Much One Can Spend of THEIR OWN US Real Life Dollars!! If your interested, look me up & contact me.... BEFORE.... LL gets All that I've Already Spent.... When I Quit!! Again!!! I Decided I'll go back on Amazon and Spend As Much Money As I Want!! P.S. I love spending my money as long as it keeps me Amused!!
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