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  1. Everyone needs to contact SL support as I did. It is a bug, since the "align planar" check box does not work. At all. Like an idiot, I hit it every time anyhow, expecting different results. Oddly, though, if one leaves the scale at 1:1 they are in alignment (at least in the project I'm working on now). That scale is usually too small, so I lower it often as far as .1 : .1. but then it goes wonky. It may be that the new PBR materials just aren't ready for prime time. Consider the reflection probe which I suspect is an after the fact work around.
  2. I've resumed being a builder since my return to SL three years ago. Learning mesh was kind of a big deal, but the biggest improvement I'd seen since joining in 2006. I'm using the new PBR GLTF materials and it's my opinion that it is the next big thing. The difference between the old diff, norm, and spec maps and the new PBR materials is striking. All builders will want to make the transition. We're all new to this in SL, and we're all learning. The first big obstacle I've encountered is planar face alignment. With planar map it was a very simple task (although many over think this and make it difficult). You simply select the face of each planar surface one by one, and the last one you select is the "root face" (my words). Hit the "align planar" check box and everything aligns to this root face. Around a corner, you usually can select only one face on each side and then proceed. This is not the case with planar textures with material faces. They do not align at all. The "align planar" check box does nothing. I contacted tech support and they didn't have a clue. They told me to ask here. Besides doing it manually, which is a long tedious project for a house, does anyone have any insiget? https://prnt.sc/ZrUzClWSYktV
  3. Well, I've built with the standard diff, normal, and spec maps for years. I just started using the new PBR GLTF materials and I love the improvement, even though Firestorm does not have a PBR viewer yet. I'm not going to worry about it. As soon as Firestorm releases their new viewer our problem is gone. If Firestorm takes too long to release one, people will stop using it as more and more PBR GLTF materials appear on the MP. Right now, I'm using Alchemy and I'm really liking it, and it only needs a few more update releases to make it FS's equal. I'm even converting some of my old builds to the new materials to get me there quicker. If you want to use the old map style textures, don't try to convert your PBR GLTF materials. Just use the old map textures. It's easier.
  4. We're all new to this, but this is my take. The reflection probe defaults to a sphere. You can change it to a box but that is irrelevant. What it reflects is still a sphere. So leave it as such and make the sphere large enough to cover the entire build. I build houses, and I'm working on my first PBR house. This is how it seems to work.
  5. My club is brand new, although my island is not. I bought the island in May. Not Bonniebelles. I opened my club at the end of October and made it a hangout. Bonniebelles. They pop in, stay five seconds, and leave. I can't image what they're doing excect gathering the number of guests at each.
  6. I assume you're using Firestorm. This happens quite often. The fix is easy. Go to preferences, network & files, click the directories tab, and clear your inventory cache. Relog.
  7. Hi all. I have a full mainland region. I was diddling around building a downtown, just like a model railroader would do in RL. Great fun. One of my builds (I am a builder) is a nice three story building with a store/shop on the first floor and a two story apartment above. My theme is 1930s. I figured that someone may need inexpensive store and living space. Just like RL. Perhaps someone who wants to experiment with opening a store. In RL, I was a businessman in an old mill sown. Rents were cheap. Our business folks referred to downtown as an incubator for new businesses. Well, why not the same in SL? I figured out how much to charge for rent. Now, here is my question: I have a couple of rental agents. What is a fair commission to pay them? 10% of the rental payments? 20%? This would be an ongoing commission for the life of the rental. This is a new venture for me and my second go 'round in SL after a long absence, so don't judge me by my age. I am a noob here. I pay all of the land's tier and marketing costs, of course. The agent invests only their time, at their discretion. Thanks, in advance, for any guidance.
  8. Oh, I have been reading and enjoying the quotes. Right now the sign reads "Where everybody knows thy name" but a few others are in contention. I like "Tomorrow drinks are on the house" a lot, and I may make a separate sign just for that. But others are excellent. Keep them coming. If nothing else, it's very entertaining. And yes, Cooter is a guy. And yes, I am a builder of all kinds of structures. Some of you may recognize me as the co-owner of Caribbean Breezes, a smooth jazz club and the most popular attraction in SL at one time. But that was long long ago and my partner has moved away from SL so I am now on my own building unique houses, skyboxes, and commercial structures and the like. I don't meet as many folks as I did as a club owner but building is still great fun. And for anyone who remembers me from the old days, I left SL in 2010 and just returned in April of 2021. Much has changed including me. But not my quirky sense of humor. Hopefully none of this is misconstrued as advertising. I am not in the business of selling stuff. I am just having fun, and SL is now my full-time hobby. A business makes money, and I do not. LOL!
