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  1. The only thing that is really important to me is to make sure these changes aren't going to require updates to the rigging of the current generation of mesh bodies, and by extension all clothes made to fit them; can anyone give me any additional detail about that?
  2. PeeWee's answer is the correct one... minus one detail. A person can disclose whatever they like about themselves, but unless they do it in a public way via open chat or their visible profile, anything they tell you in IM is confidential... IN THEIR EXACT WORDS. It definitely violates TOS to relay any EXACT messages or copy/paste any logs of IMs with this person without their express consent. However... your hands are not tied in reference to your friend, as you can tell anyone what someone told you IN YOUR OWN WORDS anytime you like and will be committing no TOS breaches. This is the loop
  3. You're really going to have trouble getting people to believe you're more mature than the average 17 year old when you spell worse than my 9 year old. I'm just sayin. Maybe you should spend less time in SL and more time reading/doing homework.
  4. If you didn't gather from the other answers, you are not likely to get your money back, and the seller has no obligation to refund anything... ESPECIALLY if you deleted the item, which may have been transferrable and helped your case by making it possible to return what you bought. I'd treat this as a learning experience and be more careful when you make future purposes. IMs demanding refunds are probably ignored, by the way. You should really check this person's profile, as most creators have at least one pick devoted to their store policies.
  5. You really don't need the Bloodlines crap to start a vampire clan(even in the White Wolf style), and most serious rp'ers hate it. It makes people lazy; roleplay is about telling stories, not clicking HUDs. Just a heads up.
  6. Because the more items you purchase at once, the more likely they are to not get delivered at all. Even 10 at once is pushing your luck. You're paying extra by using paypal, just so you know... a surcharge on every order. You're much better off purchasing Lindens in "bulk" depending on how much you wish to spend and paying that surcharge only once. I'm sure it also makes the checkout process faster as well.
  7. I like this idea. As far as the op goes, if the person is truly so superficial as to lose all interest after one picture, then they weren't worth bothering with, and good luck to them ever finding anything meaningful. Most people I know look significantly better in person. The girl in this situation should just be glad she dodged a bullet, because a guy like that sounds like a cheater waiting to happen. What happens when you start to get old together? Pfft. Looks are one of the least important aspects of any long term, happy relationship, because the people in those relationships real
  8. With on-board graphics only, you may get the older viewers to work, but it will be a laggy and frustrating experience. Even a very cheap GPU would make worlds of difference, and I suggest you look into that if you really want to use SL. Nvidia cards seem to have less problems as SL is built on Nvidia. Best of luck to you.
  9. The "add" option is the one that you need to use, but you have to have a V2 style viewer for this to work. In the future, providing your viewer will lead to more accurate answers. If you're using a V1 style viewer such as Pheonix, you can't wear both.
  10. I've been DJing for years in SL as well, and even though I'm catching a little disparagement in reference to we who use a playlist, I've never had any complaints about my sets. It's not as simple as autopilot, and anyone who thinks so is a **bleep**ty DJ. There's an art to constructing a playlist that has a flow from one track to the next, that builds to a climax and cools you off, that has a logical progression with no jarring genre or tempo changes, that has nothing to do with random songs thrown on in a autoplayed set list as I guess the ones who are giving us all bad names do. Also, the
  11. I've never deleted anyone that I've considered myself to be real friends with. Co-workers I no longer work with that I was never fond of, exes of friends I was only nice to because they were with my friends, random noobs I helped and then lost track of... sure. But I have friends I haven't talked to in literally years that I would never remove, and as I myself just came back from a nearly 2 year hiatus from SL I'm glad my good friends didn't remove me. The way I see it, even if they're gone, they might be back as long as that account still exists... and if they do come back, I want to be the
  12. Np at all, I'd hate to see anyone have to use invisiprims when there's another choice!
  13. I agree with most of this, however I have a box that I keep transferrable things I don't wear anymore in to help out noobs. I mean if they're worth keeping; I don't give noobs crappy stuff. I have all my things separated into folders and subfolders and more subfolders lol... and my favorite designers get their own subfolders, sometimes several if they make ensembles, individual pieces, shoes... I really wish there was an option to click a link and go somewhere without it copying a LM into my inventory EVERY TIME. It's really irritating. Another tip- rez those "object"s before you delete
  14. Your idea of "too big" is just an opinion. As I stated repeatedly... SL is not RL. There is no reason to apply rl norms to SL unless you choose to, and even now most people don't. By saying "everyone and everything else" isn't realistic, you're making my point for me. This is a virtual world/metaverse/pick your term. To say that if it doesn't conform to the real world it isn't "right" is just like I said, silly. What needs to disappear, probably, is the comparison to real world height and size that really doesn't matter, because that's where all this "but their scale is wrong" crap comes
  15. Well said. With the block feature, which turns annoying trolls and morons into little clouds of silent nothing, as well as how easy it is to copy/paste their shenanigans into an abuse report, there is never any reason to suffer from "bullying" in SL.
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