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  1. What sort of evidence can be collected? Screencaps don't have names, times, etc, and are very static. Most people aren't rigged for capturing videos/movement The community standards (section 4) prohibit sharing chat logs without the griefer's permission. What can ever make it anything but a he-said / she-said ?
  2. The Privacy Policy states: Disclosing Personal Information in Profiles, Forums or within Second Life You may choose to disclose personal information in our online forums, via your Second Life profile, directly to other users in chat or otherwise while using Second Life. Please be aware that such information is public information and you should not expect privacy or confidentiality of this information.  But the community standards states: Disclosure Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing personal information about your fellow Residents without their consent -- including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their Resident profile -- is not allowed. Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants' consent are all prohibited. ------------- So if someone tells you that they have an alt and since that was transmitted "in chat or otherwise while using Second Life", they should expect neither privacy nor confidentiality according to the privacy statement. However, it seems that the information is later defined as private in the Community Standards. Which is it? If someone confirms to me that they have an alt and they've been coming to my place as two, three, or four "different people" and building multiple relationships with my patrons (Which I consider an insult and harmful) am I prohibited from telling people what they're doing? Can I only ban them and say nothing? And if they take my friend off to some other place and continute to screw with their head with multiple alts? Am I going to get kicked out of SL for letting them know that their boyfriend, his "sister", and the best friend she takes all her worries too are ALL THE SAME PERSON ? Is Linden Labs enabling this sort of activity? ----------------------------------- Updated 9/7/2011 ------------------------------------ the current 3 answers seem to say that things told in IM don't qualify as non-private.... but the privacy policy reads: [information is not confidential if it is provided ]"...directly to other users in chat or otherwise while using Second Life..." Isn't providing data in an instant message, within Second Life, communicating the information "otherwise while using second life"? Anyone want to tackle the scenerio provided above? Is LL enabling emotional abuse by gagging me and making me not tell my friend when she's being played? ----------------------------------- Updated 9/14/2011 ------------------------------------ No one seems interested in addressing the conflict between the privacy policy and the community standards, but for anyone who's interested.. I figured out the loophole. According to the community standards, I can't reveal the names of people's alts, even when they're abusing a friend.... but there's nothing stopping me from saying either: 1. Friend, you should not trust xxJackWagonxx But I can't tell you why because of section four of the community standards. which you can find here: https://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php or 2. Friend, xxJackWagonxx has an alt that he's using to play you. Also, Friend, xxJillWagonxx has an alt that she's playing you with. Also, xxBobWagonxx has an alt that he's playing you with. In these cases, I have not revealed the names of any of those people's alts. So I'm in keeping with the community standards.
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