  9. Here's a new one for you. I'm a builder and I'm making a sign for a new pub/restaurant I am about to finish. It is designed as an old mill repurposed to a new use, so it looks like a shop from the `100s or 1800s. Not big, but cozy. A neighborhood place we all know. Like Cheers. The sign needs a motto at the bottom. "Where everybody knows your name" is taken, so I've been looking for an SL related quote. I'm searching for Linden quotes, but any SL related quotes would work. This old mill used to make dolls before modernizing and making avatars sort of idea. So anything tongue-in-cheek prophetic would be a hoot. You can make a quote up if you want. It doesn't have to be an actual quote by a Linden. Funny is best, if it's in a witty sort of way. I came up with "Where everybody knows thy name". Let's see who has an imagination out there.
  10. Well, not linked to a mesh object, nor use any of the newer features like normal and specular mapping. It was just a simple sphere path cut to .5
  11. After much investigating, I found it was a "tortured prim". A prim made to do something it was not intended to do. My little one prim light fixture shade was now 1,626 prims. I never encountered such a thing before, and I have no idea how it was possible to take a simple sphere, cut it and dice it, and have it turn into so many prims.
  12. Well, here is an new error for me. "Link failed -- insufficient land resources". I have 1,587 prims free. These are two simple prims that I rezzed and want to link them together. I build houses. I've linked before, alot! This house is 1,326 prims. I only wanted to add a light over the front door and I got this silly message. Dozens of houses built, and I never saw this before. This is on my 1/2 sim. Yes, I relogged. No, I do not want to run to a sandbox to try it there. This is my land and I should be able to link two lousy prims. A search of the forums turned up little but old posts and no useful information.
  13. In my old SL life, I had VIP groups, owner groups, and officer groups. That worked fine but three separate groups was a bit unmanageable. So for my new group, I got smart (I thought). I just created VIP, owner, and officer roles within my one new group. Perfect. Each role has differing abilities. But now I've run into a problem. I am setting up a group joiner for my customers. I want customers to be able to join my group and placed in the VIP role. The group joiner script I have wants a UUID, of course, but the only one I can find is for the entire group, not a role in that group. Is there a way to place my requesting customers directly into the VIP role?
  14. Hi Molly. Great guess. I deleted all of the things my partner made and spent the afternoon rebuilding the interior first floor of the house. I accidentally deleted one of her prims on the outside of the house because she was set on using one thickness walls instead of two, which is what I do. I rezzed and sized a replacement but I could not use the eyedropper to pick up the texture she used on an adjacent piece. I edited her piece and checked the texture and it was not in my inventory. So I think you hit the nail on the head. Textures do not show permissions in inventory like objects do.
  15. Thanks Molly. I've also run into an issue with transferring ownership of certain objects created by my building partner. Some things I can just take possession of by shift-dragging it. I delete the copy I made, which belongs to her and which I have no problem deleting, an own the one left behind into which I can insert my scripts. But some items I cannot and I don't understand why. Man, I am really bad with SL permissions. Any thoughts?
  16. All objects are set to the group, but the ownership problem remains. I cannot insert a script into an object owned by another. It must be transferred. I hoped that deeded each to the group would solve the problem. No. The exact same problem remains. The scripts can only be inserted into objects owned by that person.
  17. Therein lies the problem. Each house has several hundred objects linked into dozens of linksets. The task of transferring ownership on just the linksets is monumental.
  18. This borders on total ignorance. Sorry, in advance. I formed a group to buy and sell land. Perfect. No issues. I formed a group of three of us to build houses. Perfect. Each of us brings a talent to the group in creating remarkable buildings. We have two homes finished and are halfway through the third when I ran into a seemingly unsurmountable problem. Doors and boxing the build. The door scripts from Zimberlabs and the boxing scripts from Rez-Faux will not insert into group owned objects. The group owns the object. I own the scripts. Different owners. I can't find any way to buy the scripts as a group. In business, corporations are considered entities that can act as a person. Not so in SL groups. A group can be deeded objects, but why I do not know. A group seemed like a good idea at the time. Build something, deed it to the group, and move on. But do not expect to transfer ownership of it no matter how amazing it is. Only the owner of the object can insert a ZBL Windoor script into it, or package it with Rez-Faux. Since the owner is the group, nothing can be done. And advice before I burn the houses down?
  19. In preferences (CTL-P) click the button labeled "Nearby Media". At least that's how it works with the Singularity SL Viewer.
  20. I have a sculpture that contained a script to make it spin. I want a version that I do not want to spin. I deleted the script from the sculpture and it still spins. I copied and rerezzed a copy of the unscripted sculpture and IT still spins. I have created a new script that does nothing in the sculpture yet it still spins. What am I not understanding here?
  21. Well, ain't this dandy. I am the sole owner of a group. I then created a VP and VIP group. Today, I tried to switch tags to my OWN (owners group) and it is gone. When I display groups, my VP and VIP groups show up, but not the OWN. I need to be an owner to do some things, but since I can't switch groups I can't. I am now tagged as a VP. Going to that profile, I can see the OWN group and that I am a member. Any ideas?
  22. Once you set the price, click the "apply" button to the right.
  23. When I log on as with my newly updated avatar from fourteen years ago, all avatars are blue. When I log on with an alt from back then, not updated, everyone is their normal skin color. I see no reason for it, except a reason to stay out of SL and watch more TV.
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