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  1. The laundry room and bedroom are a shared space. There is a loft and bedroom upstairs. I put the nursery in the loft.
  2. Some yard pictures and my new Trompe Loeil house. The Roost house I had before was just too big and not enjoyable to decorate considering it's just me and an animesh baby living here. The blue house in the background is a neighbor's house.
  3. I got tired of my Linden home after a week there and bought this lovely 2048 parcel in Rivuline to have a little more space to spread out. The price was very cheap compared to other similar parcels. It seems like a nice area. I haven't finished decorating yet but I like this view of the water and a lighthouse built by a neighbor.
  4. I also have an animesh baby. I would put her away but my real life children (age 3 and 9) insist she be out in my SL house. Decorating around her is a challenge but I managed it. Still not done with the yard but have 85 LI left to play with things. I used a few add ons to create a second bedroom, add a laundry room and bathroom, add a back deck and a carport. I can probably switch out the bedroom for something lower LI but I like this set. Carport and the deco car were the insistence of my RL son who is obsessed with VWs.
  5. Kitchen so far. I keep redoing it. Not sure I will keep this house or not
  6. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Its really not wise to start so big in SL. Its much better to start with something tiny, and build up - over time - as you get used to the system, get used to building, and get comfortable in knowing what kinds of housing decorations appeal to you. I see it all the time that people new to SL or new to owning land buy huge plots of lands for several hundred real-life dollars, throw some junk down... and then a few months later vanish... and the land goes abandoned... because they start getting the tier bill and start looking at how much they spent... and then notice
  7. Most of the lower cost boot moors I know of for rent are in the 125-150 a week range and are more in the 50 prim range so more for small boats. If you have premium then buying a 512 plot of water land would probably be the best option. If you're willing to buy an unprotected plot you may be able to find a reasonable price. Protected water land is pretty unaffordable. There are a few land management companies that rent small parcels by the water but probably still more than you're wanting to spend
  8. I agree with just looking at the maps in world to find land. Auctions and advertisements are often higher than what you may find just looking around. On the downside looking around can be time consuming. You can get lucky though. I personally prefer looking around so I can assess things like neighbors and sim traffic.
  9. I'm looking for land that I could have a small family park, campground or resort on. I looked at both raising my tier as well as renting. A few private estate owners have told me I have to rent a full region to do this in their covenants. Not sure why as traffic would be less than a lot of commercial lands but their land their rules. I'm not really looking to sublet to anyone. Maybe just have items set up that people can use for RP and give myself a place bigger to design. I do not want a full region or need one. But raising my tier looks to be more than I'd like to pay. So I am looking
  10. Personally, I find it better to find a empty 512 plot and rez a little home of my own rather than a linden home but yes if you wait the one you want will become available. The linden homes are not the only premium benefit.
  11. I would check out FabFree. Either in world or their blog. I have a decent job in real life and money to spend in SL but I still love finding bargains. FabFree always has where to find high quality low cost or free items.
  12. they have rents starting as low as 25 linden here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/IQ/245/58/23 this place is 75 L to start but with a lot of options: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Family%20Bonded/203/166/23 This place says free for new players: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nefrax/23/80/23 40 L weekly: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phantasm/45/191/67
  13. I own the slink physique. Main reason I bought it was I already owned a set of Slink casual hands plus the Slink high and the Slink flat feet. I do like it as the price was reasonable but if one doesn't already own Slink hands and feet it could be quite a bit of cost. You can wear it without them but it looks better. It does come with a neck join to hide the seam between a default SL head and the body which is nice since I don't have a mesh head. I haven't had too many issues with mesh clothing because the slink HUD allows you to hide body parts if needed. I like the Slink physics but not
  14. Even unprotected water land is going for outrageous prices. There is unprotected water land near mine and it is 3072 m being sold for 69000 lindens. In contrast my unprotected water parcel which is 1536 m I paid 2500 lindens for total. The sim of Exomorogun which is on protected water is being sold for over 2000 US dollars. If I had that much money to spend I'd probably buy an island.
  15. I have noticed this as well. A lot of houses I feel like I am in a giant cavern. The rooms are huge and the ceilings high. I've found if you don't a large piece of land, that many of the houses that will fit are one or two rooms because many home builder do build on a larger scale meaning that if you need a house for a 1024 m plot that feels like a house and is nice, it's not easy. Not impossible though. There are many homes that don't feel like a giant's home but are still nice. You just have to look for them. I have an odd L shaped 1536 plot that I need a 1024 home for. Some homes I love
  16. I actually got a response on my ticket yesterday. They allowed me to buy the entire requested parcel. In my case it was only an additional 1024 adjoining to my current land so that may have been why it was approved just due to it being so small. I feel like they should be approving an abandoned parcel regardless of size though especially if it borders land you already own.
  17. I agree with you that it is incredible clunky and they do drag their feet on a response. I recently submitted a support ticket as well for abandoned land directly adjoining my own parcel. My fear is that they will just put it up for auction (it's been abandoned for 19 months) and because it's water land it feels better that it remains abandoned then for a land baron to buy it or someone to block me in. There's more abandoned land adjoining the parcel I submitted a ticket on that's been abandoned for 22 months. I just do not get how the land sits abandoned for so long but I may not even get
  18. I've tried to get my husband into it but not his cup of tea. He plays many games though that are not my cup of tea. I live a pretty PG second life exploring and occasionally creating although between my rl husband and son and my work it's limited. Our real life relationship doesn't really need any spicing up. Some people go home from work and watch a little tv once their kids are in bed to unwind. We game instead. Occasionally my 4 year old son likes to play with me though. He likes amusement parks and flying.
  19. I would be interested. I love meeting new people and would love to have more women friends.
  20. I cancelled my premium account last week. I did not have time to login anymore due to real life concerns. I was paying 9.99 monthly for premium plus 5.00 for land. It billed each month on the 13th. I cancelled on the 7th. This morning I get an email and I was charged 5.00 for land tier again. I was not charged for premium. I login to the website and it will not let me cancel the land tier fee without subscribing to premium again which I am not going to do. You have to be a premium account to have land I thought so it is really crazy that it billed me again. I tried to call customer suppo
  21. I own a store and sell things. Being a shop keeper is a fun job. I set my own hours. And no sex involved.
  22. I think child avis who insist on going to adult areas and doing adult things give the rest of us bad names. I don't understand why they do it. If I wanted to go to an adult area I'd make an adult avi. Seems easy to me.
  23. People can be mean to SL children or get the wrong idea. Unfortunately there are some children who are played by people without good intentions and some people think a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Myself I know I am an adult with a normal rl and only play a child for nostaligia and fun. There are plenty of child friendly places you can go and tons of family sims. I stay away from places I know I won't be welcome. I own land near my favorite place in all of SL: Magicland. I have my mom and my little siblings (zooby babies) in somersley where I spend a ton of time. Some people are not g
  24. I like Tuty's AO for girls. The stands are ok except for some random jumping. I'm a child avi and new clothing designer and am struggling with prim skirts and making them not act funny. I've had more problems with prim skirts while sitting then walking. Larnia Kids is pretty good for girls clothes.
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