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  1. Here I was looking for some advice on texturing sculptys, instead it sends up as long drawn out an involved posts about copyright issues. While I respect there is some darn good posts in here on that matter, both of you might have considered the person who made the original post. They were asking a question and probably not expecting to have their question hijacked. Perhaps this should have been a totally new post?
  2. Thanks Rowan! And also everyone for their help. I (patiently) tried all your advice, and yes - managed to get the shoe to fit properly! I'll be in touch soon Rowan. thanks again everyone!!
  3. I'll give it another shot - gosh short in RL, short in SL ....problems everywhere lol
  4. I tried that and all it did was make my avi feet show and distort the entire look. Even stretching and shrinking the invisi prims etc didn't work.
  5. In the past couple of weeks, a lot of shoes I buy suddenly leave my avi with a 'see through gap' right where the shoe should fit to the leg. It does not matter if I use the alpha mask, or invisi prims - same problem. Any ideas?
  6. I need to find someone who designs custom tshirts. I have a particular slogan I want to have put on a male tshirt... Please IM me in game... Cwenmaria Abeyante
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