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  1. So i just came back to sl after a long hiatus and im finding it hard to get back into. There seems to be no more highschools? Heritage and every other adoption place is always empty? What is going on? Im looking for teen friends and a highschool to RP at. im 16 in sl, 25 in rl. Im also seeking a family If anyone can help, let me know. If not, I may just leave this virtual world for good!
  2. im interested! add me anyone my av is xinian edring!
  3. What has happened to SL? Ive been away from sl for a little less than a year and it seems like its gone to *****. I cant seem to find anyone who wants to be social-the best rp places have closed....what is going on?!?!?!?!?!
  4. Looking for teen friends! I rp 16 and I go to Eden valley highschool and I will also go to queensmont highschool I am looking for a family and some new friends to hang out with! If you want to become friends add me on sl my name is Xinian edring
  5. if you contact me in world, contact LXBABY Resident that is my main av
  6. I an experienced photographer, and blogger:) http://cinderellahuntspenguins.blogspot.com/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/cinderellahuntspenguins/
  7. boomlex teen club is about to re open i know most people read, "teen club" and immedianently get turned off by the idea. But please read on. Boomlex teen club is a club for all roleplat ages in secondlife. Seeing how there is child avatars, and teen avatars, and most of them have no where to jsut hang out, we felt the need to open this for the public. Boomlex teen club is a warehouse/urban themed club, and the music played by live djs varies all the way from 80s music to electronic dance and dub. The djs and hosts are well trained, and can take requests by any genre. The group for bo
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