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  1. Okay, I will calm down...I have worn myself out with worry, anyway ...thank you for your words of encouragement hugs
  2. If they ever contact me to help, I will do whatever I can to get my account back...thank you
  3. Of course, with the internet, it will eventually get fixed on it's own...but this password thing and my avatar at risk of being lost, this is something I have not expected to be this hard. I am too disabled to go postal! =)...and oh my...that truly is a senior citizen joke!
  4. hahahahah!!!!! exactly!!!! And for a senior citizen, you have no idea how confusing and frustrating that can be...after awhile...trying to get help...it just breaks you and you give up any hope that anyone will actually help you. Makes you feel irrelevant to the world of techies who have the world by the tail and no time for us.
  5. The problem is not with the name of my avatar...it is with the lost password and trying to get a response from Linden Lab. The system automatically sends a case/ticket number, but so far, that is the last I have heard from them...last night. Just wanted to know if I will get more than that from them...will they actually contact me to help me with this?
  6. I know who the funds came from...they came from my main avatar...and I have not lost her name...only the dang password
  7. I think it is funny that in the email they send to give you your case number...they say you can view the case online...but you have to log into your case to do it =) very funny
  8. When you call, you have options you must choose...all of them circle back around to the support page if it has anything to do with passwords. At general support or billing support, they do not answer calls about passwords...or that is what the messages all say.
  9. I filed my case last night. Had hoped to hear from them today.
  10. I have not seen any options for live chat with anyone about passwords by phone...all the options that have anything to do with passwords say they no longer do that by phone...they direct you to the support page...again...just to file the case/ticket number and wait
  11. moirakathleen I am not sure what you mean. My main avatar has sent funds to the alt, and sent a gift now and then...but I still have to be logged into my main avatar to see those things I am not able to log in...I am so frustrated. and btw...the only people who can all Linden Labs for a problem and get a person are those with premium accounts...otherwise you are just shuffled back to the support page that keeps you in the little cycle of sending another case/ticket
  12. Can anyone actually verify that they will respond to a case?
  13. Did anyone have an answer to my question regarding the response time by Linden Labs for problems with a password?
  14. She really is kind and has given me a wonderful deal on my rent...I can't lose that parcel. it is tiny, but has security and is safe for me.
  15. Just spoke with my landlord, she will hold it for me for a few more days
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