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  1. Paradise Cove is a new, tropical playground for adults. Set as a secluded island surrounded by cliffs, it offers its members the privacy to pursue their desires. Amenities include a central bar and dance stage, romantic gazebos, beach, an outdoor fitness area, secluded islands, and many other fun areas. There are also rental units available for members, including private island skyboxes. While the resort is for members only, anyone may come and have a couple minutes to look around and explore before deciding on joining. Besides the above mentioned amenities, members will also be welcome t
  2. Cougar Cove is a private resort open for all adults to join, catering primarily to mature women and younger men. Members can meet like minded people for friendship, casual adult encounters, romance, and more. The resort offers a two level gym, a Gentlemens' club, a fetish lounge, a beach, a picnic area, a pool, an outdoor dance stage, and free to use hotel rooms. Members will enjoy free, unlimited access to the resort, invites to all special events and parties, the ability to host their own events, and there are even private apartments that mat be rented. Please note that the resort is
  3. The Eros VIP Room is a new, upscale escort/strip club coming to Second Life, with the intention of providing quality over quantity. Set to officially open on Sunday, February 10th, all are welcome to come visit the main lobby, from where you can see the main club and cam around. The Club will be for members only, with a small fee due upon joining, and detailed information about this is available in the lobby. We are also seeking to hire hostesses, dancers, and escorts before the opening, and applications are also available in the lobby. And as a bonus to those who may be interested, all e
  4. Let me begin by saying this is not my primary account, but an alt. I am posting under this account to avoid in-world IM's. I have basically enjoyed role-playing and RP sims for several years, but in the past year or two, it has seemed like there has been a decline in active RP. What seems to happen is that someone will create a beautiful sim(s), with a well thought out backstory and website, a thousand people will join the group and community, then a couple of months later the sim closes because people start to complain about a lack of RP and leave. A group of friends and I recentl
  5. Are you the type of person who enjoys engaging in adult scenes and wants it to be a back and forth exchange of thought-out emotes? One who does not want a partner who is a pose-jumper, or who speaks in short, incomplete sentences, speaks multiple lines before giving you a chance to respond, or simply says nothing? Then the EROS Society at Sinclaire Estates is the place for you. The EROS Society (Erotic Roleplayers Of Secondlife) was formed to create a group for people like you, and the Sinclaire Estate was built to provide you with a place to meet and play. The group is admittedly el
  6. The Cougar Lounge V is a new, member's only social club that, while catering to older, mature women and younger men, is also open to anyone else. The Lounge offers an elegant, yet comfortable, venue for like-minded people to gather: for friendship, romance, or just a fun time. With three floors, the Lounge provides a variety of amenities, from an open dance floor and bar, to private themed rooms and even a pool. As stated, the Lounge is a members only venue, and for the first fifty members, it is free. You may join in the landing area, as well as receiving a complete list of the Lounge's r
  7. I recently joined this communityand just love it. Everyone from the owner and management to the citizens have been friendly and helpful. The rental prices are very affordable and they offer everything from a small apartment to mansions, and they encourage and work with those who wish to be a business owner. I may still be "new" to this community but have to say that so far it has been my best experience with a RP community and would recommend it to anyone.
  8. Awesome sim. Had been looking for an adult sim to continue to grow my character, and in the first two weeks here, have engaged in more RP scenes than months at other places. Everyone is friendly, and ready to interact. Can't wait to see how it goes as the sim grows, and looking forward to many more fun and interesting storylines.
  9. I was wondering if I disable the Join Group Chat in my group for Everyone, then enable it for a specific Role, will only those added to that role be able to use group chat, or will everyone still be able to read it but not respond?
  10. I opened an item and did this, and a drop down said "Cannot create requested inventory" and several no-copy animations never showed in the new folder, nor were they still in the item. This has also happened occassionally when loading animations into an object. How do I get them back, as they cost me quite a lot to purchase? As mentioned, this is the info, and I am using a desktop PC with high speed wireless, and am the only PC on it. I also already did use the edit to check if was still in the item, as well as searching my inventory by the names, and the animations are no here t
  11. My friend and I are starting a music venue on land with a moderate rating, and a question has come up as to what is permitted. One popular singer has some songs of a sexual nature and we were told she would not be permitted to perform them at our venue. Is this true? I have read the TOS and to be honest, it makes no sense to me concerning this. Can people on a moderate sim swear, and talk about sexual things either in local or through streaming. Also, if I have a house on this parcel too, am I permitted to engage in sexual activities inside it. (Note that the parcel was subdivided where my
  12. I paid for an ad on 1/30 and it is still not showing in search. Neither is my business showing in places, and yes, I checked the box under parcel details. I also started a group at that time for the business, and it is not showing in search either. This is not the first business I have opened, but is the first time nothing is showing in search. Any ideas?
  13. Can anyone recommend a security system that offers the following: 1) Must be able to scan a rectangular room, not just in a circle 2) Must have a pay option to allow visitors to enter 3) Must allow free entrance to by either group members or a whitelist The purpose of the system is to protect escort rooms. I want a system that allows the escorts to enter anytime but require all others to pay. If you know of a system that can do this, please post here or contact me in-world. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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