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Found 8 results

  1. Well, here is an new error for me. "Link failed -- insufficient land resources". I have 1,587 prims free. These are two simple prims that I rezzed and want to link them together. I build houses. I've linked before, alot! This house is 1,326 prims. I only wanted to add a light over the front door and I got this silly message. Dozens of houses built, and I never saw this before. This is on my 1/2 sim. Yes, I relogged. No, I do not want to run to a sandbox to try it there. This is my land and I should be able to link two lousy prims. A search of the forums turned up little but old posts and no useful information.
  2. I apologize for this stupid question but how do I put a link to a video in the listing? I've seen several products that have links that send you to a YouTube video of the said products. It just says 'view video' I couldn't find anything about this. In edit there is no place where you can put a link and if you just paste the link it's not clickable like the 'see item in second life'. Thank you
  3. Someone said to me to not post links in the SL17B chat, and I had to immediately quit myself the SL17B groups, in danger that I could get kicked from the event, and log out from SL. All because i just was streaming video. Is that happening too often to you all? Just to let me know. This never happened to me until TODAY.
  4. I think the server forum is the right place for this… Just now, for the first time ever, and without any action by me, a couple of links with their own sit targets and set to sit on click, have started returning the "No suitable surface to sit on" message, whether directly clicked-to-sit or right-clicked and sit selected from the menu. It's true that neither does have an obvious sitting surface, but they did work properly before. The items, both meshes, are linked to a larger linkset that has a mesh as its root, and includes an assortment of prims and meshes. I've reset the scripts, but to no effect. Is this a known issue? Has anyone else experienced it, and, if so, have they found a cure? Or is it Jira time? Any other suggestions?
  5. Nimue Brezoianu


    How do I copy an orriginal object I have made without it becomming a link when I paste it in another folder. I have made a pair of shoes. I want to copy the model so that I can use it for another outfit, in order to sell.
  6. heyas; i'm designing some huds with multiple buttons made from a 2d texture, and i'm wondering which is more script conservative -- A: slap the texture on a prim, and use touched texture coordinates to figure out which 'button' image was clicked. B: slap a texture on a prim, stick invisible child prims over each 'button' and use the touched linked (i forget the exact names at the moment, it's been a few years. but i know there's a way to do that. i think.) C: construct a mesh hud with different texture faces for every 8 buttons, and use touched face. although if i have more than 8 buttons, i would have to use two mesh pieces, and that would be touching a linked thing anyway.... it seems to me that 'A' with fewer prims would be less 'weighty,' but i suck at math and hate figuring out coordinate systems : X thanks, guys!
  7. So (for me) the link insertion method could use some rethinking. I pasted in some text for a link -- like I would do in many forums. It put itself in an odd box like it would if I was accessing a page, but nothing showed up but an empty grayed out blinking box. I couldn't delete that area -- at least I tried hard and didn't manage it, but it looked completely empty. Next I used the LINK icon to get the link making box which worked fine. I understand that "sometimes" when inserting a URL the first photo of that page shows up which is great if there is a photo. If not, then it seems messy. Here is the forum post: And that of course worked just fine. Here is the screenshot of what I saw in edit:
  8. I have received update for Maitreya Lara Body with Bento hands. Im replacing links in my APPEARANCE folders. I did the adjustments to height and body fat (boob & butt too) first and going through and replacing the links for the updated ML avi now. I have x7 main ones to replace and each item to 2 thousand odd places (OMG yes) in the appearance folder. Each set takes my computer about an hour and a half. Really it sounds a lot but once its set up, it runs itself. I open 2 Inventory screens and then the command to Replace Links, find the old link in one (Source) and the new link to the other (Target)....seven times over. Some time later, maybe when I wear the outfit I can delete the old links which still show up but are not active. They just take up space. Lots of space because Ive done this before, a few times, with other changes. My question..... Is there a way to delete the old links, without wearing each outfit? .
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