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  1. hi hope i'm posting this in the right place me and my partner are getting married in august and we are going down the route of planning everything ourselves we have land etc to use but we are looking for a freelance minsiter to do the ceremony anyone iknow of anyone might be able to help as used search but no one really came up,we are both uk so need some one who can do a wedding in our time zone thanks Jace Freedom
  2. Hi All I'm looking for a good photographer to do me a profile picture or two preferably someone with a flckr account so i can view there work will pay of course but seems alot the places ive visited in world want to charge crazy prices feel free to message me in world on here if interested Thanks
  3. i have the SLink male body and it is very hard to find good clothing that fits well.... There always the problem with the shoulders/chest sticking out even on fitmesh items designed for the slink body. plus you have to wear small sizes of normal mesh items because you can not go over 10 on body fat which always give your avi a slim build look. really thought slink would of done a update to fix this by now!!!!
  4. Freedom901

    TMP dev kit

    HI ALL was just wondering if anyone knows how i get the TMP clothing/tattoo dev kit i looked in the store but couldnt see anywhere ? do i need to apply like with the SLink one? Thanks Freedom
  5. Hi all just wondering if anyone knows who this hair style is by been looking on mp but cant find it any advice of who made it etc would be great thanks Freedom :) 
  6. Hi all hope i'm posting this in the write place Looking for some who might be intersted in taking my small skybox over from me..........would be ideal for a single person looking for somewhere to live...its open plan has a few bits of furniture mainly 3 seats,security hub,you get 40 prims for 80L$ aweek...its lag free i recently paid a bulk amount in rent so it has 9 weeks 5 days on it so i would ecept 700l for the remaining rent and could can add anyone as a tenant so they can set it home then they just pay the rent box when it runs out to become the new owner. if interested or know anyone who might be please contact me in world freedom901 Resident thxs Freedom
  7. so the latest thing in slseems to be these new mesh bodies but why are there so few about for men,ive looked everywhere and seems very designers/creators are doing male mesh bodies yet so mjany female ones about! does anyone know of a good male one about as i cant find one anywhere thxs Freedom
  8. not sure if this is the right place to post this but i'm looking for some good male dances if anyone can give me some LM's of places that sell them and names of the dances? thanks
  9. hi all i have problem wirth firestorm veiwer crashing all the time (this also happens on sigularity viewer too) when i log in everythings fine but after awhile especially if i'm in a club i get message come up saying "textures discarded due to insuffiecent memory" ive been through all the setttings on fierstorm help webpage about this but its still happening and evevrytime i ask in world on the firestorm support gropup no one answers or theres no one about to ask or they just telling me to go through the settings on the website which ive done lol anyone got any idea why this happening as its driving me crazy and on the verge off just giving up i tried the LL viewer but its so basic to the other ones really not keen on it :( thanks Freedom
  10. Freedom901

    hi all

    i'm bacj after a break from sl and looking too meet new friends espcially anyone from the uk, i'm a bit shy so dont normally strike up conversations easily so hit me up if ya wanna say hi :)
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